Jesse And Melvina Jane Patton (f404)

Jesse And Melvina Jane Patton


Jesse Patton was born April 15, 1851. He is the son of William (Billy) Patton and Rebecca Jane Scott. His father, Billy, was a soldier in the Civil War. At the start of the war the Pattons lived in Sequatchie Valley, Tennessee. Billy was born in N.C. in the 1820s and died in 1919. Jane, his wife, was born October 27, 1821 and died April 12, 1885. Jesse's brother and sisters are; Mary Catherine, Ralph (Rafe), Nancy Ann and Sarah Margaret.

Jesse married Melvina Jane Crabtree, the daughter of Peggy Crabtree. Melvina Jane was born March 4, 1865. Jesse and Melvena Jane had eight children:

Willie Patton (November 19, 1886 - February 11, 1958) married Abbie Pile on May 14, 1909.

David Harrison (July 20, 1888 - July 28, 1972) married Myrta Matthews on March 31, 1911.

Margarett Genette (Jennie) (November 13, 1882 - February 3, 1959) married Fount P. Crabtree on August 21, 1901.

Gertie Ellen (April 13, 1885 - April 11, 1958) married Rutherford Delk on November 3, 1897.

Queenie (June 8, 1890 - September 23, 1979) married J.D. Delk.

Nancy Pearl (Nan) (March 21, 1892 February 13, 1960) married Tyre Hughes on July 3, 1910.

George Washington (June 10, 1894 January 9, 1974) married Edna Pearl Green on January 16, 1916.

Vina Mae (1896 - September 25, 1984) married Jasper Stinson on December 3, 1911.

Melvina Jane died July 19, 1896. She is buried in the Giles Parmley Stoneciper Cemetery in Mt. Pisqah, Wayne County, Kentucky. After Melvina Jane's death, Jesse married Nacy Ids (Eater) Burden (born August 9, 1879). Ida and Jesse had two children, Procter (Monk) (May 4, 1898 1985-6) and Samuel Young (January 3, 1900 - April 21, 1900).

Jesse's family moved to the Wolf River area shortly after the Civil War but moat of his later years he lived in Wayne County, Kentucky near Monticello. He died February 17, 1947 and is buried at Monticello, Kentucky.

The information for this story was furnished by Lois Patton Crouch, a granddaughter of Jesse Patton. She has done many hours of research on the Patton's as well as the Green's and Fite's.

by Lorene Cargile
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