Frank Edward Mullinix

Frank Edward Mullinix

Frank Edward Mullinix was born, the 5th. of seven children, on March 7, 1917. He was bornintheBoatlandareaandspentmostof his early years on the family farm in Glenoby. His early schooling was at the Bowden School, and he usually got there by way ofa trail through the woods along the river. Frank attended and graduated from the Stockton Valley Academy.

Frank, being the youngest boy, would be given the semi-annual task of rounding up the sheep from the hills and hollers around the farm. Often sheep and cattle would roam at will foraging for food through the woods of the area. Frank would then begin the task of shearing the sheep and removing cuckleburrs from the sheared wool. Many long hours also would be spent in chopping the long rows of corn or preparing the fields for planting. Being able to drive a good team of muleswas a needed attribute for Frank and most other boys who grew up on a farm.

Frank left the farm and joined the Air Force to serve his country in the Warto end all wars. He was trained as a Flight Engineer during his tour of duty. It was at this time that Frank met the love of his life. She lived on top of the mountain with her parents Porter and Gertie Hood. Frank and Lillie Edna were married on March 27, 1944.

Finding work that paid well was difficult in Jamestown, so Frank moved his family to Detroit, Michigan for a threeyear stay. You might take the boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy is a true statement where Frank was concerned. His love for hunting and fishing, family and friends, brought Frank and his family back to Jamestown.

Frank worked at the shift factory, water plant, and in county government as Tax Assessor for eight years. He is now retired and Living on Star Point Road in Jamestown.

Frank and Lillie Edna are the parent of five children. They are (1) Steve who married Ruth Criswell and have two children, Julie and Porter, (2) Rosemary who married Wendell Sexton and have two children, Larry and Karen, (3) Carol who married Ted Peercy and have two children, Angels and Allison, (4) Bruce who married Marilyn Russell and have one child, Derek, (5) Frank Alien who married Doris Wright and have two children, Mendy and Heather.

Frank has a great love for hunting and usually has a top flight coon dog. He is now 69 years old and still goes "huntin" as often as the opportunity presents itself. He enjoys fishing and frequents the lakes and ponds of the area often. Frank has a bad habit of continually trying to help the Braves win a pennant. His sense of humor, as was his dad's, make Frank a very enjoyable person to spend some time with.

Frank and Lillie Edna never accumulated great riches but are wealthy in terms of love of one another and family and friends.

Bruce Frederick Mullinir will continue this line.

by Bruce Mullinir
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