Andrew Beaty

Andrew Beaty


Revolutionary War Records - National Archives - Washington D.C. DAR #0691228 "While residing in Washington County, Virginia, Andrew Beaty enlisted in the spring of 1777 and served three months as a private in Captain William Asher's Company, was a guard at "Little Station" on Holston River. He enlisted sometime in March 1779, served three months in Captain Bledsoe; company, Colonel Shelby's Virginia Regiment, and marched to the Chickamauga towns. He enlisted in 1780, served three months in Captain George Maxwell's Company, Colonel Shelby's Regiment and was in the Battle of King's Mountain. He died in Fentress County, Tennessee, 19 July 1836."

Sharon John King Roberts, born 27 September 1940 Pt. Worth, Texas is the daughter of Clarence Pharis King, born 6 May 1911 at Mansfield, Texas died 18 November 1943 Pt. Worth, Texas.

Clarence Pharis King the son of John A. King, born June 1865 Fentress County, Tennessee, died 21 October 1918 Pt. Worth, Texas and his wife Adaline "Addie" Cain born 7 August 1869 Tennessee died Mansfield, Texas 10 November 1940.

John A. King was the son of James King born 1816 Tennessee died Fentress County, Tennessee C. 1875 and his wife Elizabeth Beaty born 23 April 1822 at Kentucky died Fentress County, Tennessee 25 January 1888.

Elizabeth Beaty was the daughter of Thomas Beaty born 1801 in Kentucky died in Fentress County, Tennessee on 1881 and his wife Jane Mullinix born 1804 Kentucky died in Fentress County, Tennessee on 7 January 1893.

Thomas Beaty was the son of Andrew Beaty born 1758 in Pennsylvania died Fentress County, Tennessee 19 July 1836 and his wife was Elizabeth Cooper who died before 1836.

Andrew Beaty was the son of John Beaty Sr. born 1725 in Ireland died C. 1805 Washington County, Virginia and his wife was Margaret Montgomery living in Washington County, Virginia in 1823.

On the 16 September 1837 the surviving heirs of Andrew Beaty collected his pension check from the Rev. War. They were William, Thomas, Alexander, Andrew, and Agnes Hull, formally Beaty married to Jonathan Hull. Andrew was a widower at this time. He lived in Washington Co., Virginia but when the line was run it became Sullivan Co., Tennessee. He lived there until 1799 then moved to Cumberland Co., Kentucky. He stated in the pension papers that Fentress Co., Tennessee was the closest justice of the peace and he rode his horse to Fentress to conduct his business. Alexander Beaty, brother to Andrew, witnessed his brothers Rev. War pension application papers. Alexander was six years younger than Andrew and lived in the same Cumberland Co., Ky. neighborhood. They lived three hundred yards in the edge of KY side of the state line next to Tennessee.

Andrew Beaty moved to Fentress Co., Tennessee before his death 19 July 1836.

by Sharon King Roberts
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