Allens of the Southern States

Allens of the Southern States
Norma Carter Miller, M.A. 
George Lane Miller, PH.D. 

Chapter 11 only

Posted with the permission of Norma Carter Miller.



Reynold Allen had land and deeds recorded in Granville. North Carolina in 1752 and in Johnston County from 1753 until 1770, when his land fell in the newly formed Wake County. His name was generally spelled Renals, Runnels or Runnells in the earlier records but later the spelling Reynold or Reynolds became more common.

No records can be found for Reynold Allen prior to the land grant of 1752. It is not known where he was born or who his parents were. His wife's name was given as "Mary Allen" in a deed to Robert Abernathy in 1752. One of their sons was named Young Allen, and he was born before 1755, according to the census records of 1800. Judging from the date of Reynold's first land grant and the age of his son, Reynold Allen was born by or before 1730.

A land grant was recorded for Arendell Allen in 1752, and that tract of land, situated on Mill Creek in Granville County, was sold by Reynold Allen the same year. It is not possible to determine from the available records if Arendell Allen and Reynold Allen were the same man and an error was or if there made in transcribing the old land was another reason for the different names on the two instruments.

A recording error did occur in the deed transfer record of the Mill Creek property. In that instrument, Reynold Allen was said to be "of Granville County, Province of South Carolina." Following that, the deed said that "Robert Abernathy was of Prince George County of the aforesaid Province." Although there was a county called Granville in South Carolina for a short period of time, there was no Prince George County there.

In 1760 Reynold Allen sold land to Francis Wray, late of Lunenburg County. Later, Francis Wary sold that land to David Allen. A year later, in 1761 Reynold Allen sold land to Young Allen, the son of Robert Allen, both of Lunenburg County, Virginia.

Robert Abernathy, Francis Wray, Young Allen and David Allen, all mentioned above, were from the same vicinity in Virginia. The names Robert Abernathy and Francis Wray appeared on the 1704 Quit Rent Roll of Prince George County, Virginia. Robert Abernathy had two other grants in Prince George County, one in 1717 for 100 acres and another in 1727 for 80 acres. Robert Abernathy, Jr. of Prince George County had two grants in 1727, one for 80 acres in Prince George County, another one for 197 acres in Brunswick County. (Nugent). In 1728, Francis Wray had a land grant in Brunswick County, Virginia. David Allen purchased land in Brunswick County in 1732 and Drury Allen of Hanover County, Virginia had a grant in Brunswick (later Lunenburg) County about 1745. There were several Allen and Wray family intermarriages in both Virginia and in North Carolina. See chapter 10 for more about Francis Wray

From the deed statement that Robert Abernathy was from the same province as Reynold Allen, it has been concluded that Reynold was probably from Virginia. In addition, his association with Francis Wray, David Allen and Young Allen have led to the conclusion by many descendants that Reynold was related to the Lunenburg County Allen family. Although there is a preponderance of evidence that Reynold Allen was related to the Robert Allen family, it is circumstantial evidence. The families of Reynold, David and Young Allen


lived on adjoining farms for several years until David moved to South Carolina in 1788. Reynold's oldest son, born before 1755, was named Young Allen. Later, the daughter of Young Allen, the son of Robert Allen, Jr. married Arnold Bruce and the daughter of Reynold Allen married Arnold's brother, Peter Eli Bruce.

Some of the records found for Reynold Allen in Granville and Johnston Counties, North Carolina are abstracted below.

1752 Reynold Allen, land grant of 400 acres on Mill Creek, in Granville County, North Carolina.

1 September 1752. Reynold Allen of Granville County, South Carolina to Robert Abernathy of Prince George County, Province aforesaid, for 40 pounds, 400 acres joining John Robison's line, Robert Culler's line on Mill Creek (Granville County Deed Book B, pp 109-110; abstracted by the authors from a copy of record photocopied by the N.C. Archives). See above text for a discussion of what appears to be errors in this recording.

5 December 1752, a land grant to Arendell Allen 444 acres on Cabin Creek, Granville County, North Carolina.

5 December 1752, Reynold Allen deed to Robert Abernathy for 20 pounds paid, 444 acres on Cabin Branch, witnessed by Danie1 Weldon. Mary Allen, the wife of Runnal Allen was examined and she freely and voluntarily relinquished her right of dower. (Granville Co. Deed Book B, pp. 123-24.)

1753, Reynold Allen, land grant for 119 acres on south side of the Neuse River, Johnston County, North Carolina.

21 July 1759. Reynolds Allen of Johnston County for 15 pounds Virginia money, deed to Francis Wray, late of Lunenburg County, Virginia, 100 acres on the Neuse River. (Johnston County Deed Book A, p. 50.)

October 1759. Tabitha Keeton of Johnston County, widow, deed to Runnell Allen of Johnston County 220 acres of land on Richland Creek. Witnesses: John Gentry and Wm. Manarin. (Johnston County Deed Book, page 40.)

July 1760. Deed of sale from Renall Allen to Francis Ray, 100 acres, proved by the oath of Henry Hardin. (Johnston County Court Minutes Book, 1759-1766, page 18.)

July 1761. Deed of sale from Runel Allen to Young Allen, 220 acres of land acknowledged in open court. (September Court, Johnston County Court Minutes Book, 1759-1766, page 30.)

July 1762. Deed of sale from Francis Wray to David Allen proved by oath of Thomas Hunter. [Johnston County Court Minutes Book 1759-1766, page 62.)

1 January 1763, Land grant to Reynold Allen, 675 acres on Cedar Creek in Johnston County.

1 January 1763, Land grant to Reynold Allen, 625 acres on Cedar Creek, Johnston County.

The Court Minutes Book has evidence of other activities


of "Renel" Allen. In 1759, Renel Allen recorded his mark there as follows: "A crop on ya left ear and a nick under and over in ye right ear." In 1760, Mr. Allen was listed as one of the Grand Jurors, and he acted as the overseer for roads in his district for several terms.
Tabitha Keeton, a widow, who sold land to Reynold Allen in 1759, may have been his daughter. Records of Wake and Iredell Counties show that John, Peter and William Keaton were entitled to an interest in the estate of Reynold Allen, Sr. Mr. Robert Daniels an Allen family researcher, states that John, Peter and William were sons of Yerby Keeton.
Beginning in 1780, there are man Wake County records which Include the names of Reynold Allen and his two sons. Young Allen and Reynold Allen, Jr. The use of the terms "Junior and "Senior" are used only when both names appear in the same document, so it is not always possible to separate the records of the father and son of the same name. However, the records for Young Allen, after 1780, were for the son of Reynold Allen, Sr., except the estate records for Young Allen who died in 1774. The deed abstracts for Wake County are available to readers in other publications so only one of them will be discussed here.

10 October 1780. Reynold Allen of Wake County planter, deed to his sons Young and Reynold Allen, for love and good will..., all my land, dwelling houses, goods and chattels, live stock and 2 negroes, to take effect after the death of both Reynold Allen and his wife. Witnessed by John Footman Harrison, Peter Eli Bruce, John Gray, Rachel Kilgo and was recorded in Wake County in 1783. (Wake County, North Carolina Deed Book G, p. 5.)

Although the above deed was recorded in 1783 it never became valid because the senior Reynold Allen lived for many years after that date. He
apparently made the deed to his sons instead of making instead of making a will when he entered the military service. Rennold Allen's name was included on a list of Captain Wood's Company of horse Col. Malmedy's Regiment, July 5. 1781. (Colonial Records of North Carolina, Vol. 15, p. 509.)
At the same time the above deed was made, Reynold Allen made a deed of gift to "My son Peter Eli Bruce to become effective at Reynold's death. That deed wasnot found in Wake County records and was probably never registered, but it is mentioned in an indenture between Reynold Allen Jr. and Peter Eli Bruce, recorded in Iredell County, North Carollina in 1805.
On December 6, 1793 Betsey Hedges a single woman filed a paternity suit against Reynold Allen and he was ordered to appear in court to answer the charges. On December 10, 1794, Reynold was ordered by the court to pay five pounds per year for the support of the child, a boy. Reynold also paid a fine of twenty-five shillings. The records did not indicate whether this suit was against Reynold Allen Sr. or his sn Reynold Allen Jr.

Iredell County, North Carolina was formed in 1788 from a part of Rowan County. The names of many former Wake County residents appeared in the early deed records of Iredell including Reynold Allen, Arnold Bruce, Peter Eli Bruce, Drury Allen, and Peter E. Keeton. The following deeds of early Iredell County concerning Reynold Allen and his kinsmen Bruce and Keeton were abstracted by Mrs. Sara C. Allen of Hiddenite, Alexander (formerly Iredell) County, North Carolina. Note that some these deeds are for Reynold Allen, Jr. others do not have the Junior or Senior designation. Both of the Reynold Allens were in Iredell County so the deeds without the Junior are probably for the elder Mr. Allen.


1796 Reynold Allen deed from Peter E. Keeton, land on South Yadkin River adjoining James Sharpe, the deed witnessed by A. Bruce and (illegible) Gill. (Iredell County Deed Book C, page 112.)

1797 Reynold Allen, Jr. deed from John Buttrem, land on the waters of South Yadkin River, beginning at branch and adjoining James Sharpe, John Potts, John Pattison and John Buttrem; witnessed by Joseph Moxley. (Deed Book C, p. 38; reg. November Court Session.)

19 October 1797. Arnold Bruce deed from George Thompson, witnessed by George Lackey and Reynold Allen, Jurat. (Deed Book C, pp. 88-89.)

14 May 1799. Reynold Allen sold to Samuel Blankenship 100 acres on South Yadkin River, adjoining James Sharpe; witnessed by W. Bruce, Jurat, John Wallis and William Blankenship. (Deed Book C, p. 348)

1800. Reynold Allen, deed from James Sharpe for tract of land on South Yadkin River, joins John Wallis line. Witnessed by Will Young and Samuel Blankenship. (Iredell County, N. C. Deed Book D, p. 428; reg. February 12, 1802.)

1 October 1800. Reynold Allen Jr. deed from John Graham land on branch of Rocky Creek. Witnessed by William McLelland and Mathew Wallis, Jurat. (Deed Book D, p. 541, reg. 10 August 1802.)

21 August 1801. Reynold Allen, deed from William kennedy for tract of land on Snow Creek, adjoining James King and Richard King. Witnessed by Francis Johnson and Arch Sloan, Jurat. (Deed Book D, p. 503.)

28 June 1805. Reynold Allen, deed from James and William McCurdy, tract of land on Rocky Creek on McKennon's branch to Griffith's line, this tract originally granted to William James in 1794. Witnessed by Nathan Wallace and Samuel White, Jurat.

16 April 1805. Indenture between Peter Eli Bruce of Iredell County, State of North Carolina and Reynold Allen, Junior of the same County and State. For $350. good money to Reynold Allen, Jr., all right, title, claim or interest which he hath of, in and to the property or estate of Reynold Allen, Sr., together with all the rights or interest which he hath or suppose he hath unto a certain negro woman named Sylvia and her issue, now in possession of Reynold Allen, Sr., ..... Whereas the said Peter E. Bruce hath heretofore agreed and obligated himself to make equal dividing of claim which he had to said woman and her issue at the death of R. Allen, Sr. between himself, John Keeton, Peter Keeton and William Keeton now therefore are the said Peter E. Bruce and Reynold Allen, Jr. do agree that this deed shall in no way operate to injury of the claimers of the said John, Peter and William Keeton that 3/4s of any right in said which said Peter E. Bruce had or would have had at anytime by virtue of deed of gift executed by said Reynold Allen, Sr. to him resided in the County of Wake or by any transactions consequently thereon is expressly reserved by said Peter E. Bruce ...... but all rights which he may have as heir at law to said Reynold Allen, Sr. by will or in case of deeding of gift being valid in law, one fourth part thereof and all interest rights by law of in amount to estate other than explained above is


fairly and without reserve sold and conveyed unto the said Reynold Allen by those present and the said Peter E. Bruce, ...... Signed by Peter E. Bruche, witnessed by James Campbell, Jurat and James McKay. (Iredell County, N. C. Deed Book E, p. 777.)

