Otha And Victoria (Wright) Greer

Otha And Victoria (Wright) Greer

Otha Oliver Greer born March 4, 1896 married Rebecca Victoria Wright born Sept. 17, 1899 on July 11, 1915 in Jamestown, Tennessee at the home of Pierce and Lucinda Conatser about 9 o'clock Saturday morning by Rev. Clarence Gerrett. Witnesses were Pearl Lockhart, Ellen Smith, and Christina Wright. Otha taught school at Fair View in 1912 at the age of 16. He also taught at Reeds Creek in 1913 and 1915. Otha taught at Double Top in 1916. He carried the mail on horse back during World War I. In the twenties and early thirties, Otha was in the construction business.

Otha moved his family to Muncie, Indiana on November 20, 1935. He was a machine operator at Warner Gear from 1935 to 1945. After leaving Warner Gear he worked with his son Russell for several years in the plumbing business.

Rebecca likes to quilt and does some gardening. She is the daughter of Jasper and Alice Wright of Jamestown.

Their children Amold born Feb. 24, 1916 died Feb. 25, 1916. Bennie Edmond born April 29, 1917. Cecil May born Feb. 6, 1919 died March 16, 1919. Mona Marie born March 14, 1920. Audrey Rosalee born April 8, 1922. Russell Osborn born Feb. 25, 1924. Celah Colleen born Feb. 15, 1926. Otha Oliver Jr. (Jack) born March 18, 1928 died March 25, 1970. Billy Eugene born Feb. 17, 1930.

Edmond and Helen (Goldberry) Greer

Edmond, son of Otha O. Green and Victoria Wright Greer

Bennie Edmond Greer born April 29, 1917 married Helen Kay Goldberry born Dec. 19, 1926 on Dec. 15, 1956. They have a son Edmond Keith born Oct. 18, 1957 and a daughter Carolyn Diane born Dec. 20, 1958. Bennie is a veteran of World War II. He retired in 1975 from the Chevrolet plant in Muncie, Indiana after 34 years. He married Faye Brumett in 1938, they were divorced in 1955. They had no children.

Keith has a son Joshua Keith born January 5, 1980.

Carolyn and her husband have three sons, Richard Lee born November 10, 1974, and Michael Lee born September 26, 1978, a son born Aug. 6, 1985 Jonathan Wayne. Helen died Jan. 20, 1984. Faye born June 1922, married Edmond Nov. 20, 1939 remarried on March 15, 1985.

Mona (Greer) and Wayne Norris

Mona Marie Greer born March 14, 1920 married Gordon Wayne Norris Dec. 9, 1939. Wayne was born July 27, 1912 at Salt Lick, Ky. He served with the U.S. Army in Germany in 1944. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge. Wayne retired from the Ford Co. in Cincinnati, Ohio Feb. 29, 1980. Mona and Wayne have three sons and one daughter.

Gordon Basford Norris born Oct. 20, 1940 is a graduate of Ball State Univ. in Muncie, Ind. He was a pilot in the Air Force for 6 years. He married Martha Catherine Hudgins Feb. 17, 1961. They have a daughter Juke Ann born Sept. 11, 1961. They also have a son Gordon Bryce born Jan. 1, 1964, in Texas.
Larry Dewayne Norris born Sept. 17, 1943 is a graduate of the eTniversity of Cincinnati. He is an architect. Larry married Barbara Robson. They have two sons, Michael Robson born Sept. 20, 1973 and Brett Mathew born Dec. 6, 1977. Barbara is a nurse.
Marsha Sue Norris born Oct. 31, 1946 is a graduate of the Bethesda School of Nursing. Marsha is a nurse at the Mercy Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. She married Joseph Winterberger. Joe works at Sears. They have a son Jeffery William born April 11, 1974 and a daughter Cynthia Marie born Aug. 9, 1978.
Stephen Michael Norris born Aug. 10, 1949. Steve is a 1972 graduate of the Univ. of Cincinnati. He is a mechanical engineer at the Ford plant in Cincinnati, Ohio. He married Carolyn Louise Zinnecher. Carolyn is a 1969 graduate of Loveland High School, Loveland, Ohio. They have no children.
Mona is the daughter of Otha O. Greer and Victoria Wright Greer.

