James King

James King

James King and his brother Robert married sisters Elizabeth and Nancy Beaty, daughters of Thomas Beaty and Jane Mullinix. Elizabeth was born 23 April 1822 in Kentucky. Thomas Beaty moved to Fentress Co. with his family about 1825.

James, born 1816 and Robert, born 1818 were both born in Tennessee. Jame's nickname was "Silver Jim". It is said he kept large amounts of silver in his home.

James and Elizabeth "Betsy" married about 1844. They had nine children all born and raised in Jamestown, Tennessee.

William G. Witt King born 22 April 1844. He married Pernina Jane Hinds about 1868. William "Bill" bought his land in Jamestown from his brother Andrew Jackson 30 August 1881. William died 27 October 1902 and is buried at the Ann Wood Cemetery in Little Crab, Tennessee.

Martha J. King, born 2 May 1845, married William Yeatman Wood. They were married in the home of Martha's parents by Joel Reagan. Both are buried in the Centerville Cemetery in Tennessee.

Nancy Emeline King, born 21 February 1847, married Asa Smith 19 December 1866 in Fentress. They had three children before Nancy's death 8 January 1891. Asa married for the second time another Nancy - Nancy Garrett - 18 June 1894.

Nina King, born 1846, died young with diphtheria.

Mahala "Hale" King, born 1848, married Noah "Node" Wright. Noah's parents were John C. Wright and Mary Williams.

Thomas Jefferson King, born 1847, died before grown. It is told he was knocked out of a tree by Hiram Cyrus Beaty.

Andrew Jackson King, born March 1857, married Francis "Fanny" Cobb. Andrew lost his home, land, wagon, logs, and cattle to R.S. Windle. He invested everything in a logging business and could not repay his loan.

Tennessee King, born 23 January 1860, married Samuel S. Greer. Samuel's father was a Methodist minister, John C. Greer. Both are buried in the Beatytown Cemetery in Fentress.

My grandfather, John A. King, was the last child of James and Elizabeth King. John A. King, born June 1865, married Adaline "Addie" Cain. John A. was called "John Blue "because he loved the color blue, and in Jamestown there were many John Kings. He always used his middle initial on any documents.

James King bought his land from Elizabeth's father, Thomas Beaty, on 2 June 1851 for $400. Thomas sold James a tract of land in Fentress Co., District #1, and "bounded as follows: Beginning on the south west bank of the east fork of Obeys River. At the mouth of the said Beaty's Spring Branch; thence up said branch to the fork's of the branch; thence up the dry or south fork unto a large elm, below the corner of the fence, where Stephen Heath lives; then with a marked line to the corner of said fence; then with said fence to where it crosses the dry branch; then up said branch to the forks of the hollow; then up the left hand hollow into said Beaty south line; thence eastward with said line unto Jonathan Hull's line, the same being a conditional line between Beaty and Hull; thence with said line to the east fork of Obeys River; then down the same to the beginning. Containing one hundred acres, more or less".

This land remained with James and Elizabeth until 30 September 1882 when a deed was drawn to sell the land to their daughter and her husband Samuel S. Greer and Tennessee King. This deed had a consideration that Samuel and Tennessee would take care of Elizabeth King for the rest of her natural life. Elizabeth died 25 January 1881 on her land. She was buried at the Joel Beaty Cemetery in Riverton, Tennessee.

Andrew J. and John A. King moved to Casey Co., Ky., after Andrew lost his business and home, about 1903. John A. bought land from Samuel S. Greer in Casey Co., KY and sold it a year later because of Andrew J.'s death. Andrew J. King was buried at Whited Cemetery in Casey Co., KY. John A. moved his and Andrew's families back to Fentress where he lived about a year before he moved both families to Tarrant Co., Texas.

James and Robert King are either the sons of John A. King and Leann Ferriel or brothers to this John A. King, born 1795 in Tennessee. The 1840 census of Fentress shows James living next to this John A. King. James Mark is erased from John A.'s household and James is put in a separate household next door. James was not married at that time.

My grandfather was named John A., Robert named his children John A. and Leann. All of James's children named one of their children either John A. or Leann or used both names. These are definitely family names being used thru four generations. If I had only known that before I had children I would have named them John A. and Leann.

by Sharon King Roberts
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