1806, Reynold Allen, Jr., a deed from Peter Bruce (Book E, page 777.)

1806, Reynold Allen, Jr., a deed to William Allen (Book F, page 53.)

The exact date of the death of Reynold Allen, Sr; is not known. He was obviously living when the indenture between Peter Eli Bruce and Renold Allen, Jr. was made in 1805 but he was not listed on 1810 census. On the 1800 census of Iredell County, North Carolina Reynold Allen was listed as over 45 years of age "the only white member of his household, living with two non-white servants. The deed records prove that Reynold Allen, Sr. had two sons, Young and Reynold Allen Jr., and a "son" (son-in-law), Peter Eli Bruce, The indenture cited above also mentioned John, Peter and William Keeton as owning a share of the estate of Reynold Allen, Sr., so it is believed their mother was Tabitha Keeton and that she was the daughter of Reynold Allen Sr.

The 1800 census of Iredell County, North Carolina listed Reynold Allen, Jr. as head of a household 25 to 45 years old at that time. Others listed in his househoid were one female, 25 to 45 years of age; one male 16 to 25 years of age; three males and one female between ages 10 and 16; and one male under the age of 10.

Estate records of Iredell County indicate that Reynold Allen Jr. died about 1812. William Allen was appointed guardian of Reynold Allen in July 1811, indicating that his father was no onger able to manage his affairs. William filed a financial account of income and expenses for Reynold Allen from July 6 1811 to January 1812. Reynold Allen was said to be deceased in March of 1812 and an inventory of accounts due the estate of Reynold Allen was filed by Jno. A. Gill, administrator. Most of the "accounts due" In the inventory were marked "doubtful." The estate records do not use the terms Sr. and Jr., but it appears that the father, Reynold Allen, Sr., died Intestate before 1810 and his son, Reynold Allen, Jr., died soon afterward.

The names of the children of Reynold Allen Jr. were found in the estate settlement records of their father. The following deed for part of the estate of Reynold Allen, Jr. is signed by nine "heirs" of Reynold Allen, Jr.

3 September 1813. Susannah Allen, William Moore Allen, David Allen, Darling Allen, Joel Shoemaker and Nancy Shoemaker, his wife, Aly Sharpe Allen, Benton Allen and Clarissa Allen heirs of Reynold Allen deceased, deed to John Haden Allen in consideration of natural love and affection that was from the said Reynold Allen in his lifetime towards his son, the said John Haden Allen, signified by having run off and marked the tract described and allowed John H. Allen to settle upon and improve same and for the sum of 10 shillings paid, 100 acres part of two tracts one of which was conveyed to Reynold Allen by William McCurdy in 1805 and the other from the executors of James McBroom in 1812. Land adjoins Griffin, William and James McCurdy (Iredell County Deeds, Book H. page 110.)

The estate of Reynold Allen was not settled until 1824. In the final accounting of the estate by the administrator, John Gill, there is an entry: "By purchase for the widow 60 pounds, with interest for 10 years, 8 months of 38.40


pounds." The final accounting also included accounts due the estate by six of the heirs: William Allen , John H. Allen, David Allen, Darling Allen, Joel Shoemaker, and Henry Allen, Each heir of Reynold Allen Jr. received one-ninth of the balance of his estate in 1824, but the heirs were not named in the final settlement records.

The final accounting of the estate proved that the wife of Reynold Allen Jr. survived him but her name was not mentioned. The deed to John Haden Allen in 1813 was signed by his eight brothers and sisters making a total of nine heirs mentioned in the deed and in 1824 the remainder of the estate was divided among nine heirs. Henry Allen, who was listed as owing the estate a small sum in 1824, did not sign the deed to John Haden Allen and he may have been the husband of Reynold Allen Jr.'s daughter Aley Sharpe Allen, and/or a nephew rather than a tenth heir.

Young Allen, the oldest son of Reynold Allen, Sr., was born between 1750 and 1755 according to the census records of Wake County, North Carolina from 1800 to 1830. The place of his birth is not known but Young remained in Wake County until his death in 1834 and many of his descendants are still living there.

The wife of Young Allen was Phebe, the daughter of John Pullen proved by her father's will. She was also called Phebe Allen in her husband's will.

John Pullen's will, dated 25 June 1808, Proved in Feb. Court 1809, mentioned the following heirs: Loving wife, Anne Pullen; sons Turner, Thomas, George and William Pullen; daughters Phebe Allen and Sally Rust. Executors named were son Turner Pullen and Allen W. Davis signed with the mark of John Pullen. Witnesses were John Barham, Thomas Garriott and Elly Garrott. (Copy of original from State Archives in Raleigh, book and page not cited.)

Young Allen's will dated 10 February 1825 proved in 1834, mentioned his heirs: Beloved wife, Phebe Allen; sons John, James, Miles, Young W. Henry, Reynolds, Nicholas L. and Solomon Allen; daughters, Elizabeth Rust wife of Jeremiah Rust and Sally Winston, wife of Isaac Winston. Executors named were sons, John Allen and Nicholas L. Allen. Witnesses were Hartwell Wynne and Nancy Barrow. (Copy of the original will from the State Archives in Raleigh, book and page not cited.)

Note that Sally, the daughter of Young Allen, married Isaac Winston The name Isaac Winston has been associated with the Allen family from the earliest records found for Robert Allen (Sr.) in St, Paul's Parish, New Kent and Hanover Counties Virginia. Widow Winston owned land adjoining the Allen land in 1689; Isaac Winston owned land adjoining that of Robert Allen (Sr.) in the early land processioning records and he, Isaac Winston was "security" for Robert Allen's widow in the administration of her deceased husband's estate in 1756, Isaac Winston was a tithable in Lyddall Bacon's District in Lunenburg County Virginia when Robert Allen Jr. and his brother, Drury Allen were there. Both Allen and Winston families were In early Wake County, North Carolina.
John Allen acted as executor for his father's will. Another son, Nicholas L. Allen, was also named as one of the executors in the will of Young Allen but he had migrated to Tennessee after their father s will was written in 1825.

At least four of the children of Young Allen migrated to Tennessee. Nicholas L. Allen and his brother Young W. Allen were listed on the 1830 census of Carroll County. Their sister and brother-in-law, Elizabeth and Jeremiah Rust


were listed on the 1850 census of the same county. Another brother, Miles L. Allen, and his family were in Gibson County by 1830. Miles died there before his father's estate was settled in Wake County, North Carolina and his wife and children received his share of the Young Allen estate.
Pullen family genealogist, Louise Pullen Niedermaier reported that Anne Turner was the wife of John Pullen and the mother of Phebe Allen the wife of Young Allen. John Pullen of Wake County, North Carolina was the son of Thomas Pullen of Lancaster and Northumberland Counties, Virginia and his wife, Elizabeth Everett. Thomas was the son of Henry Pullen who died testate in 1698, Lancaster County Virginia and his wife, Mary Stott, who was the daughter of Brian Stott, Sr. and Mary Shipp. The wills of these Pullen ancestors are recorded in the county records of Virginia.

After 1780 many deeds, both grantor and grantee, were found for Young Allen in Wake County. Young witnessed several deeds for his father, Reynold Allen, Sr. and for his brother, Reynold Allen, Jr. Before moving to Iredell County, the senior Reynold Allen deeded land in Wake County to his son, Young Allen. The deeds of Wake County have been published recently and are available in most libraries so abstracts will not be presented here.

Some descendants of Reynold Allen, Sr. are presented below. It is not known how many children Mr. Allen had but two of his sons, Young and Reynold Allen, Jr., are well documented and some of their descendants have been traced, with many of them still living in Wake and Iredell County, North Carolina.


1 YOUNG ALLEN was born between 1750 and 1755 and he died in Wake County, North Carolina in 1834. He married PHEBE PULLEN, the daughter of John Pullen and Anne Turner. See the above text. Their children were named in the will of Young Allen but the order of their births is not known. 

11 JAMES AKIN ALLEN was born ca 1782 in Wake County, North Carolina and he died there in 1862. James was first married to Mary "Polly" Wynne, the daughter of William Wynne. During his later years on December 19 1849, James married his former sister-in-law, Priscilla (Wynne) Jackson, the widow of Lou Jackson whom she married about 1822.
William Wynne gave a deed of gift to his daughter, Polly Allen, and two of her children.

"9 November 1822. William Wynne of Wake County, North Carolina, for the natural love and affection which I have to my beloved daughter Polly Allen, ...give unto her two negroes by the names Dinah and Dick. Another negro boy, by the name of Willis I give to her for her natural life and at her death the boy Willis I give to her son, William Gaston Allen.... I also give to her daughter, Rebeccah Davis Allen, at the death of my wife, a negro girl named Pansy. Witnessed by Thomas H. Willis, George Thompson and William Allen. Signed by his mark, William Wynne."

The will of James Akin Allen was probated September 30, 1862 in Wake County North Carolina. His will left most of his property to the surviving widow, Priscilla, for her life time, then it was to be divided "amongst all my children and the children of William G. Allen, deceased, are to receive one share to be divided amongst them." Son, Solomon J. Allen, and Mark A. Tate were to be the executors.

111 WILLIAM GASTON ALLEN was born March 20, 1810, North


Carolina and died December 25, 1858. He was married on November 23, 1839 in Wake County, North Carolina to MARTHA B. SHIPP (born on Dec. 7, 1821 died Aug. 19, 1872), the daughter of Wm. Shipp and Elizabeth Gill. 

1111 DANIEL L. ALLEN was born November 15, 1841 in North Carolina and died on July 8, 1862. He did not marry. 
1112 MARY E. ALLEN was born October 23, 1842 and died March 3, 1911. She married Dr. JOHN A. J. PENNY (born on February 21 1843 died May 31, 1919). 

1113 ELVIUS AUGUSTUS ALLEN was born November 29, 1846 and died in Wake County North Carolina on November 28, 1932. He was married twice.

(1) About 1880 to VIRGINIA RAY (born December 12 1854, died September 7, 1883), the daughter of John E. Ray. Elvius A.'s brother, number 1114, married Virginia's sister.
(2) On January 29, 1885 to ANNIE LOUISE FERGUSON (born January 29, 1861, died January 4, 1928).

Annie Louise was the daughter of James Joseph Ferguson (born 1823 in Manchester, England died September 9, 1901 in Wake County, North Carolina). Annie's mother Ann Duffy was born in 1831 aboard a ship on the Atlantic Ocean during the migration of the family from Ireland; she died August 18, 1867. Ann was the daughter of Michael Duffy (1794-1865) who died in Cleveland Ohio.

11131 WILLIAM HICKMAN ALLEN was born June 4, 1881 and died March 1, 1957. He married MYRA MAE COUNCIL on June 12, 1904.

111311 JOSEPH EDWARD ALLEN was born March 15, 1905 in Wake County N. C.; he married CHRISTINE ELLINGTON. 


11131111 DONNA MICHELLE ALLEN was born in 1975. 

111312 FLORENCE VIRGINIA ALLEN was born on March 15, 1907 in Wake County North Carolina; she married THOMAS FRANKLIN SAUNDERS, who was born ca 1904. 

1113121 THOMAS FRANKLIN SAUNDERS JR., born in 1926, married GLADYS ADCOCK. 
11131213 TIM SAUNDERS.

1113122 FRANCES MAE SAUNDERS, born in 1928, married FLOYD JONES (born in 1926); they had no issue. 
1113123 JAMES DRAKE SAUNDERS was born in 1930 and had two spouses.

(1) BETTY LADD. They had two children but their names are not available.

