Fleming Beaty

Fleming Beaty

Fleming Beaty was born in 1812, in Fentress County, Tennessee, and died there in 1882. His parents were George Beaty, born in 1785; and Lydia Ann Wilson, whose birth date is not known. His paternal grandparents probably were John Beaty, Sr., born in Ireland, and Margaret (Montgomery) Beaty, from Pennsylvania. Her father was Thomas Montgomery, who died in Washington County, Virginia, in 1803.

Fleming Beaty married Sarah Cobb. Her parents were Jesse Cobb and Jenetta (Stephens) Cobb. Her paternal grandparents probably were Asa Cobb and Fannie (Coker) Cobb, a full-blooded Cherokee Indian. Her maternal grandparents were Thomas Stephens, born in 1750, and Sarah (Miller) Stephens, born March 12, 1757. Her mother, Jenetta (Stephens) Cobb, was a sister to David Stephens, born about 1780. So, Sarah was a first cousin to Gwin Stephens, born in 1814.

The children of Fleming Beaty and Sarah (Cobb) Beaty were as follows: 1. Matilda Beaty, born in 1836; 2. John Beaty, born in 1898; 3. Lydia Beaty, born in 1840; 4. Balaam Beaty, born in 1847; 5. Jesse Beaty, born in 1849; 6. Fannie C. Beaty, Feb. 25, 1853 -Feb. 25, 1893; 7. James Ecker Beaty, July 12, 1854 - Jan. 21, 1917; 8. Mary E. Beaty, Nov. 5, 1856 Jan. 13, 1935; and 9. David Beaty, called Dave "Nose" Beaty, born in 1858, and died May 29, 1936.

The marriages of Fleming Beaty's sons and daughters were as follows: Matilda Beaty's first marriage was to John Boles, Jr. born June 16, 1838. It is said that he was killed by Sheriff Benjamin Brannon, in Jamestown, Tenn.; that the sheriff had a grudge against him. Matilda's second marriage was to William Wright, who was born in 1829, and died during the 1860s. He was the youngest brother to Mathias Austin Wright, my great grandfather. John Beaty married a Stepp and moved to southern Kentucky. I don't know whether Lydia Beaty married or not. Balaam Beaty's first marriage was to Louisa Choate, born in 1844. She was a daughter of Thomas and Polly Choate; and was a first cousin to Naomi (Choate) Wright. Balaam's second marriage was to Nina (Wright) Bowden, born in 1850. She was a daughter of Jacob Wright, Sr. and America (Hinds) Wright; and was a niece to William Wright, Matilda's second husband. Jesse Beaty married Jane Richards. Fannie C. Beaty married James L. Cooper. James Ecker Beaty married Catherine Hogue, born in 1858 or 1860. She was the daughter of Solomon and Nancy Hogue, apparently, and a first cousin to Fentress County historian Albert B. Hogue, born in 1873. Mary E. Beaty married William M. Wright, Dec. 6, 1851- May 21, 1920. He was a brother to Nina Wright, second wife of Balaam Beaty. And Dave "Nose" Beaty married Emeline Wright, Jan. 29, 1858 - July 15, 1955. She was a sister to Nina Wright and William M. Wright.

The burial places of Fleming Beaty's sons and daughters are as follows: Matilda (Beaty) Wright is buried near Alpine, in Overton County, Tennessee. John Beaty probably is buried in southern Kentucky -- in Clinton or Wayne County, perhaps ? Lydia Beaty is buried in the Dr. Chism Cemetery, which is located across Highway 52 from West Fentress Elementary School. Balaam Beaty probably is buried near Monterey, Putnam County, Tennessee. Jesse Beaty is buried in the Richards Cemetery at Grimsley, in southern Fentress County. Fannie C. (Beaty) Cooper is buried in the Dr. Chism Cemetery. James Ecker Beaty is buried in the Beaty Wright Cemetery, along the Manson road. Mary E. (Beaty) Wright is buried in Wright Cemetery, located along Highway 52, about one and one-fourth mile west of the West Fentress Elementary School. And Dave "Nose" Beaty and his wife, Emeline, both are buried near their grandson, Virgil "Boots" Beaty's store, which is located along Highway 52, about one-third of a mile west of Wright Cemetery.

