Mark L. And Victoria Greer

Mark L. And Victoria Greer

Mark L. Greer was born October 13, 1878. He was the son of David A. and Melissa Jennings Greer. David and Melissa were married by Rev. A.B. Wright. Their children were Ben and James (twins), John, Marion, Logan, Jessie, Sam, and Mark. Their daughters were Mary Jane, Polly Ann, Isobell, Martha, and Emerine.

Victoria's father was Dudley (Dock) Guffey, born March 27, 1855. He was a farmer and sawmill operates. He married Thursie Reed in 1874. Her brothers and sisters were Andrew, Paralee, Ermine, and Harrison.

Thursie Reed was the daughter of James Reed and Emalene Crockett, who was the sister of David Crockett, and the children of Crouch Crockett. James Reed was killed by Champ Ferguson on August 12, 1858 with a knife.

Mark and Victoria were married in 1901. They had five children: Ernest, Oma, Edward, infant daughter, and Mary Jane. All are deceased except Mary Jane.

Ernest's children are Charles, Margaret, and Joy, who resides in Muncie, Indiana.

Oma married Bunch Cravens in 1932. Their children are Diane, Ann, June, Ralph, and Sharron.

Mary Jane married Earl Cravens in 1932. Their children are Sue, Marilyn (deceased), Linda, Steve, John, Janie, Ronnie, Sam, and Mark.

M.L. Greer attended A.B. Wright Institute and began teaching in 1900. He was deputy Register under A.A. Peavyhouse and later Register of Fentress County.

M.L. Greer died November 27, 1948. He is buried at the Upchurch Cemetery in Fentress County.

by Mary Jane Cravens
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