1113124 PEGGY JOYCE SAUNDERS born in 1932, married FRED LEE NASH. They had two children, their names not available.

111313 JANIE RAY ALLEN was born January 28, 1909; she married twice.
(1) WILLIAM ERNEST MARSHALL, born in 1904.

1113131 JANIE MARSHALL, who was born in 1922, married THOMAS HONEYCUTT; they had one child. 


1113132 HAZEL ALLEN MARSHALL was born in 1925. She married twice.
(1) ________ POLLARD.
(2) ________ SHEPARD.


111314 WILLIAM HICKMAN ALLEN, JR. was born October 25, 1911


in Wake County, North Carolina; he married GLADYS HOLDEN (born December 11, 1914 in Wake County). 

1113141 GLENN ROGER ALLEN was born January 7 1939 in Wake County, North Carolina. He married GLENDA ROCHELLE (born February 10, 1949).

11131411 STEVEN LEON ALLEN, adopted, was born November 15, 1970 in Wake County, North Carolina. 
11131412 GLENN THOMAS ALLEN was born July 11, 1975 in Wake County North Carolina.
11131413 KAREN LYNN ALLEN was born July 12, 1978 in Wake County, North Carolina.

1113142 BEVERLY ELAINE ALLEN was born April 6 1940 in Wake County, N.C.; she married RONALD WALTER MIMS (born August 29, 1941 in Wake County, North Carolina 

11131421 GREGORY ALLEN MIMS born February 5, 1966 in Wake County, North Carolina.
11131422 LISA MICHELLE MIMS was born on March 27, 1967. 

1113143 DAN HICKMAN ALLEN was born February 17, 1948 in Wake County, N.C. He was married twice:
(1) DEBRA JEAN DILLAR (ELLINGTON), born March 24, 1948.
(2) LOUISE GRIMES born December 20, 1950. 

11131431 MICHAEL SCOTT ALLEN was born March 7, 1968 in Wake County, North Carolina.
11131432 DAN HICKMAN ALLEN, II was born July 4, 1971 in Wake County North Carolina.
11131433 TRACY MICHELLE ALLEN was born May 19, 1976 in Wake County, North Carolina.

111315 LUCY MAE ALLEN was born June 30, 1915. She married FRAZIER GLENN MILLER, SR. (born in 1917). 
1113151 JACQUELINE FAYE MILLER, born in 1939, was married three times, the husbands' first names not known.
(1) ______ BARKER.
(2) ______ STRAWBRIDGE.
(3) ______ MOSER.

11131511 TREASEA JAN BARKER, born in 1958, married STEPHENSON.
11131512 WILLARD LEROY BARKER was born in 1959. 
11131513 WILLIAM DAVID BARKER was born in 1970. 
11131514 JONATHAN MURRY BARKER was born in 1975. 
1113152 FRAZIER GLENN MILLER, JR. was born in 1940. He married twice:
(1) NANCY (1 child).
(2) MARGARET ABENO (3 children).


By the second wife of number 1113152

11131522 FRAZIER GLENN MILLER, III was born in 1975. 
11131523 JESSE C. MILLER was born in 1977. 
11131524 MICHAEL MILLER was born in 1978.

111316 JESSIE EMMA ALLEN was born August 22, 1917 in Wake County, North Carolina. She was married April 6, 1939 to WILLARD HUGH EDWARDS (born September 15, 1915 in Nash County, North Carolina). 

1113161 NANCY ELIZABETH EDWARDS was born May 1, 1941 in Wake County. She married WILLIAM COIT EDISON JR. (born Dec. 9, 1939, Onslow Co., North Carolina).

17131611 KELLY ELIZABETH EDISON was born December 5, 1962 in Wake County, North Carolina.
11131612 WILLIAM COIT EDISON, III born June 12, 1964, in Wake County, North Carolina.

1113162 WILLARD HUGH EDWARDS, JR. was born April 28, 1944 in Wake County, N. C. and married LINDA CAROL GENTRY (born Dec. 14, 1944 in Roberson Co. N. C.)

11131621 WILLARD HUGH EDWARDS, III was born December 5, 1962 in Wake County, North Carolina. 
11131622 MICHAEL TRENT EDWARDS was born March 7, 1976 in Wake County, North Carolina.


1113163 PHILLIP ALLEN EDWARDS was born March 26, 1948 in Wake County N. C. He married JANET MARIE OWEN (born December 8, 1947 at Newport News. Virginia).

11131831 OWEN COURT EDWARDS was born December 7, 1971 in Wake County, North Carolina.
11131632 BLAKE ALLEN EDWARDS was born June 30, 1976 at Memphis, Tennessee.

1113164 JAMES RAY EDWARDS was born October 15, 1953 in Wake County, N.C. He married DEBRA ELLEN STONE (born May 2 1953 in Harnett County North Carolina.) 

1113185 WILLIAM CLYDE EDWARDS was born October 30, 1958 in Wake County North Carolina.
1113166 JOSEPH TIMOTHY EDWARDS was born on June 27, 1960 in Wake County, North Carolina.

1113167 BARBARA JEAN EDWARDS was born June 1, 1962. She was born in Wake County, North Carolina. 


1113211 JOYCE ALLEN.
1113223 RALPH RAY ALLEN, JR. married ANN MOELLER. 

11133 ANNIE VIRGINIA ALLEN was born August 1, 1866 and died July 4, 1909. She married PAUL NELSON ALLEN (11147). He was born in 1881 and died in 1920. They had no issue.
11134 JAMES JOSEPH ALLEN was born October 30, 1888 and died, unmarried, on September 2 1929. 11135 JOHN HENRY ALLEN was born July 30, 1891 and died October 31, 1928. He never married.

11136 BLANCHE ALLEN was born April 3, 1893. She died, unmarried, on January 17, 1953.
11137 MARGARET ALLEN, who was born on July 23, 1894 and died on June 19, 1966, married J. WINDER BRYAN. They had no issue.

11138 WILLIAM OASTON ALLEN was born December 22, 1896 and died on June 24 1953. On December 27, 1927 he married PATTY GEE HILL (born on April 13, 1901 and is still living). She is the daughter of Kemp Plummer Hill and Bettie Gee of Franklin County N.C. 

l11381 WILLIAM GASTON ALLEN, Jr. was born December 11, 1938. He was married in Wake County, North Carolina on November 23, 1985 to MITTIE CARLINA CLAYTON (born January 26 1951 in Raleigh, North Carolina) the daughter or Benjamin Carl Clayton and Mittle Earthenia Bass. William and Mittle Carlina live in Raleigh. He did research at the North Carolina Archives and made valuable contributions to this book through his correspondence with other Allen descendants.

11139 KATHRYN LOUISE ALLEN, born May 17 1898 and died January 12 1978, married JUNIUS E. NICHOLS. They had no children.

1113x DANIEL SANFORD ALLEN was born May 3, 1904 and died June 19, 1974. He never married.
1113a SARA ALLEN was born January 22, 1908 and died December 22, 1979. Sera never married.

1114 WILLIAM GASTON ALLEN, JR. was born July 14, 1851 and died on March 14, 1910. He had three wives who were: 
(1) FLORENCE LYON, whom he married ca 1867. They had two children who died in infancy.
(2) FLORENCE RAY (June 15, 1848-June 11, 1884), the daughter of JOHN E RAY and the sister of #1113. 
(3) DELTA BELCHER (January 14, 1864-November 24, 1890).

11141 DANIEL ALLEN was born on August 18, 1875; he died December 16, 1929 without marrying.


11142 FRANK ALLEN was born ca 1876 in Wake County, N.C. He was listed on the 1880 Census of Wake County.
11143 WILLIAM GASTON ALLEN III was born October 7 1879, and died May 12, 1906. He married GERTRUDE JONES of St. Louis, Missouri. 

111431 Son (died in infancy).
111432 PAUL ALLEN of Wilmington. North Carolina. 

11144 HAZEL ALLEN married ____ SHAW. 
11145 MARY ALLEN married ____ JONES. 
11146 MARTHA ALLEN married ____ MARTIN.
11147 PAUL NELSON ALLEN was born June 3, 1881 and died September 17 1920. He married ANNIE VIRGINIA ALLEN, (11133). They had no issue.

111-11147 Information was collected by William Gaston Allen (111381) of Raleigh, North Carolina.

112 REBECCA D. ALLEN married MARK A. TATE on February 16, 1829, Wake County North Carolina. Mark was one of the executors of the estate of Rebecca's father, James Allen. There were only two children with them on the 1850 census of Wake County.

1121 TABITHA TATE was born in 1835.
1122 WILLIAM TATE was born in 1840.

113 NANCY ALLEN was born ca 1812. She married HILLARY THOMPSON in Wake County N.C. on July 22, 1835. 

1131 MARY ADELAIDE THOMPSON, born in 1833, received a share of the estate of JAMES ALLEN. 
1132 ROBERT L. THOMPSON was born in 1841.

114 MARY JAMES ALLEN was born ca 1815 and married JAMES W. DALBY on February 20, 1843 in Wake County, N.C. He signed for her share of her father's estate. Only one child was listed on the 1850 Census of Wake County. 

1141 DOCTOR DALBY was born ca 1845 

115 HENRY YOUNG ALLEN was born ca 1824 in North Carolina. He married SUSAN ANN OVERBY (born ca 1826) in Granville County on October 10 1850.

1151 HENRY ALLEN was born ca 1857 in North Carolina.

116 SOLOMON J. ALLEN was born ca 1831. He married twice: 
(1) NARCISSA WOODS, born ca 1831; they were married in Wake County on April 15. 1857 (marriage bond date). No children are known.
(2) ELIZABETH J. WALL (will proved September, 1901). No children are known.

12 JOHN ALLEN was born ca 1783 in North Carolina. He married SARAH HARRISON (born ca 1788), the daughter of MOSES HARRISON on February 9, 1808 in Wake County. She was listed on the 1850 Census of Wake County 

121 MOSES HARRISON ALLEN was born December 27 1808. His will was probated on July 17 1886 in North Carolina. He married LUCY WILLIAMS RHODES (born January 14, 1809), the daughter of John Rhodes and Clara Justice, on April 2, 1827 in Wake County. Moses H. was on the 1880 Census listed with the David Fort family. 

1211 GENADUIS WASHINGTON ALLEN, who changed his name to GEORGE WASHINGTON ALLEN, was born on June 1, 1828 in North Carolina. He died during 1882 in Montana. On November 9, 1846 he married MARY CATHERINE RAE in Carroll County, Missouri.

12111 WILLIAM AMONET ALLEN was born September 20, 1872 at Logan Montana. He died May 17 1951 at Bozeman Montana. On December 7, 1910, he married FRANCES FOLSOH PHIPPS (born
ca 1887 at La Plata Missouri; died March 16, 1976 at Portland Oregon) at Lewiston, Montana. Both are buried in the Sunset Hills Cemetery in Bozeman, Montana.

121111 WILLIAM ATTIX ALLEN was born November 8, 1915 at Lewiston Montana. He had three wives.
(1) MABEL J. WARD (born 1923). They were married


on July 31, 1941 at Visalia in Tulare County, California. They were divorced on December 30, 1941 in Cochise County, Arizona.
(2) On January 18. 1944 at Arlington, Virginia to GRACE LUCILLE HINCKLEY the daughter of FRANK and HARRIETT (ATKINSON) HINCRLEY of Springfield, MA. In 1958. they were divorced. 
(3) October 23 1965 at Pacific Grove in Monterey County California to INGRID KATHERINE (KORPELA) MILLHOLLIN.

William Attix Allen collected and compiled the data about his Allen family. He has published several articles about them.

1211111 WILLIAM BRUCE ALLEN was born October 5, 1945 at Arlington, Virginia. On June 25 1977 at San Jose, California, he married REGINA ANN (GOOCH) ARATA, the daughter of Leonard and Catherine (Rod) Gooch. They were later divorced. William resides in San Jose, California, where he is a vocational nurse. 

