John W. Mullinix

John W. Mullinix

John MullinixJohn W. Mullinix and Grady.

John W. Mullinix was born in the Boatland area of Fentress County in 1843. He met Amanda Choate, daughter of Thomas and Polly Choate. They were married on November 25th, 1869. The children of John W. and Amanda were George A. 1871, Joseph 1872, N. Thomas 1873, Johnny B. 1874, Hiram 1876, Mary C. 1878, Margaret Clementine 1880, James Columbus (Snowball) 1884, Porter Alien 1882, Franklin MacDow (Mac) 1886. They continued to live and work in Fentress County as a farmer growing much of the food that the family would eat.

John W. Mullinix is found in the Deed Records as buying a 75 acre tract of land from A.B. Hull on January 1, 1861. It is not known how long he owned this land. They settled on a little mountain farm between Boatland and Manson. They never accumulated great wealth but were very richly blessed with deep love and respect for each other. John W. Mullinix and Amanda were of the Methodist Faith. John W. Mullinix was a member of the Masonic Lodge. The following is a list of his children and who they married. (1) George married Sina Cooper, (2) Joe married Nora Beaty, (3) Johnny to Lee Ann Beaty, (4) Hiram to Willetta Beaty, (5) James (Snowball) Columbus to Ethel Bertram, (6) Porter to Helen Wright, (7) Mary to Cull Whited, and (8) Margaret to Jim (Ecker) Smith. (9) Thomas never married and died of tuberculesis while still a young man, and (1) Franklin MacDow married Vada Pennycuff. John W. and Amanda Mullinix's grandchildren were (1) Children of George and Sina Mullinix: Rosie, Grady, Ralph, Ellis, Shelly, Amold, Homer, Petty, (2) Children of Joe and Nora Mullinix: Willie and Thelma, (3) Children of Johnny and Lee Ann Mullinix: Verden, Willard, Eula, Berniee, Oma. (4) Cull and Mary Whited: Carson, Dave, Lena, and Auda. (5) James (Snowball) and Ethel Mullinix: Odell, Jack and Joel Bertram (J.B.). (6) Porter Alien and Helen Mullinix, Fred, Zola, Vergie, Beulah, Frank, Grace, Blanche. (7) Franklin MacDow (Mac) and Vada Mullinix; Ruby, Clyde, Ilene, John Edd, Grady, Kenneth, Dixie, Billy Joe, and Steve. (8) Hiram and Willetta Mullinix: No children. (9) Margaret and Jim Smith: Beaulah, Mack and Ave. (10) Thomas: Never married.

John W. and Amanda were blessed of God with a host of children, grandchildren, and friends. John died in 1926.

Porter Allen Mullinix will continue this line.

by Bruce Mullinix

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