Harve Beaty

Harve Beaty

Harve BeatyHarve Beaty, age 20


Harve Beaty was born at Glenoby, Tennessee, in Fentress County, in 1882. He was the son of Jones Beaty (1850-1910) and Emerine Sumpter Beaty (1861-1937). He was the grandson of Tinker Dave Beaty (1817-1876). Tinker Dave Beaty was Captain of the Home Guard of Tennessee during the Civil War in 1865.

Harve married Susie Catherine Stephens about 1901. She was the daughter of George Stephens and Eliza Tipton Stephens. They had eight children: Clayton, Frances, Taft, Ray, Renzo, Lula, Loma, and Harlan. Two of the daughters are still living - Lula Crabtree and Loma Roles; both of Columbus, Indiana.

Four of their children were in the service of our country during World War II. Taft and Ray were in the Navy; Renzo and Loma were in the Army. Loma served in the Army Nurses' Corp.

Harve was Sheriff of Fentress County for one term (1924-1926). There were very few cars in Fentress county at that time. When he had to go out of town to perform his duties as Sheriff, he had to ride a horse.

Before he was Sheriff, he was a river pilot on rafts of logs which were floated down the East Fork of the Obey River to the Cumberland River, and on to Nashville, Tennessee.

Harve was fatally injured in a logging accident at Rock Castle Creek, about 4 miles South of Jamestown. He died October 27, 1927.

His widow, Susie, lived to the age of 99. She died September 29,1983. they are buried in the City Cemetery in Jamestown, Tennessee.

by Lula Crabtree
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