Allens of the Southern States

Allens of the Southern States
Norma Carter Miller, M.A. 
George Lane Miller, PH.D. 

Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 only

Posted with the permission of Norma Carter Miller.

Sara Carpenter Allen of Hiddenite, North Carolina compiled and contributed her personal genealogical research for the two chapters in this book dealing with the George Allen and Reynold Allen families. Mr, and Mrs. Allen own the Bibles and other family papers of the George Allen family for several generations. Mrs. Allen has also abstracted many Allen records in North Carolina and other states.

Since the publication of the book in 1989, Sara C Allen has found additional evidence that connects the George Allen and Reynold Allen lines. Here is an excerpt from our correspondence:

"Your lineage goes back to your immigrant ancestor, Thomas Allen from England to Maryland 1633/34. I sent the chapters Reynolds Allen & George Allen to the Millers for "Allens of the Southern States". Since then I continued to research and much more is now proved.

"The name Reynolds Allen confused many people into thinking your Allens were related to the New Kent Co., VA Allens or Barbados Allens. Your Reynolds Allen got his name from his grandfather, Edward Reynolds, died 1744, Calvert Co., MD., who named his grandson Reynolds Allen.

"My husband's ancestor, George Allen Sr. (b. c1718, MD., d. 1805, Warren Co., NC.), and your Robert Allen Sr. (d. +1767 Wake Co., NC), were first cousins. George was youngest son of John Allen (d. 1734) and Robert was eldest son of Thomas Allen (bro. of John), d. 1733 Charles Co., MD. Robert Allen Sr. had gone from Charles Co., MD. to Calvert Co., MD. by 1722 when he witnessed a deed for Edward Reynolds. This deed was recorded in Baltimore Co., MD.

"Robert's wife, Ann (Reynolds) Allen, had died by 1738 when her father made his will. Robert and his brother James were in records of Brunswick Co., VA by 1742.

"Our George Allen Sr. left MD. about the same time. He was in Hanover Parish (either Stafford or King George Co., VA.) before 1 July 1743 (Bible) when his son George was born. This is the George Allen who came from Wake Co., NC to Iredell Co., NC. 1795 with your Reynolds Allen Sr., Jr., and families related to both of them.

"I have looked for a family for George Allen Sr. (d 1805) and your Allens for many years. I bought Maryland books to expand my file on our Turner family. I saw our Arthur Turner lived on one side of William Allen in 1654 (deeds) "Charles Co., MD. Land and Court Records", by Eloise Greenup Jourdan. On the other side of Wm. Allen was William Marshall. I know Marshalls were near our Allens in VA. and came to NC. with George Allen so I put aside Turner and started researching Wm. Allen's family down (instead of back) and bumped into my George and your Robert's (grandsons of Wm. Allen (d 1669) and his wife Mary Munn. Dates and everything agreed with what I already had. I still need siblings of George and there may have been more siblings of Robert that I haven't found and need their cousins."

The combined lineage therefore, is like so:

 1 Thomas Allen b: in England d: 1648 in Point lookout, MD
. 2 Thomas Allen
. 2 William Allen d: 1669 in Charles Co., MD
... +Martha or Mary Munn
... 3 John Allen
... +Eleanor Lambert b: January 1666/67 in Charles Co., MD d: 1716 Father: John Lambert Mother: Eleanor Nevill
.... 4 James Allen d: May 09, 1733 in Charles Co., MD
.... +Jane
.... 4 John Allen d: 1732 in Charles Co., MD
.... 5 George Allen, Sr. b: 1712 d: 1805 in Warren Co.  -- Subject of Chapter 12

...... 6 George Allen, Jr.
...... 6 William Allen
.... 4 Anne Allen b: January 08, 1693/94
.... 4 William Allen d: 1733
.... 4 George Allen d: May 29, 1733
.... 4 Thomas Allen d: May 29, 1733
.... +Susan
.... 5 Robert Allen d: Aft. 1767 in Wake Co., NC
...... +Anne Reynolds d: Bef. 1744 Father: Edward Reynolds
...... 6 Reynolds Allen b: 1722 in VA d: 1805 in Wake Co., NC -- Subject of Chapter 11
........ +Mary Swarmsted d: Bet. 1790 - 1800 in Wake Co., NC Father: Nicholas Swarmsted
...... 6 Young Allen b: 1730 in VA d: 1775 in Wake Co., NC
........ +Martha Coleman
...... 6 David Allen b: Abt. 1730
........ +Martha Wray
...... 6 Robert Allen d: in Bedford Co., VA
...... 6 William Allen b: 1725 in , New Kent Co., Va. d: April 08, 1789 in St. James Parish, Mecklenburg Co., Va.
........ +Unknown Beverly b: Abt. 1725 in , Essex Co.?, Va.
...... *2nd Wife of William Allen:
........ +Unknown Wray b: Abt. 1729 in <, New Kent Co., Va.> d: Abt. 1755 in , , Va.
...... *3rd Wife of William Allen:
........ +Mary Lewis b: 1725 in , Campbell Co., Va. d: Abt. 1778 in , Mecklenburg Co., Va.
...... *4th Wife of William Allen:
........ +Sarah "Ann" Smith b: Abt. 1742 in , Prince George Co, Va. d: 1836 in , , Va.
.... 5 James Allen
. *2nd Wife of William Allen:
... +Martha ?
... 3 Elizabeth Allen
. 2 Robert Allen

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