Claiborne Beaty
A. R. Hogue: Part Two, Personal Sketches,  p.  122, 123

Claiborne Beaty

C. Beaty was born in Fentress County on the East Fork in 1844. He is a son of David (Tinker) Beaty and Avy (Collier) Beaty. His father was a native of Fentress County. Was born at R. Smith Place. His mother was born in Overton County.

Grandparents: George Beaty and -- (Wilson) Beaty. They came from North Carolina and settled on what is now Richard Smith's farm in early settlement of the county.

John Beaty, George Beaty and David Beaty were brothers and settled the W. B. Bowden farm. David Beaty lived on what is now Jerry Beaty farm, purchasing it from Wm. Crockett. All came from North Carolina at same time. David Collier, who lived in Overton County, the grandfather of C. Beaty, was a soldier in the War of 1812 and fought in the battle of New Orleans.

C. Beaty served as a member of the Lower House of the Tennessee Legislature from 1885 to 1887, representing Overton, Pickett, Fentress and Clay counties. John Gaudin, Pa-, and J. W. Giles, were candidates.

C. Beaty, Harve, James, Jones, Collier and Flem were all brothers. James and Claiborne were in the war, the others were too young.

Mr. Beaty has followed farming and logging all his life.

He married Dicy Beaty in 1867, and Levanna Stephens in 1892.

D. C. Beaty, who was Register of Fentress County for eight years, and now resides in Bellingham, Washington, is a son of C. Beaty.

David Beaty, George Beaty, the grandfather of C. Beaty, and John Beaty, three brothers, were the early settlers on the river between Boatland and Glenobey. They were all respected, well-to-do farmers. When the Beatys settled in this section there were plenty of bears, wolves, panthers, deer, turkey, squirrels, and abundance of fish of many kinds in the river.

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