The grandchildren of Fleming Beaty were as follows. Matilda's children were: 1. Fannie Wright, who married Alex Smith, and 2. John Fleming Wright, who married Sarah Allred. John's children were: 1. James Fleming Beaty, who married Matilda Clementine Beaty, d/o Hiram Cyrus Beaty; buried in Ann Wood Cemetery, at Little Crab. 2. Bernetta Beaty, who married Edward Linder. Lydia's daughter was: Jane Beaty, Mar. 31, 1880 May 17, 1951; who married George Smith. Buried in Beaty-Wright Cemetery. Balaam's children: 1. John Beaty, born in 1871, who never married -- he drowned from a log raft. 2. Hige Beaty, born in 1873, who married, (1) Rebecca Wright; (2) Bosetta Stephens. 3. Mary Jane Beaty, born in 1875, who married Sherman Bowden. 4. James Beaty, born in 1877, who married Alice Rodgers. And 5. Caroline Beaty, born in 1879, who married Dailey Young. Jesse's children: 1. John Fleming Beaty, who married Addie Adkins. 2. Etta Beaty, who married Fate York. 3. Ellen Beaty, who married Clinton Ramsay. 4. Luverna Beaty, born in 1978, who married (1) Allen Bilbrey; (2) George Carr. 5. Nancy Jane Beaty, born in January 1880, who married Wheeler Ramsay. And 6. Benton Beaty, who shot and killed himself while young. He served in World War I. Fannie's children: 1. Mary Cooper, who married Marion Wright. 2. Sarah Cooper, who married Sampson Bowden. And 3. Hannah Cooper, who married William Hayes. James Ecker's children: 1. Belle Beaty, 1881-1937, who married Henry Elliott Robbins. 2. Cull Beaty, who married Mary Ann Beaty, d/o Richard and Lydia Ann (Stephens) Beaty. 3. Ida Beaty, born Sept. 14, 1884, married (1) W. Nelson Wright, 1883-1926, s/o Simeon Wright; (2) G.W. Reagan. 4. Sgt. Wayne S. Beaty, 18871918, never married; killed in World War I. 5. Hattie Beaty, 1889-1918, who married Allen Franklin. 6. Bates O. Beaty, 1893-1958, PFC. World War I; married Ollie Smith. 7. Electa Beaty, 1895-1938, married Herman Woods. And 8. Teddy R. Beaty, born 1900; died 1902. All of James Ecker Beaty's children are buried in Beaty-Wright Cemetery, except No. 2. Cull Beaty is buried at home in Buffalo Cove. Mary E.'s children: 1. David Wright, born 1876, married Vilona Cooper, d/o Jerry and Mary (Mullinix) Cooper. 2. Alexander Wright, died young. 3. Fleming Buck Wright, married Lee Ann Smith, d/o John Doogan Smith. 4. Fannie Wright, born 1886, married John McAllen King, s/o "Pete" King. 5. Jane Wright, married Jim Greer, s/o Samuel and Tennessee (King) Greer. 6. Matilda Wright, married Gordon Turner. 7. Benton Wright, married Eva Smith, d/o Tom and Betty (Thomas) Smith. And 8. Granville Wright, married Ada Turner. Two other children died young. David's (Dave "Nose" Beaty) children: One daughter -- Sarah Beaty. She has one son, Virgil "Boots" Beaty, who operates a store on Highway 52, about one-third of a mile west of Wright Cemetery.

That makes a total of 36 grandchildren for Fleming Beaty. That is all that I know about. But there may be a few others. I am kin to them all through the Beatys. I am kin to the children of Mary E. and Dave "Nose" through the Beatys and Wrights. I am kin to the children of Fannie (Wright) King through the Beatys, Wrights and Kings. I don't know exactly where Fleming and Sarah are buried. Somewhere in Buffalo Cove, perhaps ? He, of course, was an older brother to David "Tinker" Beaty, of Civil War fame.

by Roscoe Hollis Wright
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