Alfred And Pearl Smith

Alfred And Pearl Smith

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The Smith Family - Alfred & Pearl, Charles G., Ruby A., Nita G., Warren D., Ruth E., Aliene C.

Alfred B. Smith was born Feb. 21, 1894 on a farm in Fentress Co., Tenn. Alfred was the son of James Franklin Smith, b. June 7, 1860. His mother was Lucinda Angeline Matthews, b. March 10, 1862. They were married Sept. 13, 1882 in Fentress Co. by Rev. Alvin Sewell. Alfred was married on 9-26-1915 by I.T. Reagan to Pearl Beaty, b. Sept. 18, 1899 in Fentress Co., the daughter of George W. Beaty, b. May 11, 1961 in Fentress Co., TN. Pearl's mother was Mary Catherin Owens b. Nov. 8, 1862 in Fentress Co., TN. George & Mary were married in Smithville, KY. George bought a farm in Fentress Co., TN. It extended from Doubletop to the head of Dry Creek where they built their home and raised their family. It was a wonderful time to sit around the fireplace and hear them talk. George and Mary had lots C. died Oct. 22, 1928. George died Aug. 10, 1939. They were buried in Garrett Cemetery in Pickett Co. Alfred's parents, James F. Smith died July 6, 1918. Lucinda A. died May 10, 1928. They are buried in the Garrett Cemetery.

Alfred and Pearl bought the homeplace and built their home on Doubletop Ridge. They were kind and caring people. They were members of Pleasant View Freewill Baptist Church. Alfred was a deacon in the church. Both were beautiful singers. They raised six children on the farm where Pearl was raised. Children and grandchildren of Alfred and Pearl Smith are:

Ruble A. b. 9-26-1917 m. (1) Amber Choate (2) J.T. Muncey
..Robert D. Choate, b. 1935 m. Margaret Huffman
..Edward A. Choate, b. 7-3-1955 m. Diana Gluff
..Dion B. Choate
..Christopher Choate b. 4-2-1957
..Janice L. Choate, b. 4-2-1957 m. Clint Zavokos
....Clint Alexander Zavakos, b. 11-6-1983
..Cheryl Lynn Choate, b. 10-11-1960 m. Chuck Derrett 11-18-1985
..Jeffrey Dean Choate b. 4-9-1965
..Timothy Ryan Choate, b. 11-14-1977
..Andrew Dion Choate, b. 12-29-1980
..Kenneth D. Choate, b. 2-11-1938 m. Marilyn Livezey
....Dalene J.Choate,b.3-l0-1963 m. Kenneth Brown
....David W. Choate, b. 9-11-1964
....Daniel G. Choate, b. 5-9-1968
..Patricia K. Muncey, b. 8-4-46 m. (1) Alfred Bright (2) Waldon Tammy Bright,  b. 5-5-1965
....Eric L. Waldon, b. 12-14-1967
..Raymond Muncey, b. 10-17-1948 m. Susan Spurgeon
....Rachelle Muncey, b. 9-9-1969
....Raymond A. Muncey, b. 10-15-1971
....Jason R. Muncey, b. 11-26-1972
..Pamela I. Muncey, b. 2-21-1952, m. Richard Spoonmore
....Aaron G. Spoonmore, b. 12-10-1975
....Matthew T. Spoonmore, b. 4-17-1979
Nita G. Smith, b. 3-7-1922, m. (1) William Staton, (2) Robert Clonan
..James A.Staton,b. May 7, 1945, m.Sharon Parton
....James L. Staton
....Brett A. Staton
....William E. Staten, b. Dec. 8, 1946, m. Helen Conley
....April Dawn Staton
....William Everett Staton
....Stephanie Marie Staton
....Ernest C. Staton, b. July 30, 1948
....Wanda J. Staton, b. 6-13-1950, m. (1) Larry Troxel (2) Jerry Hatfield
........Larry K. Troxel
....Sandra F. Staton, b. 11-20-1952, m. Jerry Chandler
........Stephen L. Chandler
........Carrey Lynn Chandler
....Donna G. Staton, b. 8-3-1956, m. Donald Butterfield
........Donald E. Butterfield
........Teresa Ann Butterfield
Warren Q. Smith, b. 4-25-1925, m. Thelma L. Stephens, b. 8-2-1930
..Diannia S. Smith, b.ll-1l-1948, m. Joseph Strupeck
..Bradley W. Smith, b. 8-21-1952
....Margo Louise Strupeck, b. June 25-1983
....Diana Whitney Strupeck, b. June 22, 1986
Ruth E. Smith, b. 1928, m. Havis Sterr
..Brinda Story, b. 1946, m. Rager Rich
....Sarah Ruth Rich, b. 1974
..Derinda Story, b. 1948, m. Charles Fitt
..Virginia Story, b. 1951, m. Kenny Shewmake
....Joel Eric Shewmake, b. 1977
..Debra Story, b. 1957, m. Clark Maybrey
Allene Smith, b. 1935, m. Charles Conner
..Lisa Melody Conner, b. 1962
Charles G. Smith, b. June 6, 1941, m. Glenda C. Landers
..Carletta J. Smith, b. Jan. 23, 1968
..Sophia Jane Smith, b. 12-29-1969

by Reba Beaty

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