1211112 GAIL LUCILLE ALLEN was born April 24, 1947 at Washington D.C. She was married on October 11, 1968 at Hayward. California to RONALD RUSSELL SPENCE (born June 27 1942 in Canada) the son of Russell Andrew and Dororthy Hilda (Saunders) Spence. Now divorced, Gail and Ronald both reside in Victoria, British Columbia Canada.

12111121 VICTORIA LYNN SPENCE was born July 24, 1969 at Victoria British Columbia, Canada. 

121112 PAULINE RAY ALLEN was born September 18, 1918 in Gallatin County Montana. She was married June 9,1944 Livingston in Park County Montana to JOE KIRSCHER (born ca 1916), the son of Alvin and Mamie (Summer) Kirscher.

121113 ALTA ALLENE ALLEN. who was born July 26, 1924 at Bozeman, Montana, married HAROLD EARL RIDER on September 29, 1945 at Coeur d'Alene in Kootenai County, Idaho.

1211131 ALTA ALLENE RIDER was born June 5, 1946 at Bozeman, Montana. She was married November 13, 1965 at Reno Nevada to JOHN THOMAS KEIM (born September 16, 1945 at Phillipsburg. Kansas), the son of Harold and Florence (Munyon) Keim. They reside in Redwood City, California.

12111311 RYAN THOMAS KEIM was born June 2, 1969 at Portland, Oregon.
12111312 ERIKA REA KEIM was born May 23, 1971 at Oregon City Oregon.

1211132 DEBORAH REA RIDER was born December 20, 1948 at Longview in Cowlitz County Washington, She married THOMAS LOUIS GREENWOOD (born April 20, 1946 in Morehead, Minnesota) on October 31 1969 at Reno Nevada. He is the son of Lewis Thomas and Cecil (Wiede) Greenwood. DEBORAH and THOMAS now live in Portland Oregon.

12111321 JOSHUA THOMAS GREENWOOD was bom in Portland Oregon on July 15 1973.
12111322 GEOFFERY HAROLD GREENWOOD was born on April 14, 1975 in Portland, Oregon.

121114 JOHN PHIPPS ALLEN was born September 15 1926 at Bozeman Montana. He died on July 4, 1949 in an automobile accident near Kalama in Cowlitz County, Washington.

12112 SALLIE R. ALLEN was born August 30 1874 in Gallatin County HontMa and died February, 1966 in Burbank, California. She married four times.

(1) ALBERT SIDNEY JOHNSON, (born ca 1869 in Lewis County. Montana). They married on March 8, 1892 in Gallatin County.
(2) FRED MICO, married June 23, 1917 in Butts Co., California; SALLIE used the name HABLE TODD. 


(3) WILLIAM COLLERAN, married July 25, 1921 at Elko, Nevada.
(4) GEORGE CURTIS COX, married August 15, 1929 at Elko, Nevada.

121121 ETHEL JOHNSON was born Sept. 27, 1894 in Madison Valley, Gallatin County, Montana. She attended school under the name.ETHEL CLARK. ETHEL married three times.
(1) LIONEL MOHR, married in Butte, Montana. They were divorced at Elko, Nevada in 1916. 
(2) EARL R. GREEN, married May 14, 1916 and divorced in 1925.
(3) MICHAEL MEIR, married in Shanghai China in 1934; he died January 15, 1975 at Burbank, Ca.

12113 KATHERINE REA ALLEN was born December 13, 1877 at Madison Valley in Gallatin County, Montana. She died January 1, 1931 in a drowning accident at Madison Lake in Madison County Monfana KATHERINE married CHARLES LEON ANCENEY (born April 17, 1863 in Arapaho County Colorado Territory; died February 23, 1936) on December 23. 1894 in Gallatin County. CHARLES died from the effects of an automobile accident; he was buried in Meadow View Cemetery in Manhattan, Montana.

121131 ALINE REA (ANGELIQUE) ANCENEY was born on February 22, 1909 at Bozeman, Montana. Her marriages were:
(1) JOHN DONNINGTON BARTLETT (born March 10, 1909 and died on December 7, 1969). They were divorced in 1939.
(2) On April 3, 1939 to DAVID CLARK OVERTURF, JR. They were divorced in 1946.

1211311 JOHN WNNINGTON BARTLETT, JR. was born January 24, 1932 at Bozeman. Montana. He became a vascular surgeon in Albuquerque, New Mexico. On February 1, 1958, he married JOANNE BEVERLY BUTTON (born July 18, 1933 in Stamford, Connecticut). 

12113111 DEBORAH EDITH BARTLETT was born September 13, 1958 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
12113112 JENIFER CLARA BARTLETT was born July 20, 1961 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
12113113 WENDY RAE BARTLETT was born January 12, 1964 at Ann Arbor, Michiaan.
12113114 JOHN DONNINGTON BARTLETT III was born June 2, 1966 at Ann Arbor Michigan.

1211312 CHARLES ANCENEY BARTLETT was born April 25, 1933 in Bozeman Montana. He was married on July 16 1954 at Medford, Oregon to PHYLLIS LOUISE HULL (born December 9, 1931 at Asheville, Kansas), the daughter of Merritt and Mildred (Yost) Hull Charles is a logger, and they reside at Medford, Oregon.

12113121 PAMELA JUNE BARTLETT was born February 11, 1953 in Wyandotte County, Kansas. She married KEITH MAK on December 27 1912 at Medford, Oregon,
12113122 CHARLES ANCENEY BARTLETT, JR. was born May 1, 1955 at Medford, Oregon.

1211313 KATHRYN RAE BARTLETT was born April 18, 1935 at Bozeman, Montana. She was married on June 6, 1957 at San Antonio, Texas to DONALD VITO SAVICKES. They were divorced November 23, 1970 in Columbus, Ohio. 

12113131 TRACY LYNN SAVICKES was born March 8, 1960 in Kittery, Maine.

12113132 JOHN BARTLETT SAVICKES was born January 20, 1964 in Warner Robins, Georgia.

1211314 DAVID CLARK OVERTURF was born November 13, 1942 in Bozeman, Montana. He married LINDA FAYE KIRKENDALE (born June 29 1948 in North Bend, Oregon) the daughter of Radmond S. and Emma Jane Kirkendale.


12113141 DUSTIN BELIEAU OVERTURF was born October 19, 1972 in Central Point, Oregon.
12113142 MISTY ANN OVERTURF was born March 1, 1974 in Central Point, Oregon.

121132 CHARLES LEON ANCENEY was born August 17 1914 in Bozeman, Montana. He married POLLY ANNE FORSTER on October 25 1941 at Corpus Christi, Texas and they now reside at Big Sky Montana.

1211321 KAREN LOUISE ANCENEY was born August 2, 1942 at Milwaukee in Milwaukee county Wisconsin. She married JOSEPH MICHAEL TURLEY, the son of Joseph and Lucille Gertrude (Houlihan) Turley on July 24, l965. They live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he was employed as a salesman. 

12113211 MARGARITE ELIZABETH TURLEY was born December 30, 1965 at Denver Colorado.

12113212 JOSEPH MICHAEL TURLEY was born September 12, 1966 at Denver Colorado.

12113213 SEAN CHRISTOPHER TURLEY was born August 11, 1971 at Colorado Springs, Colorado.

1211322 CHARLES LEON ANCENEY JR. was born July 8, 1944 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin he married KIAYMSI CHUGO in February, 1975 in Germany.
1211323 WILLIAM LUICK ANCENEY was born on May 14, 1948 at Providence Rhode Island.

12114 GEORGIA BELLE ALLEN was born Oct. 31, 1882 at Madison Valley in Gallatin County, Montana; she died Aug. 6, 1974 at Bozeman Montana. GEORGIA married twice. 
(1) On August 25, 1898 at Bozeman Montana she married CHARLES C. STEVENS (born February 22, 1874 at Homer in Angelino County Texas; died November 4, 1947 in Fergus County, Montana and was buried in Lewiston Protestant Cemetery). They were divorced in 1912.
(2) On September 18, 1912 at Spokane, Washington she married GEORGE OLIVER MOE (died December 28, 1949 at Harlowton in Wheatland County, Montana). 

121141 VERA VESTA STEVENS was born September 15 1899 at Madison Valley in Gallatin County, Montana and died on April 2, 1941 in Los Angeles, California. She married HENRY CARSON.
121142 JUNE ILIEN MOE was born June 15, 1913 at Harlowton Montana. On July 7, 1943 in Twin Falls Idaho she married LYLE OLSEN.
121143 GERALD ALLEN MOE, adopted, was born November 22, 1917 and died August 11, 1975. His mother was NELLIE DAHLEM.
121144 GEORGE RAHON MOE was born May 4, 1919 at Harlowton in Wheatland County. Montana. He married ELOISE ECTON on April 20, 1944.

1211441 RONALD WAYNE MOE was born December 11, 1945 at Seattle Washington.
1211442 SHERRY LYNN MOE was born on January 22, 1947 at Seattle, Washington.

Information on numbers 1211-1211442 was collected by William Attix Allen (121111). One of his articles, "North Carolina To Montana Territory: G. W. Allen (1828-1882), A Case of Identity" was published in The North Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. III, No.3, August 1977.

1212 ROMULUS LASSITER ALLEN was born July 15 1830 and died sometime during the period of 1880-1886 On Nov. 15, 1859 he married TILATHY M. TRAWICK in Wake County North Carolina. They were on the 1880 Census of Wake County, North Carolina.

12121 MINTA G. ALLEN was born ca 1871 in North Carolina. 
12122 ROBERT T. ALLEN was born ca 1876 in North Carolina. 

1213 CLARA ANN M. ALLEN, born June 24, 1833, died November 26 1834.


1214 ARAMANIHA VIRGINIA ALLEN, was born November 19. 1836, married ADDISON PUREFOY on October 29, 1857 in Wake County North Carolina.

12141 EMMA PUREFOY married LOUIS POTECT, the president of Wake Forest College.

1215 JOHN DAVID ALLEN was born June 16, 1839; he died December 10, 1908 
1216 WILLIAM OSCAR ALLEN was born February 16, 1842 in Wake County North Carolina and died on April 24, 1923 at Windsor in Bertie County, North Carolina. He was a student at Wake Forest College in 1866. WILLIAM married ISABELLA JAMES PUREFOY (born November 13, 1842 in Wake County died June 28 1927), the daughter of James S. Purefoy and Mary Ransome Fort. She was the sister of Addison Purefoy, who married number 1214. William and Isabella were buried at Wake Forest in Wake County, North Carolina. The family was listed on the 1880 Census of Wake County, North Carolina. 

12161 MINNIE ALLEN was born March 13, 1871 in Wake County, North Carolina.

12162 LENA ALLEN was born March 29, 1869 at Forestville North Carolina and died in May, 1964 in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. She was married on June 6, 1896 to Judge ISAAC MELSON MEEKINS, born February 13, 1874, Tyrell County, North Carolina; died 1946, Elizabeth City), the son of Jerernish Charles Meekins and Mahala Melson.

121621 WILLIAM ALLEN MEEKINS, was born November 8, 1897 at Elizabeth City and died July 1967 in Asheville North Carolina. He married MARCIA CHAPIN about 1923 in Washington D. C.

1216211 WILLIAM CHARLES MEEKINS, born in January 1927 at Hendersonville, North Carolina, married MARY ELLEN BLADES 
1216212 ISAAC MELTON MEEKINS, said to be a bachelor.
1216213 FREDERICK CHAPIN MEEKINS, born at Hendersonville North Carolina about 1929, is a lawyer. His wife's name is not known.

121622 MAHALA MEEKINS born February 2 1900 at Elizabeth City, North Carolina died there in 1925 after the birth of her first child She was married in 1924 to SHELTON McMULLIN.

1216221 MAHALA MEEKINS McMULLIN was born September 16, 1925 at Elizabeth City, North Carolina. She married STEVEN S. DEVINEY. 

