Jacob And Mary Ledbetter Choate

Jacob And Mary Ledbetter Choate

Jacob & Mary Choate

Jacob and Mary Choate













Jacob Choate, the son of George Choate (1825) and Malinda Farrell Choate (1825), was born in Fentress County, Tennessee on April 28, 1849. His known brother and sisters were; Malissa, Lucy, James W., John, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Margaret and William. Jacob's father, George, served in the Civil War and was a prisoner at Bell's Island. He lived only a short time after arriving home from Bell's Island.

Jacob married Mary Ledbetter, born February 2, 1852. She was the daughter of Washington Ledbetter (1812) and Mary Knox Ledbetter (1812). Her brothers and sisters are believed to be; William, Carlot; Tahitha, Jud, George, and Mary.

Jacob and Mary were the parents of nine children. They were; Malinda, Malissa Emaline, Alice, Sarah, Gertrude, Benton, Martha, Nancy, and Robert Allen.

Malinda "Linda" was born October 18, 1871. She married Sam Smith and their children were; Columbus, Sherman, Oscar, Mandon, nelson, Lizzie, Manson, and Albert.

Malissa Emaline was born October 21, 1874. On December 9, 1891 she married Andrew Johnson Beaty (1/4/1863-2/3/1909). Their children were; May Eveline (Andrew's only child by 1st. wife Mary Jane Beaty, who died when May was 2 weeks old.), Serentha Jane (who died as an infant), Samuel Hollins,

McMillan, Mary Euferzine, Lewis Willard, Elva Ave, Nina Allie, and Carlie Ethel. Emaline died August 14, 1948 and is buried in the Story Cemetery at Helena, TN. Andrew is buried in the Pete King Cemetery at Beatytown. More information on Emaline and Andrew's family can be found in their story in this book.

Alice was born August 15, 1876. She married Matthew Reagan and their children are; Etter, Porter, Cordie, Delphia, and twins Haskel and Hattie.

Sarah "Sally" was born February 28, 1881 and did not marry.

Gertrude was born July 12, 1683 and died in her youth.

Benton was born March 29, 1885.He died at the age of 9 or 10 years after being kicked by a mule.

Martha, born November 25, 1887, married John Koger and had 2 or 3 daughters.

Nancy, born November 26, 1890, married Ambrose King. Their children were; Willie, Opal and Epsie. Nancy and her daughter Epsie were killed in a tornado at Beatytown, in Fentress Co., TN.

Robert Allen was born May 21, 1894. He married Lens Boles and their children are; Victor Warren, John Owen, Ransom Ira, Robert Norman, and Elizabeth Arizona. Robert died December 2, 1964. Lens is still living in 1986.

Jacoh Choate's death is unknown to the author. He is said to be buried in the William Isaac Robbins private cemetery (Robbins and Jacob had married sisters). Mary died February 12, 1919 and she and her mother, Mary Knox Ledbetter are also buried in the same Robbins Cemetery.

by Jewelene Hinds
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