Phillip Andrew Conatser

Phillip Andrew Conatser

Phillip Andrew Conatser was born May 11, 1865, the son of John (Broke-Leg) Conatser and Elizabeth Reagan. John was the son of David Conatser and Jenette Beaty. Jenetta was the daughter of David Beaty born in 1783 and Sarah Stephens. David was one of the three Beaty brothers Hogue's book states came here early in the 1800's. Sarah was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Miller Stephens. Phillip's brothers and sisters were Jay H., Jane, Samatha (Mance), Ellen, Jim, Bates and Caldona who married Sim Hinds.

Elizabeth Reagan was born in 1836 or 37. She was the daughter of John Reagan born 1802 or 03 and Nancy Finley. John Reagan was the son of Peter Reagan born in 1779. Peter J. was the son of Peter, Sr. who cane to America from Ireland and served under Washington in the Revolutionary War. Elizabeth Reagan's grandfather, James Finley, was at least one-half Cherokee Indian.

Phillip Andrew married Nancy Emaline King who was born December 25, 1873 and died March 11, 1938. Her parents were William G. (Witt) King and Jane Hinds. William G. was born April 22, 1844 and died October 27, 1902. He was the son of James (Silver Jim) King and Elizabeth (Betsy) Beaty. Elizabeth's parents were Col. Thomas Beaty and Jane Mullinix. Elizabeth was born April 23, 1822 in Kentucky and died January 25, 1888. They are buried at the Joel Beaty Cemetery in Riverton, Tennessee.

Jane Hinds was born April 22, 1844 and died April 17, 1897. She was the daughter of Joel Hinds who was born about 1792 in Tennessee and Nina Mullinix born about 1805 in Tennessee.

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