History of Fentress Co. Tennessee
Fentress County
Family History Excerpts from, History of Fentress County, Tennessee, by Fentress County Historical Society. Pub. Curtis Media Corp., 1987.  Most but not all excerpts relate to Beaty families.

History Of Little Crab
Jennings Funeral Home
Banner - Roslin


Isaac Allred


Tinker Dave Beaty - an excerpt from:
The Patriots and Guerillas of East Tennessee and Kentucky

Dale Welch's story on Tinker Dave Beaty
from the Cookeville, Tennessee Herald-Citizen

John, Sr., and Margaret (Montgomery) Beaty
John, Beaty Sr.
--James and Mary (Smith) Beaty
----Isaac Beaty
----Issac and Susannah (Gwin) Beaty
------Eliazer Alley and Elizabeth Ellen (Ledbetter) Beaty
--------George William and Elizabeth Ellen (Hinds) Beaty
------William R. Beaty
--------Sarah Elender Beaty and Andrew Jackson Mace
------John Gwin Beaty and Zilpha Holbert
--------Isaac Stephen Beaty and Polly C. Matthews
----------Andrew Clinton Beaty and Sally Piena Koger
------------Willie Bates Beaty, Sr. and Frona Mae York
--------------Paul J. And Betty Wright Beaty
--Andrew and Elizabeth (Cooper) Beaty
----William I. Beaty
------ Nancy Agnes Beaty and William Denton Young
--Andrew Beaty
--Andrew Beaty, Sr.
----Thomas and Jane (Mullinix) Beaty
----Thomas Beaty
------Hiram Cyrus, Sr. Beaty
--------John Andrew Beaty
------John Andrew and Mahala (Allred) Beaty
--------Andrew Johnson and Emaline Beaty
----------Samuel Hollins Beaty
--------George Wolford and Mary Catherine (Owens) Beaty
----------Arnold Priam and Sarah Jane (Smith) Beaty
--------Louis Cyrus Beaty
----------Dillard Osborn Beaty
--George Beaty
----Fleming Beaty
------Balaam Beaty and Louisa Choate
--------James Beaty and Alice E. Rodgers
----David "Tinker Dave" Beaty
------Jones Beaty
--------Harve Beaty
--David Beaty, Sr.
----Jeremiah And Sarah Choate Beaty
----David Beaty, Jr.
------Marion B. Beaty


Robert F. Boles
Lincoln and Parthena Boles
Savage Garfield Boles


Jacob And Mary Ledbetter Choate


George W. (Old Hickory) Conatser
James Hiram And Mary Ann Beaty Conatser
Osco And Ada Family Conatser
Phillip Andrew Conatser


Anna Catherine (Wood) Crabtree
Henry and Savannah (Doss) Crabtree

Raymond Oscar Crabtree  new
Walter Holland Crabtree


William Nelson Crockett


Descendants of David Delk with Photos of Pauline Delk Disney, Ocia Delk Smith, and others...
Elis And Nancy Ann Delk
Rutherford And Gertie Ellen Delk


Greer Family  
Mark L. And Victoria Greer

Otha And Victoria (Wright) Greer  

Matthew And Elizabeth Beaty Reynolds


Porter And Elva Hinds
Truman And Jewelene Hinds


James King
Robert King


Miller, Albert And Hetty  new
Chester And Winnie Atkinson Miller


Cashier Mullinix
Nathaniel Mullinix
Robert Milnor (Mullinix)
Richard Mullinix
John W. Mullinix
Porter Allen Mullinix
Frank Edward Mullinix
Bruce Frederick Mullinix
Eli and Sarah Mullinix
W.I. Mullinix and Ida Ellen Crouch


George Patton  new
Jesse And Melvina Jane Patton
Pearl (Green) Patton

Pile - Pults

Conrad Pile
John Pults (Z, SE, CE)
Frederick Commodore Perry Pults


James Thomas And Susan Reynolds new
Matthew And Elizabeth Beaty Reynolds new

Scroggins - Stephens

John G. and Margaret Scroggins
Edward Pyburn and Mary Ann Stephens
Julia Ann (Stephens) Waters Autrey


Asa Smith
Alfred And Pearl Smith


Matthew D. Wright
Matthew W. Wright
..Riley Matthew Wright
John Wright
..Lemuel C. Wright
Mathias Austin Wright
John Taylor Wright
..Robert Richard Wright
..Roscoe Hollis Wright
Jacob Wright
Bertha "Bertie" Crockett Wright
Jacob R. And Jane Smith Wright
Jacob Wright, Sr.
Jacob Wright, Sr. (2)
..Perry Robert (Bob) Wright
Jacob Wright, Jr.
James Alfred Wright
James David Wright
James W. Wright
Joe Green Wright
John W. And Hattie Robbins Wright
Joshua Foster Wright, Jr.


Belfield Wood, Sr.
Matthew Wood
Matthew Cates Wood
Pleasant Beaty Wood


Samuel and Freela York  
Uriah And Eliza Jane Livingston York

William And Mary Brooks York

William Landon York

Note: Don't forget  the first rule of genealogy -- everything should be
backed by primary documentation -- This book was written by the Fentress Co. Historical Society. It's mainly a collection of personal histories told from memory and family tradition with little documentation, and should be taken as such.
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