Audrey (Greer) and Raymond Norris

Audrey Rosalee Greer born April 8, 1922 and Raymond Leonal Norris born Feb. 14, 1920 were married on May 29, 1941. They have four daughters and one son. Ray retired from the Chevrolet plant in Muncie, Ind. in 1982.

Rebecca Jane Norris born July 25, 1942. Jane has three children: Darren Scott Bertram born Feb. 11, 1964, Derreck Brent Bertram born July 20, 1965, and a daughter Dana Michelle born Nov. 8, 1967.

Sheila Faye born March 10, 1946. Sheila married Michael Kearnes. They have three children: Erin Lynn born March 27, 1975, Alison Beth born Jan. 14, 1980, and Todd Michael born Oct. 27, 1982.

Sherry Rae born Dec. 28, 1947. Sherry married David Yates, they have a son David Ray born April 17, 1966 and a daughter Kimberly Denise born May 11, 1967.

Vicki Lynn born Feb. 24, 1950. Vicki Lynn married Robert St. John. They have a daughter Tammera Gayle born May 19, 1967 and a son Jason Robert born Feb. 22, 1977.

Randall Allen Norris born June 24, 1958. Randy has a son Jeremy Ray Norris born Oct. 19, 1979.

Russell and Pauline (Conway) Greer

Russell Osborn Greer born Feb. 25, 1924 married Pauline Conway born Dec. 25, 1925. Russell has a plumbing business in Muncie, Ind. They have three sons and three daughters.
Russell Eugene (Gene) Greer born Oct. 30, 1944 married Donna Rodanberger. They have two sons, Gene born in 1964 and Bill born in 1968.

Linda Darlene Greer born Aug. 25, 1946. She has two children Jackie Sue Pemberton born Sept. 1968 and Tommy joe Pemberton born July 4, 1975.

Edmond Dean (Eddie) Greer born Nov. 8, 1948. He served with the U.S. Army in Vietnam and in Germany in 1967 and 1968.
Janice Greer born May 2, 1950. Janice and her husband have son Robbie Duane Smily born Jan. 6, 1971, and a daughter, Paula Sue Smily born June 6, 1969.

Rick Greer born Dec. 19, 1952. He and his wife have two sons.
Penny Sue Greer born July 19, 1965 has a son Zackery born in 1982.

Bill and Lens (Norris) Greer

Billy Eugene Greer born Feb. 17, 1930 married Lens Norris on March 5, 1948. Lens was born Jan. 2, 1928. Bill worked for the Chevrolet plant in Muncie, Indiana. They have two sons and one daughter.

Daryl Eugene Greer born Feb. 4, 1949. Daryl was with the U.S. Army in GermRnv in 1968. He married Jill Siefert. They have two sons, Shawn Christopher Greer born Sept. 10, 1978 and Brent Jevon Greer born July 17, 1982.

Brenda Greer born Jan. 17, 1951. Brenda married jerry Tremaine. They have a son Anthony Ryan born Dec. 2, 1980.
Tim born Dec. 21, 1957. Tim and his wife have a daughter Sarah Elizabeth Greer born June 10, 1982.

Bill, son of Ortha O. Greer and Victoria (Wright) Greer.

Jack and Betty (Marlow) Greer

Otha Oliver Greer Jr. (Jack) born March 18, 1928 and died March 25, 1970. Services were at 11 A.M. on Saturday March 28 at the Parson Mortuary Chapel with the Rev. Paul N. Vail officiating. Entombment was in Elm Ridge Mausoleum, Muncie, Ind. Jack was a Navy Veteran of World War II. He owned and operated the 0.0. Greer Plumbing Co. Betty and Jack have a daughter Debra Sue born November 10, 1959.

Debra Sue Greer married Joe Birner. They have three children, Misty Dawn born in 1977. Melissa Jo born in 1979 and Matthew (Matt) born in 1981.

by Ruby Wright
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