121623 ISABELLA JAMES MEEKINS, born at Elizabeth City North Carolina on March 2 1902, was married there on December 28, 1926 to JOSEPH JOHN COMBS M.D., (born June 2, 1902, Columbia, North Carolina.

1216231 JOSEPH JOHN COMBS, JR., M.D. was born August 18, 1929 at Norfolk, Virginia. He was married on June 24, 1953 to DOROTHY JENKINS (born September 9, 1931, North Carolina), the daughter of Andrew Jackson Jenkins and Katy Ward.

12162311 DOROTHY WRENN Combs, born July 24, 1954 at Durham, North Carolina, was married April 1, 1973 to BENJAMIN YORK. They were later divorced.
12162312 JOSEPH JOHN COMBS III born March 21, 1958 at Durham, North Carolina.
12162313 JENIFER JENKINS COMBS, born April 20, 1963, San Antonio, Texas.
1216232 MARTHA ALLEN COMBS born in 1932 Raleigh, North Carolina, was married there on December 28. 1958 to JOSEPH G. ELKINS (born June 11 1927, Raleigh; died there August 13, 1978). They had no children.


1216233 ISABEL MEEKINS COMBS, Ph.D., born February 25, 1943, Raleigh North Carolina, was married there September 3, 1966 to WILLIAM HENRY STUEBE (born May 9, 1941, New York City), the son of William Joseph Stuebe and Alma Mann.

12162331 ALISON MANN STUEBE, born January 4, 1973. 
12162332 DAVID ALLEN STUEBE born June 30, 1980. 

121624 CHARLES JEREMIAH MEEKINS, born March 20, 1904, died at age eight.
121625 MARY PUREFOY MEEKINS, born March 20, 1908, Elizabeth City, North Carolina was married there in 1937 to OLIVER F. GILBERT JR.

1216251 MARY PUREFOY GILBERT, born June 21, 1939, Raleigh, North Carolina.
1216252 OLIVE WINDSOR GILBERT was born April 5, 1943 at Raleigh. She married ROY HOFNER, their children not known.

12163 LUCY PUREFOY ALLEN was born February 19 1882 at Wake Forest North Carolina. She was married on June 12 1901 at Palmyra, North Carolina to Dr. CHARLES JUDSON SAWYER (born February 9, 1868 at Belcross in Camden County, North Carolina, died July 28 1940 at Windsor, North Carolina), the son of Elijah Mercer Sawyer and Sarah Pearson.

121631 CHARLES JUDSON SAWYER, JR. was born March 26 1902 at Elizabeth City, North Carolina. On June 16 1931, he married CECELTA CAPEHART BELL at Windsor, Bertie County, North Carolina.

1216311 CHARLES JUDSON SAWYER, III, was born September 6, 1932 at Kingston in Lenoir County, North Carolina. On August 15, 1956 he married LOIS PERRY at Windsor in Bertie County. North Carolina.
1216312 KATHERINE BELL SAWYER was born November 23 1939 at Windsor in Bertie County, N. C. She married LESTER MURRY WARD at Windsor on November 16, 1962. 

121632 JAMES PUREFOY SAWYER was born May 5, 1904 in Camden County, North Carolina; he died in January, 1957. JAMES was a designer and an advertising executive. In October, 1931 he married MARGARET SHINBERGER. 
121633 ARAMINTA ALLEN SAWYER was born October 31, 1911 at Windsor in Bertie County, North Carolina. On June 7, 1931 at Emporia, Virginia, ARAMINTA married WILLIAM ALEXANDER PIERCE, JR. (born March 7, 1907 at Weldon in Halifax County, N. C.), the son of William Alexander Pierce and Sadie Granger.

1216331 WILLIAM ALEXANDER PIERCE. III was born June 29, 1933 at Weldon in Halifax County North Carolina. He married SALLY LONG JARMAN at Roanoke Rapids in Halifax County, North Carolina on December 17, 1967.

1216332 ARAMINTA PUREFOY PIERCE who was born July 17 1935 at Roanoke Rapids, HaliPax County, North Carolina, married WILLIAM A. COOLIDGE, JR. on April 7, 1965 at Weldon, North Carolina.
1216333 MARTHA ELLEN PIERCE was born at Roanoke Rapids, Halifax Co., North Carolina on June 10, 1940. She and DAVID E. DeVERE were married on June 1, 1965.

1216334 CHARLES GRAINGER PIERCE was born April 6, 1946 at Richmond Virginia. On July 13 1969 he married MARY COGGINN EVERETT at Palmyra in Halifax County, North Carolina.

121634 SARAH PEARSON SAWYER was born February 15, 1920 at Windsor in Bertie County, North Carolina. She was married there on September 7, 1946 to WILLIAM ANDERSON ALLEN JR (151121).

1216341 WILLIAM ANDERSON ALLEN, III (also No. 1511211) was born ca 1948; he married RACHEL LOUISE WILDE 

1216342 ISABEL PUREFOY ALLEN (also No. 1511212) was born in 1950; she married ____ BEST.


12163421 MARY HARPER BEST (also No. 15112121). 

1216343 REYNOLD SAWYER ALLEN (also No. 1511213) was born in 1953.

Information on numbers 1214-1216343 came from three sources. Lucy Purefoy Allen (12163) made a written record of her family connections before her death. Additional family group sheets were sent by Sarah Pearson (Sawyer) Allen, and by Charles Judson (121631).

1217 ROBERTA RHODES ALLEN was born August 14 1847. On January 19 1866 she married DAVTD F. FORT in Wake County North Carolina.
1218 CLARY ANN MINERYA ALLEN was born June 24, 1833; she died on November 26, 1834.

122 HENRY ANDERSON ALLEN who was born ca 1814 married SARAH ELIZABETH ROGERS (born ca 1818 in North Carolina) on October 20 1837 in Wake County North Carolina. They were listed on the 1860 Census at Rogers Store, Wake County N. C., p. 132. On the 1880 census, he was living with his son, J.D.R. Allen, in Wake County.) 

1221 SARAH ELIZABETH ALLEN was born ca 1841 in North Carolina. She married JOHN ANDERSON ARNOLD. 


122111 HENRY ARNOLD was born ca 1915.

1222 JOHN DERRELL R. ALLEN was born ca 1847 in North Carolina; his wife was listed as SOPHRONIA L. on the 1880 census. His father was living with them at that time, and they had two children listed on the census. 

12221 GEORGE BUCKNER ALLEN, who was born ca 1874 married ZELMA A. BAILEY.

122212 CECIL WORTH ALLEN was born ca 1898, died in 1899. 

1222131 ROBERT ALLEN married PEGGY MARK in 1928. 

12221311 SHARON ALLEN. 
12221312 RICKY ALLEN. 
12221313 JOY ALLEN. 
12221314 VALORIE ALLEN. 
12221315 VICTOR ALLEN. 
12221316 CHRIS ALLEN. 
12221317 DORCIE ALLEN.



12222 CHARLES L. ALLEN was born ca 1876 in North Carolina. He was listed on the 1880 Census with J.D.R. ALLEN. 

123 WYATT MARION ALLEN was born 1824 in Wake County, North Carolina; he died November 12 1883 in Wake County. On November 3, 1855 he married MARTHA ANN "PATSEY" BAILEY (born in 1822 in Wake Count N.C.) the daughter of Peleg Bailey (1793-1841) and his wife, Mary C. Fuller Wall.
Wyatt enlisted in the Confederate States Army on May 12, 1863. He became so ill he was sent home, and he died November 12, 1863. Martha was married again after Wyatt's death and she later moved to Mississippi with her children. The fate of her second husband is not known. Wyatt M. Allen and his family were listed on the 1860 Census: page 132, Rogers Store, Wake Co., North Carolina.

1231 JEREMIAH ALONZO ALLEN who was born in 1856 in North Carolina died ca 1945. He married MARY GLADYS ARISTONIA BRIDGER (born ca 1860 in Mississippi County, The children listed on the 1900 Census of Mississippi, were sent by Mr. Andrew Jack Allen. 

12311 INA ALLEN was born February, 1883 in Mississippi. She married EUCLID MASSEY.


123111 MILDRED MASSEY a twin, was born in 1912. 
123112 MODENA MASSEY, a twin, was born in 1912. 
123113 EUCLID MASSEY JR. was born in 1915; he married MARGARET, her surname not known.
123114 RUBY SUE MASSEY, who was born in 1917, married JOHN BRADSHAW.
123115 MYRA BESS MASSEY was born in 1921. She married ELMER PIAZZA.

12312 RUBY ROSS ALLEN was born September 26, 1884 and died November 29, 1980. On December 28, 1907 in Panola County Mississippi, RUBY married JOHN PARHAM BAILEY (born October 3, 1881; died April 4, 1954).

123121 BERRY BENTON BAILEY was born 1908 in Tate County, Mississippi.

123122 HUBERT ALLEN BAILEY (twin) was born April 18, 1910 in Tate County, Mississippi.
123123 HAZEL ELLEN BAILEY (twin) who was born April 18, 1910 married Mr. HURT, his first name not known. 
123124 ROBERT ALONZO BAILEY was born February 7, 1912 in Tate County, Mississippi.
123125 BESSIE MARY BAILEY born December 10 1913 in Tate Mississippi, married a Mr. BRANTLEY. 
123126 JOHN PARHAM BAILEY JR. was born July 21, 1918 in Tate County, Mississippi.
123127 KENNETH KYLE BAILEY was born December 3, 1923 in Tate County, Mississippi, 

12313 BESSIE ALLEN, who born ca 1886 in Mississippi, married FRED T. MASSEY (born in 1884).

123131 CLARENCE ALLEN MASSEY was born in 1915; he married JESSIE the surname not known.
123132 FRED T. MASSEY, JR. was born in 1918. He married RUBY, her surname not known.

12314 ALONZO DURWOOD ALLEN nas born in November of 1887 in Mississippi. In 1886, he married KATIE COLSOM (born in 1886). ALONZO died in 1938.
12315 PERCY WILMORE ALLEN born in Mississippi on July 30, 1889, died Desember 31 1943 at Indianola, Sunflower County, Mississippi. In December 1920 he married RUTH CORNELIA BRADEN (born August 23, 1898 in Lee County Mississippi). She was the daughter of David Calhouon Braden and Nancy Alberta McNeil.

123151 RUTH CARMEN ALLEN was born February 23, 1922 in Moorhead Mississippi. She was wed to HUGH FISHER on June 19, 1949.
123152 RICHARD McNEIL ALLEN who was born December 10, 1925 in Moorhead Mississippi, married LUCY HUFF on April 20 1962.

12316 BRIDGER BAILEY ALLEN was born at Sardis, Ms. on April 3, 1891; he died March 28, 1961 at Indianola Ms. on June 20, 1921 at Memphis, Tn. he married IRIS CURRY (born October 27, 1896; died October 1, 1978 at Indianola, Ms.), the daughter of Joe Curry. 

123161 IRIS ALLEN was born March 31 1922 at Sunflower, Mississippi. She married twice.
(1) In 1942, she married FRANK M. BUCHANAN.
(2) In 1965 JOHN LUNDY became her husband. 

123162 DORIS ALLEN who was born June 5 1924 at Sunflower, married GEORGE H. LIPE in 1952.
123163 CHERI ALLEN was born May 14, 1926 in Sunflower Ms. In 1951 CHERI married FRANK ARMSTRONG. 

12317 MARION GO0DNIGHT ALLEN was born February 22 1893 and he died November 13, 1962. On July 15, 1925. MARION and GRADIE LEE YATES (born February 14, 1900) were married.

123171 MARION GOODNIGHT ALLEN, JR. was born October 6, 1930.
123172 WILLIAM JERE ALLEN was born April 23, 1934; he married LORENA FAYE FRANKLIN on June 24 1960. 

