Bruce Frederick Mullinix

Bruce Frederick Mullinix

Bruce Frederick Mullinix was born the 2nd, son and fourth child of Frank and Edna Mullinix on October 19, 1949. Bruce spent his boyhood days at his parents home 2% miles south of town across the road from his maternal grandparents home, Porter and Gertid Hood. He attended York Elementary and York Institute where he was exposed to many very good teachers to whom he is extremely grateful.

Bruce's boyhood was spent doing a few small chores and playing with his younger brother Frank and his cousins, Marshal, Gene AUen, Butch and friends. His dayswere filled with exploring, hiking, swimming in Manson Turner's pond, riding ponies and bikes, and playing countless hours of basketball and softball. Many times at night a long game of hide and seek would polish off a good day.

Bruce worked part-time at Hood's Texaco and Wright's Store and gained not only monetarily but learned a lot about life as well. He later attended Tennessee Tech in Cookeville where he trained to be a teacher. Bruce returned to Jamestown and began his career in teaching at Pine Haven Elementary in 1971. It was at this time he met Marilyn Russell whom he later married. Marilyn is the daughter of Ben and Evelyn Russell of Jamestown. A son was born to Bruce and Marilyn on December 18th, 1972 and was named Derek Russell Mullinix. Derek, bythe way, is the eleventh Mullinix in direct descent mentioned, heal Mullinixes and Millsaps back together. Derek's ancestor, Eli Mullinix, served under Derek's great, great, great grandfather Captain Mitchell Curtis Millsaps, during the Civil War.

Bruce served in County Government for five years as the county School Superintendent and is still working in the Education Department here in Jamestown. Bruce and his family live on Star Point Road here in Jamestown and enjoys music and sports quite abit.

The histories of John W. and Porter were assembled with the help of Mrs. Grace (Marg) Matthews to whom much thanks is given.

Shown below is a list of the eleven generations of Mullinixes from Robert to Derek. The Ilth. generation of Robert Milnor can not be proven positively, but the evidence points strongly to him as "The Emigrant" from Britain who fathered John Mullinix, the proven progenitor.

(11) Robert Milnor (CA 1650-1679), M. Rebecca Boston; (10) John Mullinix (CA 1674-1705), M. Penelope; (9) William Mullinix, (CA 1705-1762) M. Jean Coverdale; (8) Richard Mullinix, (CA 1740-1820's) M. Elizabeth Poynter; (7) Nathaniel Mullinix, (CA 1774-1830's) M. Delilah --, Sallie Mayberry; (6) Nathan John Mullinix (1805-1872) M. Margaret Wright; (5) John W. Mullinix (1843-1890's) M. Amanda Choate; (4) Porter Alien Mullinix (May 27, 1882 - Dec. 19, 1955) M. Helen Wright; (3) Frank Edward Mullinix (March 7, 1917) M. Lillie Edna Hood; (2) Bruce Frederick Mullinix (October 19, 1949) M. Marilyn Russell; (1) Derek Russell Mullinix (December 18, 1972).

by Bruce Mullinix

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