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Pearl (Green) Patton

 Edna Pearl (Green) Patton was born at Red Hill, in Fentress County, April 5, 1897. Pearl, as she was known, married George W. Patton on January 16, 1916, at her parents' home. Her parents, Peter and Sarah (Chapman) Green, informed the young couple that if they were intent on marriage the ceremony could be performed in their home, and sent one of her younger brothers to "fetch" the minister who had also performed the marriage ceremony for them. Adah Green, her younger sister, supplies most of this type of information. Her brothers were: Mack, who died while in the U.S. Army, at Camp Gordon, Georgia, in November 1916, Fate, Hyram and Hewey, who died while a young man.

Pearl's grandparents were: Newton and Sarah (Fite) Green and John and Mendy Jane (Scroggins) Chapman. Her Great Grandparents were: Elijah and Elizabeth (Pritchard) Green, Peter and Elizabeth (Matthews) Fite, Dark and Malinda (Morgen) Chapman and John and Margaret (Pulse) Scroggins.

Her Great Great Grandparents were: The names of the wives of both William Green and Thomas Pritchard are not known to the writer. The 1820 Census shows William Green in Overton County. Thomas Pritchard is listed in the 1830 Census in Fentress County. It is believed they both came from North Carolina soon after 1800. Leonard and Winny (West) Fite left Rowan County, N.C. around 1820, moving to Overton County, Tennessee. Leonard died on the way in Knox County, Tennessee. Their son, Peter, was twelve years old at the time. Young Peter related stories of passing through Jamestown and Wolf River on their way to Overton County. James and Sarah (Stewart) Matthews probably were from North Carolina, but may have lived in East Tennessee before moving to Overton County. James Matthews died in the War of 1812, on November 9, 1813, in the Battle of Talladega, in Alabama, where Gen. Andrew Jackson defeated the Creek Indians with a loss of only fifteen men. The first names of Dark Chapman's parents are not known to the writer. His mother may have been a daughter of John Dark, who lived in North Georgia where Dark was born, as well as the Chapmans, Abner, John and William, all of whom were in the Revolutionary War.

Gabriel and Sarah Morgen were both born in South Carolina, but lived in Polk County, Tennessee. Samuel and Pheriba (Gwinn) Scroggins lived near Grimsley in Fentress County. He was a surveyor for the U.S. Government and they traveled to Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and finally moved to Boyd, Texas, where he died. Pheriba lived to be 105 years old. John, their son, was with "Tinker" David Beaty's Independent Scouts during the Civil War. John and Anna (Mullinex) Pulse lived below the "Stoke" West Farm on Lower Wolf River; he ran a "Grist" Mill there. Anna died 1&15-50, leaving small children who may have moved to Texas with the Scroggins and older Pulse Children. John, who was born in 1788, died in 1876. He was in the War of 1812.

Pearl's Great Great Great Grandparents were: Peter and Anna Barbara (Summers) Fite, from Pennsylvania and New Jersey to Rowan County, N.C. He was in the Revolutionary War. Joseph and Sarah (Gilbert) Stewart lived in Chatham County, N.C. He was in the Revolutionary War. Robert and Narcissa (Mills) Scroggin lived in Bourbon County, Ky. Robert was a member of the Kentucky Legislature. His father, Samuel Scroggin, was a lieutenant in the Revolutionary War from Delaware. Her father, John Mills, was a captain in the Revolutionary War from Virginia. He was born in Ireland. John and Jane Gwinn came to Fentress County in the 1820s. He ran a Tar Camp in 1826 at Laurel Branch, north of Jamestown. Fredrick and Esther (Woods) Pulse lived in Virginia. It is not known if they ever lived in Tennessee. Eli and Sarah (Dykes) Mullinex moved from East Tennessee to Kentucky and then to Fentress County around 1800. His parents, Richard and Elizabeth (Poynter) Mullinex were probably from Maryland, but lived in East Tennessee before coming to Fentress County. Her parents, William and Sarah (Haley) Dykes lived in Hawkins, County, Tenn. near the Mullinex Family in Green County. William Dykes was in the Revolutionary War.

Three sons of Peter Vogt immigrated from Hesse, Kessel, Germany to Pennsylvania in 1749. They were John, Hens, and Heinrich. They anglicized their name, Vogt, to Fite. John married Catherina Pfeiffer, said to have had all her property confiscated in Germany for entering the United States illegally. Pearl (Green) Patton and her thirteen children are among their many descendants.

by Caster D. Patton
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