1231721 LORENA LYNN ALLEN was born May 13, 1962.


1231722 JENNIFER DAWN ALLEN was born December 11, 1963. 
1231723 WILLIAM JERE ALLEN, JR. was born March 7, 1967. 

12318 ROBERT ALLEN. who was born in December, 1894 in Mississippi died in 1913.
12319 HENRY ALLEN was born in September, 1896 in Mississippi; he died in 1949. HENRY married LYDA WHITE (1897-1977).

123191 WILLIAM HENRY ALLEN was born in 1924. 
123192 ALBERT ALLEN was born in 1926. 
123193 JERE ALLEN was born in 1932.

1231x WESSON ALLEN was born in 1899 in Mississippi. He married VIRGINIA, her surname not known. 

1231x1 WESSON ALLEN, JR. was born in 1924.
1231x2 JERE ALLEN (twin) was born in 1932.
1231x3 JEANIE ALLEN (twin) was born in 1932. She married ____ BOYD .
1231x4 TOMMY ALLEN was born in 1936.

1231A GLADY ALLEN was born after the 1900 Census. 

1232 WILLIAM ANDERSON ALLEN was born ca 1859 in North Carolina. He died November 5, 1940 at Sardis in Panola County, Mississippi. His three wives were as follows:

(1) SALLY C. BISHOP (died 1889). 

12321 WILLIAM WYATT ALLEN was born July 31, 1883 at Sardis in Panola County Ms. On June 20 1937 he died in Randolph, Texas. 6n January 2, 1910, WILLIAM married ALICE DONALD GOODNIGHT (born September 14 1892 at Sardis Ms.; died March 31 1969 at Randolph, Texas), the daughter of Samuel Goodnight and Molly Lolly.

123211 DONALD TRUMAN ALLEN was born March 2 1912 at Sardis, Mississippi he died June 4, 1981 at Randolph Texas. He married ANNIE MAE PRINCE on April 29, 1933 at Sardis Mississippi, 
123212 LAWRENCE PURVIS ALLEN, who was born October 14, 1914 at Sardis, Mississippi married EFFIE BELL TAYLOR on April 12 1931 at Sardls.
123213 OLGA VICTORINE ALLEN was born July 17, 1918 at Sardis, Mississippi. She died January 26, 1953 at Ft. Worth, Texas. OLGA and JAMES "JIMMIE" ROACH were married in 1934.
123214 ANDERSON WILLIAM ALLEN was born January 24, 1920. He died May 30 1936 at Ft. Worth Texas. 
123215 SAMUEL PRICE ALLEN was born July 28 1922 at Sardis, Mississippi. He married MAGGIE PARTAIN.
123216 LARRY NOLAN ALLEN who was born on May 27, 1925, died at Sardis Mississippi in 1930. 
123217 MOLLY KATHERINE ALLEN was born August 26, 1928 at Sardis Ms. In 1946, she married ANDREW M. PORTER. 

12322 CORA BAILEY BISHOP ALLEN was born Feb. 13 1886 she died August 17, 1966. Her spouse was FRANK YOUNG.

123221 MILES L. YOUNG was born January 29, 1908 and died May 15, 1973. He married HELEN STILL. 

1232211 JAMES YOUNG. 
1232212 LARRY YOUNG. 

123222 WILLIAM LEROY YOUNG was born November 28 1909 and died September 21, 1977. He married ELLA RUTH EPPS. 

12322211 ANNE YOUNG. 
12322212 GREG YOUNG. 
12322213 LINDA YOUNG.

12322221 ALBERT PIERCE, JR. 
12322223 RENEE PIERCE.

12322231 MELODY YOUNG.


1232226 PHILIP YOUNG. 

By second marriage of 1232:

12323 ALVIN ROGER ALLEN was born in November 1893. On April 1 1917 near Water Valley, Mississippi he married ELIZABETH ESTREDGE (born March 24, 1898 at Water Valley, Mississippi), the daughter of John Mark Estredge and Nettie Talent. Elizabeth's second husband was J. W. Jackson.

123231 MARGARET LU EVELY ALLEN was born February 6, 1919 at Charleston. Mississippi. She married JAMES WEBSTER SCOTT of Phoenix Arizona.
123232 RELETTER LOUISE ALLEN was born March 12, 1922 at Crowder Mississippi, She married ALAN ALFRED PROCTOR of Helena Arkansas.

1232321 ROGER LEE PROCTOR, lives in Little Rock Arkansas. 
1232322 RUTH PROCTOR now LAYTON of Helena, Arkansas. 
1232324 FRANK PROCTOR, lives near Little Rock, Arkansas. 

123233 JOHN WILLIAM ALLEN was born March 7 1924 near Batesville Mississippi, He married MARIE BURKS (died, 1967) of Chicago, Illinois.
123234 LILLI EVANGELINE ALLEN was born October 14, 1927 neat West Helena, Arkansas. She married JOHN H. CHEATHAM at Lake Charles Louisiana. 

1232341 CAROL CHEATHAM married MACK CHAMNESS of Lake Charles.
1232342 GENE CHEATHAM, lives at Lake Charles. 

123235 SHIRLY AILENE ALLEN, who was born in West Helena, Arkansas on October 26, 1934, married RAY BARNES of West Helena.

1232351 LINDA BARNES married DAVID WORSTELL of West Helena, Arkansas.

12323511 VANCE WORSTELL was born ca 1966. 
12323512 WAYNE WORSTELL was born ca 1973.

12324 SYLVESTER GRESHAM ALLEN who was born May 3. 1895 married LYDIA LESTER GOODNIOHT during October of 1914. SYLVESTER died September 17, 1962.

123241 ELAINE M. ALLEN was born Septembe; 25 1915 at Sardis Mississippi. She died in November, 1979. ELAINE married twice.

1232411 JAMES L. REED, was born in January, 1939. He married JOLENE surname not known. 

12324111 BENJAMIN REED was born in 1963. 
12324112 VINCENT REED, adopted, was born in 1959. 

123242 HORTENSE ALLEN was born February 12, 1919 in Panola County Mississippi. On January 12, 1936 she martied ADRIAN MERRIMAN (born December 1914 in Panola Co., Mississippi; died in 1979), son of Kenneth Merriman and Nellie Childress.

1232421 JEWELL MERRIMAN was born July 21 1937. She became the wife of TROY SARTIN on June 9, 1961. 

12324211 CHARLES ALLEN SARTIN, adopted, was born July 12, 1968.
12324212 TERRY EDWARD SARTIN, adopted, was born May 19, 1971.
12324213 TRACY LURAY SARTIN was born September 27 1980. 

12325 JOHNNIE IRVIN ALLEN who was born June 22, 1897 at Sardis Mississippi, died March 11, 1963. In 1919 he married BEULAH MAE CHILDRESS (born November 25, 1900 at Sardis; died April 13, 1955), daughter of Robert Childress and Virginia Cain. Both JOHNNIE and BUELAH were buried in Cole Springs Cemetery in Panola. County, Mississippi.


123251 CARL THOMAS ALLEN was born September 15 1920 at Sardis, Ms. On May 17 1945 he married IRMA APPLETON (born August 11, 1922 Panola Co., Ms.).

1232511 TERRY LEE ALLEN was born December 8, 1945 and died died December 28, 1981. He was married to MARILYN THOMPSON.

123252 RUBY DEAN ALLEN was born September 9, 1922 at Sardis, Mississippi. On August 20, 1938 at Sardis, she married J. W. RALTON, JR. (born May 2, 1916 in White County Arkansas). He was the son of J. W. Ralton, Sr. and Nan Elizabeth Whisnnant.

1232521 DORIS DEAN RALTON, who was born December 11 1941 in Panola County, Ms., married HUGH DEAN MASSEY.
1232522 REBECCA ANN RALTON was born July 26, 1944 in Panola County, Ms. She married LUTHER ROY SIMMONS. 

123253 ROBERT LOUIS ALLEN was born September 10, 1928 at Sardis, Ms. He married LILLIE MAE EPPS. 


12326 GUY L. ALLEN, born in January, 1900, married ESTELLE SANDERS.


12327 EDWIN ALLEN who never married.


12329 WILLIAM LAMAR ALLEN was born December 31, 1905 at Sardis, Ms.; he died February 12 1982. On Jan. 5 1934 he married ADA WILKYE WORD (born March 17 1915 in Phillips County, Arkansas) She was the daughter of Herbert Tilman Word and Olive Lee.

123291 BRONSON LAMAR ALLEN was born September 4, 1935 at West Helena in Phillips County, Arkansas. BRONSON had two wives. 
(1) On February 22 1954 he married FRANCES BOWDEN. 
(2) May 18, 1979, he married CONNIE SLAYTON (born January 24, 1956 at Harvell Ark.) the daughter of James Slayton and Charlotte Moore.

1232911 JO KAREN ALLEN was born August 10, 1956. She married TOLL DANIEL, JR. on December 17, 1978. 

12329111 KEELY MICHELE DANIEL was born in 1979.

1232912 TINA MARIE ALLEN, who was born November 8, 1959, married CHARLES WARD, JR. in 1977. 


1232913 FRANCES JANICE ALLEN was born in August, 1962. 
1232914 AMIEE LEIGH ALLEN, a twin, was born January 3, 1968.
1232915 JAMIE LYNN ALLEN, a twin, was born January 3 1968. 
1232916 BRONSON BOWDEN ALLEN was born December 14, 1973. 

1232x L. C. ALLEN (male).

1233 JAMES CARSON ALLEN was born March 26, 1862 in Wake County, North Carolina. He died in November, 1942 at Sardis, Panola County Mississippi and was buried in Union Cemetery in Panola County. JAMES had two wives.
(1) He married FLORENCE MAY YOUNG (died ca 1900 in Ms.) on December 16 1890 in Panola County, Ms. She was the daughter of David George Young, (born December 9 1838 in Wake County, North Carolina; died September 8, 1899) and Mary Elizabeth Gault (born February 5 1834; died November 4, 1910 in Panola County, Ms.).
(2) On April 14 1901 James married KATE TERRELL (born ca 1880 in Panola County Ms.; died February 25, 1923 at Sardis Ms. and was buried in Union Cemetery in Panola County), the daughter of Joseph Harrison Terrell and Aulena Bowers. 

12331 OLA GLARE ALLEN was born July 2, 1891 in Panola County. Mississippi and died on April 21 1969. On December 18, 1910 she married JOHN A ROBERTS.


123311 ELLEN ROBERTS, who was born November 23, 1914, married CHARLES WILLIAMS. They had two sons, but only the name of one son is known. 


12332 GRACE TRUMAN ALLEN was born October 17. 1892 in Panola County Mississippi he died March 15, 1967 Memphis Tennessee. had two spouses.
(1) on March 3, 1914 she mnrried Wm H. REESE.

123321 PEGGY WYATT TRUMAN REESE was born January 25, 1915 at Memphis, Tennessee. She was married on Aug. 20, 1932 to JAMES OTHEL JOYNER (born January7, 1912 at Knoxville, Tennessee), the son of William Thomas Joyner and Fannie May Willis.

1233211 JAMES WYATT JOYNER was born July 5, 1933 at Memphis, Tennessee. On June 6, 1953 he married GAIL BOGARD (born October 20, 1936 at Memphis, Tennessee), daughter of Lawrence Bynum Bogard and Florence Viceoria Pegram.

12332111 JAMES WYATT JOYNER, JR. was born October 20. 1954 at Cherry Point, North Carolina. he married CLAIRE KLAAS, the daughter of Laverne and Claire Klaas, on August 28, 1979.

1233212 JERRY WAYNE JOYNER, who was born July 8, 1936, had two marriages.
(1) BEVERLY ANN (BAILEY) JACKSON (born October 3, 1936), the daughter of Dennie Bailey and Agnes Bobbitt.
(2) On May 27, 1981 he married CAROLYN YVONNE (WHITE) STEPHENSON, daughter of Harold White and Lillie Frances Wiley. The children of CAROLYN YVONNE WHITE and her first husband, TERRY STEPHENSON are 
(1) STEPHANIE EVE STEPHENSON, born Dec. 24, 1960 at Memphis, Tn.; married Feb. 27, 1981 to DONALD CAHERON FOX, II. 
(2) GLENN HAROLD STEPHENSON, born June 27, 1964 at Memphis, Tn.; married to TOMMY BEALE on January 24, 1983.
(3) TERI SUZANNE STEPHENSON, born Sept. 2, 1969 at Memphis, Tennessee. 

