James Hiram And Mary Ann Beaty Conatser

James Hiram And Mary Ann Beaty Conatser

James Hiram Conatser was born in Fentress County Jan. 1, 1870, the first child of George "Duke" Conatser and Rebecca Mathews (1841/1845-?). His grandfather was David Conatser (1804/1808-?), born in either KY or TN, both states are given on the census. His grandmother was Sebretta Beaty born 1813 in TN.

Mary Ann Beaty, born 1874 at Little Crab was his first wife. Mary Ann was the daughter of Isaac "Tobe" ["Toke"?] Beaty (1852-1821/22) and Margaret Jane Hinds (1852/56-1898).

Their children were Laura Belie born March 14, 1891 and Epsie A. born Jan. 1894. Mary Ann died 1892-98 and is buried in the Dr. Chism or old Elias Bowden Cemetery in West Fentress County.

"Jim" then married Martha Elizabeth Irving born 1862/64 in Fentress County. She was thought to be the niece of Wade Irving. Upon her marriage, Wade gave her a farm located on the curve of the Round Mountain Stockton Road where the old Round Mountain School was located. The farm was considered to be "the richest in Fentress County at one time". It obtained this description due to the meadows that were used for growing hay. Atthe time, only wild hay was grown so farmers used cane or corn fodder for hay. The farm was also well known because of the large bluff from under which many Indian relies were dug. Because of the location of the farm, on Yellow Creek, "Jim" came to be known as "Yellow Creek Jim" to distinguish him from other Jim Conatsers' in the area.

Two children were born to the couple. They were Effie (1899-1937) and Maude A. (19041909). Both are buried in the City Cemetery with their mother, who died Nov. 24, 1924, buried between them.

After Martha's death, "Jim" married Fannie Copley (1880-1945). They had no children. Fannie is buried in the Copley Cemetery near East Jamestown.

"Jim" was a small frame man known as a "real hard worker who didn't stop even when it rained". At one time, he was "a wealthy man" but died a near pauper on May 13, 1947. "Jim" was almost buried in the Stockton Cemetery but, on the morning the grave was to be dug, a grandchild told the others that "Grandpa Jim had wanted to be buried at Allardt Cemetery". Welter Gernt was contacted and the plot chosen by "Jim", at Allardt, was used.

by Judy Moulton
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