Isaac Allred

Isaac Allred

Isaac Allred, wife unknown.

In the year 1772, Theophlius and Jonathan Allred came from North Carolina to Tennessee and settled in Overton County, on the West Fork River. Their relationship is unknown but it is thought that perhaps they were brothers.

Jonathan's wife was a Stout. They are the great great grandparents of Chester Looper and Dr. B.F. Allred of Jamestown.

Later Theophilus Allred came to Fentress County and settled. His wife was Elizabeth Bowmen Allred.

Their children were Charles, Bill, Thomas, Center, Lewis V. George, Lizzie, Menerva, and Mahala Jane Allred. Their son Center became a Baptist Minister, and their son Thomas has a son, James, who was an attorney for several years here in Jamestown. Mahala Jane married John Beaty. John Beaty and Mahala Jane's children were John Benton, Lewis, Andrew, Priam, Mahaly Jane, James Robert, George Wolford Beaty and 3 who died young.

John Benton married a Choate, Lewis married a Bowden, Andrew, son of Lewis, married Maggie Bowden, Priam married Nancy Reagan and Mahala Jane married Sam Beaty.

Andrew and Maggie's children were Fred, Eddison, Clyde, Otto, Chester and Paul Beaty.

Viola Beaty & Oscar Turner in 1981Viola Beaty & Oscar Turner in 1981

Priam and Nancy's children were: Cordell and Viola Beaty. Viola married Oscar Turner. Their children were Ruby, Bernice and Shelby Turner. Shelby is a Dr. here in Fentress County.

Mahala Jane and Sam's children were Una, Thurman, Alta, Herman, Johny, Bertha, Hobson, Eve, Edna and Edward Beaty.

Lizzie married Perry Hinds. I believe Menerva married a Cooper.

Lewis V. married Ellen Smith. Their children were George, Thomas, John, James M., Allen, Burnetta and Marget Smith Allred.

George married Margaret Wright. They had one daughter, Ellen who married Johnny Cooper.

Thomas married Alice Choate. Children were Arah, Cora, Gilbert, Gillis, Austin, Martha, Ellen, Elmer, and Elbert.

John Allred married Julia Cooper. Their children were Smith, Ellen, Wolford, Sanford, and Martha Allred.

Smith Allred married Vian Wright, later, Hattie Mullinix. Ellen married George Reagan. Wolford married Nancy King. Sanford married Soher Stephens, and Martha married Taylor Gooding.

James M. Allred married Drucilla Bowden. Their children were Effie, Everette, Hardy, Pearl, Emma and Arrie Allred.

Allen A. Allred married Mary Orilla Bowden. Their children were Loretta, Verna, Clarence, Charlie, German, Hobson, Nora and Hollis.

Burnetta Allred married Tice Sells. Their children were Nasby, Reede, Ader, Charlie,

Otis, Clancy, Hobert, Kermit, Domer, Hallie and Allie Sells.

Margaret Allred (sister died).

Smith Allred married Julia Whited. Their children were Lonza and Virgil Allred.

Lonza married Hazel Tinch. Their children were Ostene and Girton. Virgil married Emma Todd. Their children were Harlas (Bob), Bernard, Willodean, James (Jim), Charles (Hoyt), Howard.

Harlas (Bob) married Lydia Hayes. They had two children, Danny and Linda. Bernard married Wilma Sewell. They had four children, Connie, Gary, William and Eddy. Willodean married Weldon Leffew. They had one boy, Larry. James (Jim) married Shirley Stephens. They had two children, James Richard and Cathy. Jim later married Joyce Davis and they had one daughter, Debbie. Charles (Hoyt) married Bonnie Carr. They had two children, Ellen and Charles, Jr. Howard married Joyce Lacy. They had two children, Rhonda and Kimberly.

by Ronda Allred, York Elementary School
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