Cashier Mullinix

Cashier Mullinix

Cashier Mullinix was born in Pickett County, TN, in 1906, to Willie Mullinix and Ida Crouch Mullinix. They were farmers all their life. They raised five children: Dora, Dike, Lula, Ruby and Cashier.

Cashier married Essie Williams. They had 7 children and Essie had one son, Elijah Leffew, by an earlier marriage.

Dora became a teacher. She married Hollis Lacy. They had 3 children: Jo, Janice and Frank. She lives in Pine Haven Community now.

Dike was killed in World War II while flying over the Black Sea.

Lula and Ruby became teachers but they died very young.

Cashier and Essie lived in Wolf River where they bought a farm. Essie also had a farm that was given to her by her parents. They lived there until his death in 1961. She had a stroke in 1984 and now lives with one of her daughters. She and their six children still own the farm in Wolf River Community.

Cashier has one half brother, Eugene Mullinix, and one half sister, Geraldine Beaty.

by Pam Mullinix, York Elementary School
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