12332121 JERRY WAYNE JOYNER, JR. was born February 6, 1962 at Nashville, Tennessee.
12332122 DAVID MARTIN JOYNER was born May 15, 1965 at Memphis, Tennessee.
12332123 ROBERT WAYNE JOYNER adopted was born Dec. 17, 1957. He was married on March 15. 1979 to KELLY ARTHUR (born July 7, 1960 at Memphis, Tennessee), the daughter of Boyd Arthur, Jr. and Sarah Ann Williams.
12332124 PAULA LEE JOYNER adopted, was born June 20, 1960 at Riverside, California.

1233213 PHILLIP MARTIN JOYNER, who was born October 5, 1946 at Memphis, Tennessee, was married on July 26, 1968 to INA SUE JOHNSEY (born Feb. 28, 1948 at Memphis). She was the daughter of Curtis Edwin Johnsey and Ina Deli Harper.

12332131 PHILLIP MARTIN JOYNER, JR. was born January 16, 1975 at Memphis, Tennessee.

123322 PLEDA MAXINE FOSTER was born September 11, 1916 at Memphis, Tennessee. She never married. 

12333 FLORENCE GERTRUDE ALLEN was born March 11, 1894 at Panola, Mississippi. She married FELTON MIDDLETON; they had no issue.

12334 CLIFTON CARSON ALLEN was born November 27, 1897 and died December 13, 1972. CLIFTON and HATTIE LEOLA BRISTER (born October 23, 1894; died July 11, 1971) married on December 24 1925.

123341 JOE CARSON ALLEN was born September 16, 1927 in Panola County, Ms. He married GEORGIA BREWER. 


1233411 PATRICIA ANNALLEN was born November 7, 1955. 
1233412 JAMES EARL ALLEN was born January 18, 1957. 
1233413 MARY LOUISE ALLEN was born Hatch 10, 1958. 
1233431 BARBARA JEAN ALLEN was born June 30, 1959. 
1233432 MICHAEL GERALD ALLEN was born November 3 1960. 
1233433 MARILYN JOY ALLEN was born November 20 i962. 
1233434 JAMES LESLIE ALLEN was born November 18, 1964.
12335 ROY WAYNE ALLEN died in infancy.

Children by the second marriage of 41233:

12336 LOIS ESTELLE ALLEN was born February 27, 1902 at Sardis in Panola County, Mississippi and died December 23, 1964. She was married on October 31, 1925 to JAMES EDWARD BOLTON (born May 9, 1905 in Texas, died December 23, 1964).

123361 KATIE MAE BOLTON was born August 1, 1926 at Black Oak, Arkansas. On July 4, 1953 at Earle, Arkansas she was married to JOHN KEAL DICKSON (born Jan 21, 1918 at Okfuskee, Oklahoma), the son of Linus Freeman Dickson (born March 10, 1872 at Nashville Tennessee) and Mattie Ann Ross (born July 26, 1878 at Inmon, Texas) 

1233611 JOHN EDWARD DICKSON, who was born July 7, 1956, married MARY L. SIMMONS on November 10, 1979.

1233612 CHARLES ALLEN DICKSON was born January 22, 1961. 

123362 FLORAINE BOLTON was born October 13, 1927 at Black Oak, Arkansas. On June 15, 1946 at Earle, Arkansas she married JAMES HARRISON (born March 7, 1924 at Clarksdale Ms.), the son of Russell Roy (born February 6, 1887 in Mississippi) and Gearmie E. (Barkerj Harrison (born February 9, 1889 in Ms.). 

1233621 LINDA JOYCE HARRISON was born April 3, 1947. She married CLIFTON JUSTUS on August 19, 1961. 

1233622 JAMES STANLEY HARRISON was born October 8, 1948. On December 20, 1970 BONNIE FAY SLEITER became his wife.
1233623 KATHY DIANNE HARRISON was born December 21, 1951. She married DONNIE BULLARD on January 5, 1975.

1233624 RAY DEWAYNE HARRISON who was born Decembr 12, 1958, married AMY HARVEY on January 22, 1978.

123363 DAPHYNE BOLTON was born June 15, 1935 at Black Oak, Arkansas. On October 31 1953 at Hernando, Mississippi she married LLOYD E. McFALL (born September 2, 1928 at Tyronza, Arkansas), the son of Louis D. and Rosa L. McFall.

1233631 LLOYD RANDALL McFALL was born March 2 1958. He married DONNA McCLELLAND on January 21, 1978.

1233632 TERRY LYNN McFALL was born September 7, 1961. 

12337 JOEL AUSTIN ALLEN was born in November, 1903 at Sardis in Panola County, Mississippi He married MAE HOUZILOW, the daughter of Julius W. Houzilow and Etta Burleson, on October 25, 1926.

123371 JOEL AUSTIN ALLEN, JR. was born August 6, 1928 at Memphis in Shelby County, Tennessee. His spouse was DONNA LERNER.

123374 MARY CATHERINE ALLEN and ROGER BLANCHARD married on November 26, 1955.
123375 GENE HARWELL ALLEN married ERIKA STAATS in 1960. 
123376 SYBIL LOUISE ALLEN and GERALD INGRAM married on June 3, 1961.
123378 WALLACE ALLEN and CHERYL BLACK were wedded in 1980.


123379 MILDRED ANN ALLEN married ROGER LANE BROWN on March 11 1967.
12338 FANNIE MAY ALLEN was born May 24 1906 at Sardis in Panola County Mississippi She had two marriages. 
(1) On December 23, 1922 to KYLE SPEER (died 1925), the son of George Speer and Ida Arnold.
123381 JAMES KYLE SPEER was born March 30, 1924. He died November 14 1935.
123382 JOEL CARSON SPEER was born February 10, 1926. On June 26, 1948 he married ROSE MARIE MAHER (born October 17, 1926).

1233821 JOHN KYLE SPEER was born on June 25, 1952; he married CASSIE E. SHIRLEY on June 18 1972. 
12338211 BONNIE LYNN SPEER was born February 5, 1973. 
12338212 HARIE KAY SPEER was born October 14, 1976; she died in infancy.
12338213 JOHN CARSON SPEER was born March 11 1978. 
1233822 JOEL CARSON SPEER JR., a twin, was born April 17, 1955. On December 19, 1982 he married JUDY, surname not known.

1233823 JEAN MARIE SPEER, twin, was born April 17, 1955. She had two marriages.
(1) On April 4, 1975 at Memphis, Tennessee she married C. W. WRIGHT JR.
(2) In July, 1981 she married JACK JACKSON. 

12338231 KIMBERLY WRIGHT was born March 5, 1978.
1233824 SUSAN KAY SPEER who was born May 23, 1957, married RONNIE PIPKIN.

12339 EVA PEARLINE ALLEN was born November 5, 1908 at Sardis, Ms.; she died August 3, 1982. On March 29, 1925 EVA married JESSE WOODSON RUBY (born April 5 1882 at Como, Panola County, Ms; died April, 1932). 

123391 EVA FRANCES RUBY was born November 2, 1925 at Sardis, Mississippi. She married VAN JACK HUNT (born June 24, 1924), son of Fred S. and Vannie K. Hunt, on September 6, 1946 at Hernando Mississippi. 

1233911 DANNY JACK HUNT was born April 18, 1948. His wife was ELIZABETH FRANCES CARRUTHERS. 
1233912 REBECCA GAYE HUNT, who was born June 10, 1961, married STEVE KING on July 3, 1979. 

123392 LUTHER WOODSOM RUBY was born January 27, 1927 at Sardis in Panola County, Mississippi. On June 12, 1949 at Hernando, Mississippi he married MARY ELIZABETH FERGUSON (born in Memphis, Tennessee). 

1233921 EVELYN CAROL RUBY was born August 13 1951 
1233922 MARGARET ELLEN RUBY was born November 27, 1953. 
1233923 LAURA JO RUBY.
1233924 BRIAN WOODSON RUBY was born November 24, 1970. 

123393 NELLIE JUNE RUBY was born April 2, 1930 Coldwater, Mississippi. On June 4, 1949 at Memphis Tn. she married WINFORD WALTER BRUCE (born July 17, 1927 at Etta Mississippi), son of Winford Price Bruce and Effie Ruth Tyer of Union County Mississippi.

1233931 WINFORD WALTER BRUCE, II was born June 14, 1951; he married GLENDA FAY APPLEWHITE.

12339311 WINFORD WALTER BRUCE III was born December 10, 1971 at Oxford Mississippi.

1233932 WOODSON LARRY BRUCE was born August 22, 1953. He married SANDRA ANITA WINDHAM.
1233933 KAYE FRANCES BRUCE was born October 25, 1955. 
1233934 WILLIAM THOMAS BRUCE who was born November 16, 1960 married KATHY DUNLAP.

12339341 KRISTEN DELL BRUCE was born at Oxford, Mississippi on January 9, 1981.
1233935 BETH ANELLE BRUCE was born December 13, 1963. She died November 10, 1982.

1233x JAMES WILBUR ALLEN was born November 30, 1910 at Sardis in Panola County, Ms. He died December 24, 


1966 at Memphis, Tennessee and was buried at Cole Springs Cemetery in Panola County, Mississippi. On June 17, 1933 at Memphis Tennessee he married GRACE MARION APPLING (born October 3, 1913 in Tennessee; died August 7, 1971; and buried at Ellendale, Tennessee), the daughter of William Thomas Appling.

1233x1 FRANCES MARIAN ALLEN was born August 10, 1934 at Memphis. Tennessee. During November, 1953, she married AARON GORDON SMITH. 


1233x111 JOE ALLEN SMITH. 

1233x2 JAMES THOMAS ALLEN married FRANKIE ELIZABETH BURNETT, the daughter of Frank Burnett and Mabel Elizabeth Pleasants on November 28, 1962.

1233x21 LaDONNA ELAINE ALLEN was born December 16, 1963 at Memphis, Tennessee.
1233x22 GRACE ELIZABETH ALLEN was born October 17, 1965 at Memphis Tennessee.

1233x3 PEGGY JEAN ALLEN married DAVID DUANE CUMMINGS on April 12, 1959.


1233x4 ROSE MARY ALLEN was born June 5, 1942 at Memphis, Tennessee.
1233x5 ALICE FAYE ALLEN was born November 9, 1943 at Memphis, Tennessee. She married DENNIS EARL REED (born April 4, 1946).

1233x51 MICHAEL RAY REED was born December 19, 1965 at San Diego. California.

1233x6 ROBERT WILBUR ALLEN born October 25, 1944 at Earle, Arkansas. He married DANNA LOUISE TOWNSEND (born September 9, 1948 at Yuma, Arizona) the daughter of Elmer Daniel Townsend and Imogene Coffey.

1233x61 JAMES DANIEL ALLEN was born June 30, 1967 at Lynnwood in Los Angeles County California. 
1233x62 KASEY SUE ALLEN was born August 25, 1975 at Covina, California.

1233x7 PAUL VERNON ALLEN was born September 6, 1947 at Memphis Tennessee. He married RAMONA DEANE WEBB. 
1233x8 JOHN TEERELL ALLEN was born March 17, 1953; he married ANNA RUTH TURNER. 


1233a EVERETT A. ALLEN was born April 12, 1911 in Panola County, Mississippi. On August 16, 1939 he married VIRGINIA NICKELS (born December 17, 1916 at Batesville, Mississippi), the daughter of Thomas D. Nickels and Cornelia Dendy.

