Jennings Funeral Home (B32)

Jennings Funeral Home

Photo: Benjamin Anderson Greer and Martha Paralee (Guffy) Greer

The building which is the home of Jennings Funeral Home on Hwy. 127, North Main Street in Jamestown was built in 1906 as the home of Benjamin Anderson Greer and Martha Paralee (Guffey) Greer and their two sons Otha Oliver Greer, born March 4, 1896, died March 5, 1984 and Welter Edison Greer, born June 13, 1898, died May 13, 19&1. We have been told it was the first dwelling house built on 127 North inside the city limit's of Jamestown.

Benjamin Anderson Greer and Martha Paralee Guffey were married on Sunday, May 5, 1895 by the officiating officer, W.P. Upchurch. Benjamin Anderson Greer was born April 18, 1872, died July 3, 1935. He was a school teacher, a farmer, served as county court clerk for eight years 1906 to 1914 and as city judge of Jamestown for several years. He was the son of David A. Greer and Malissa (Jennings) Greer. His father David A. Greer was the son of Samuel Greer and Jane (Davis) Greer. Samuel Greer was a well known minister of the Methodist Church. Malissa (Jennings) Greet his mother was the daughter of Marquis Jennings and Ann (Crouch) Jennings. Martha Paralee (Guffey) Greer was the daughter of Dudley and Thursa (Reed) Guffey. Thursa (Reed) Guffey her mother was the daughter of James Reed and Emaline Crockett, a sister of Davy Crockett and children of Crouch Crockett.

In 1926 the rock wall was erected around the yard. During the years between 1926 and 1946 the Greer's bearded students from all over the county so they could attend Alvin C. York Institute High School.

In 1946, eleven years after the death of Benjamin Greer, Martha Paralee Greer sold the house and property to Chester and Stella Looper, and the front of the house was remodeled by removing the double porches and building the one porch with 14 foot white columns. It then became the home of the Looper and Qualls Funeral Home, operated by Chester and Stella Looper and Clarence Qualls from 1946 till about 1957.

In 1959 the name of the funeral home was changed to the Jamestown Funeral Home and was operated by Bill Hunt and later was operated by Everett Smothers and Morris Campbell and other partners, Paul Smith, Keith Rains and Jimmy (Snuffy) Smith. In 1964 Chester and Stella Looper added a chapel to the South side of the original building. In 1972 the buildings and property was purchased from Chester and Stella Looper by Morris Campbell.

April 17, 1977 the buildings, property and business was purchased from Morris Campbell by Billy H. and Carol Jennings and in January of 1978 the name was changed to Jennings Funeral Home. Billy H. Jennings is the son of Noble and Elsie (Crabtree) Jennings. Carol (Garrett) Jennings is the daughter of Kermit and Nada (Reagan) Garrett.

In 1980 another addition was added to the North side of the original building which consists of an insurance office and a second chapel and show room and office on the second floor.

Recently, in February of 1983, the Jennings Funeral Home expanded their business to include a second location, a chapel at Clarkrange, located on 127 South, listed as Clarkrange Chapel-Jennings Funeral Home.

by Billy and Carol Jennings
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