1233a1 LINDA RUTH ALLEN was born June 4, 1941. She married CHARLES FLOYD PAGE (born Nov. 11, 1937 at Wilson, North Carolina) on January 6, 1984.

1233a11 MARK EVERETTE PAGE was born August 15, 1966. 
1233a12 RUTH LYNN PAGE was born July 21, 1968. 

1233a2 HAROLD CLYDE ALLEN was born July 1. 1942 at Memphis, Tn. He married KAREN MORTON (born November 13, at Memphis, Tennessee), daughter of George E. Morton and Louise Morton Dyer.

1233a21 AMY SHARON ALLEN was born September 29, 1969. 

1233a3 THOMAS EVERETTE ALLEN was born March 3, 1945 at Memphis, Tennessee. On May 24, 1980 at Memphis, he married MARSHA IYEY (born June 6, 1952 at Parsons, Tennessee), daughter of Arthur Marshall Ivey Jr. and Minnie Laquilla Jordan.

1233a31 JONATHAN THOMAS ALLEN was born May 29, 1981.

1233a4 RICHARD LEE ALLEN was born June 12 1947 at Memphis, Tn. He Has married there on June 7, 1980 to JUDY AUSTIN (born May 8, 1956 at Fulton, Georgia), the daughter of Arthur W. Austin and Hargaret E. Cook. 


1233e41 JENNY HARIE ALLEN was born November 5, 1981. 

1233a5 SANDRA MARIE ALLEN was born November 4, 1950. 

1233b ANDREW JACK ALLEN was born May 23, 1914 in Panola County, Ms. On January 2 1938 at Gilmore, Arkansas he married MILDRED G. MILLICAN (born June 15, 1916 at Joiner, Arkansas), the daughter of William M. and Mary (Henson) Milican of Joiner, Arkansas.

123b1 NAOMI RUTH ALLEN was born October 20, 1938 at Joiner, Arkansas. She married CHARLES VOORHEES on June 8, 1963 at Bell California.

1233b11 RHONDA LYNN VOORHEES was born November 23, 1965 at Bell, California.
1233b12 JILL RAY VOORHEES was born August 10, 1967 at Bell, California.
1233b13 PAUL ALBEN VOORHEES was born December 30, 1969 at Bell California.

1233b2 VIRGIL TERRELL ALLEN was born March 10. 1941 in Inkster, Michigan. On May 15, 1961 in Georgia, he married PATRICTA R. ROBINS (born February 16 1944, in Georgia).

1233b21 DONNA FAYE ALLEN was born February 10, 1962 in Ga. 
1233b22 STEVEN TERRELL ALLEN was born Hay 1, 1967 in California.
1233b23 PHILLIP LOYD ALLEN was born November 27, 1968 in Hawaii.

1233e CLYDE VERNON ALLEN was born in Panola County, Mississippi. He was killed in December. 1944 in Germany during World War II. Clyde was with General Patton's army at the Battle of the Bulge in Belguim.

Information on numbers 123-1233e was sent by Andrew Jackson "Jack" Allen (1233b) and by Peggy W. T. (Reese) Joyner (123321).

13 HENRY ALLEN married ALEY SHARPE ALLEN (27), his first cousin, the marriage bond being dated January 5, 1813 in Wake County, North Carolina. His will was proved during August 1841 in Wake county. The will gave the names of his wife and children. On the 1850 census Aley Allen was listed as head of a household, age 59, with four of her daughters still living at home.

131 JAMES H. ALLEN was born ca 1815 in North Carolina. On July 12, 1838 in Wake County, he married ELIZABETH C. SPAIN.

1311 RUFUS H. ALLEN was born ca 1840 in North Carolina. On August 10 1865 in Wake County he married JANE MIMS, widow, (born ca 1835 in North Carolina). She had two Mims' children from her previous marriage Georgia Mims (born ca 1859 in North Carolina) and Jackson Mims (born ca 1862 in North Carolina). The names of the children ware taken from the 1880 census of North Carolina.

13111 MARY ALLEN was born ca 1867 in North Carolina. 
13112 AUGUSTA ALLEN was born ca 1869 in North Carolina. 
13113 ELLA ALLEN was born ca 1871 in North Carolina. 
13114 SUSAN ALLEN was born ca 1873 in North Carolina. 

133 TABITHA T. ALLEN a twin, was born ca 1826 in North Carolina. Her will was recorded in Wake County in 1897.
134 ELIZABETH A. ALLEN, a twin was born ca 1826 in North Carolina. She married GREEN LOWERY on August 4 1853. 
135 TELITHA A. ALLEN was born ca 1828 in North Carolina. On June 2 1858 in Wake County she married HENRY A. LOWERY, formerly married to her sister, Mary E. (136).

136 MARY E. ALLEN was born ca 1832 in North Carolina. She married HENRY A. LOWERY on November 15, 1851.


137 PHOEBE TURNER ALLEN married JAMES H. NIPPER on April 3, 1854 in Wake County North Carolina.

14 MILES ALLEN died before 1839 in Gibson Co. Tennessee. On May 1, 1810 in Granville County, North Carolina, he married JINSEY (JANE) BLEDSOE.

141 YOUNG W. ALLEN was born ca 1811 in North Carolina. On February 1, 1650 he married MARY HAMMOND BLANCETT (born ca 1822 in Tennessee). His family was listed on the 1850 and 1860 Censuses of Gibson County Tennessee. 

1411 ANDREW JACKSON ALLEN was born ca 1839 in Tennessee. He married LUCINDA N. DRINKHARD (born ca 1849 in Tennessee) on March 7, 1867 in Gibson County Tn. His family was listed on the 1880 Census of Gibson County, Tennessee.

14111 NANCY J. ALLEN was born ca 1868 in Tennessee. 
14112 MARY J. ALLEN was born ca 1870 in Tennessee. 
14113 YOUNG F. ALLEN was born ca 1872 in Tennessee. 
14114 ANDREW JACKSON ALLEN JR. was born ca 1874, Tn. 
14115 HATTIE J. ALLEN was born ca 1876 in Tennessee.

1412 MAHALA ANN ALLEN was born ca 1842 in Tennessee. 
1413 SARAH ALLEN was born ca 1843 in Tennessee. 
1414 YOUNG ALLEN was born ca 1844 in Tennessee. He married SUSAN FRANCES CLINE (born ca 1848, Tn.) on Dec 31, 1868 in Gibson County, Tennessee. Children are listed on the 1880 Census of Gibson County. 

14141 LOUIS BEN ALLEN was born ca 1870 in Tennessee. 
14142 JACK A. ALLEN was born ca 1872 in Tennessee. 
14143 LUTHER A. ALLEN was born ca 1875 in Tennessee. 
14144 WILLIAM E. ALLEN was born ca 1876 in Tennessee. 
14145 SARAH J. ALLEN was born ca 1678 in Tennessee. 

1415 HENLEY ALLEN (male) was born ca 1850 in Tennessee. 
1416 NANCY ALLEN was born ca 1852 in Tennessee. 
1417 LUIS J. ALLEN Has born ca 1854 in Tennessee. He married MATTIE E. ____ (born ca 1858 in Tennessee). The family was listed on the 1880 Census of Gibson County, Tennessee.

14171 ARRILER ALLEN was born ca 1876 in Tennessee. 
14172 LOUIS R. ALLEN was born ca 1879 in Tennessee. 

1418 DIXIE ALLEN was born ca 1861 in Tennessee. Her name was listed as "Dicksey" on the 1870 census. 

142 ELIZABETH A. ALLEN was of legal age in 1839. She never married.

143 CATHERINE A. ALLEN was born during, the 1812-1818 period; she was of legal age in 1839. On December 13, 1843 in Gibson County, Tennessee she married RIDDICK HUNTER BERRY, as his second wife. His daughter, Mary married Catherine's brother Miles Louis Allen (145). 

144 MAHALA ANN ALLEN was born ca 1819. She married JOHN B. STEWART (born ca 1808 in Virginia). The names of their children were obtained from the 1850 Census of Davidson County, Tennessee; there may have been other children. 

1441 NICHOLAS STEWART was born ca 1838 in Tennessee. 
1442 ROBERT STEWART was born ca 1840 in Tennessee. 
1443 MARGARET A. STEWART was born ca 1842 in Tennessee. 
1444 DAVID STEWART was born ca 1846 in Tennessee. 
1445 WILLIAM H. STEWART was born ca 1850 in Tennessee. 

145 MILES LOUIS ALLEN was born February 11, 1821 in Wake County North Carolina. He died August 2 1903 and was buried at Salem Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Crockett County, Tennessee. On October 11 1848 in Gibson County, Tennessee, he married MARY ELIZABETH BERRY (born on June 1828 in Madison County Tennessee; died ca 1915 at Davis Grove Community in Glbson County, Tennessee). She was the daughter of Reddick Hunter Berry and his first wife, Nancy Piercy (Pearcy) and the step daughter of Miles Louis' sister, CATHERINE A. (ALLEN) BERRY (143). His children were listed on the 1850 and 1860 Censuses of Gibson County, Tennessee. 

1451 ANDREW MURRAY ALLEN was born ca 1849 Tennessee. He married LILLIAN (FOX) BAILEY, a widow. Andrew was listed as ANDERSON ALLEN on the 1870 Census of Gibson County, Tennessee.


1452 RUTH ANN ALLEN was born ca 1853 in Tennessee. She married JOE FORD and had one child, MURRAY FORD. 
1453 LETITIA ALLEN was born ca 1859 in Tennessee. She married ____ SCRUGGS.
1454 MARION JAY ALLEN was born ca 1860 in Tennessee and married VANDORA HAMMONDS. They resided in Bradford County Tennessee.
1455 WILLIAM LEA ALLEN was born ca 1864 in Tennessee. He married LAURA BELL WARD and they lived near Bradford in Gibson County, Tennessee in 1915. 


1456 ISABELLA E. ALLEN was born ca 1868 in Tennessee. 
1457 JOSEPH GREEN ALLEN, born ca 1869; he never married. 

146 AMANDA J. ALLEN married ALFRED STUART on March 12, 1844 in Gibson County, Tennessee.
147 PHEBE TURNER ALLEN was born ca 1828. She married ZACHARIAH BLEDSOE (born ca 1828) on October 22, 1849 in Gibson County. Their family was listed on the 1860 Census of Gibson County.

1471 WILLIAM BLEDSOE was born ca 1852 in Tennessee. 
1472 LOUIS BLEDSOE was born ca 1854 in Tennessee. 
1473 JAMES BLEDSOE was born ca 1856 in Tennessee. 
1474 EMERSON BLEDSOE was born ca 1858 in Tennessee. 

15 REYNOLD ALLEN was born ca 1791 in North Carolina and his will was probated September 20, 1879 in Wake County, North Carolina. He married twice.

(1) on June 27, 1824 ha married BETSY ANN HARRISON.
(2) on May 7, 1836 he married JANE H. CANNON (born ca 1813 in North Carolina).

The children listed were obtained from the 1850 Census and from Reynold's will.

151 WILLIAM ANDERSON ALLEN was born ca 1825 in North Carolina and died in 1884. He was Colonel of the 51st North Carolina Regiment, Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. He was a lawyer and a member of the State Constitutional Convention, and he served for three terms as a state senator.
On May 28, 1849 William married MARIA G. HICKS, the daughter of Joseph Hicks. They were listed on the 1850 Census with his father and on the 1880 Census, both in Duplin County North Carolina. His biography is contained in Heritage of Lenoir County, North Carolina.

1511 OLIVER HICKS ALLEN was born ca 1850 and died in 1925. He was a lawyer and Superior Court Judge. In 1883, he married SARAH C. MOORE (born in 1858; died in 1946), the daughter of Dr. Matt Moore of Duplin County, North Carolina.

15111 MATTHEW HICKS ALLEN was born 1884 and died 1954. He married CHARLOTTE HOWARD of New Bern, North Carolina. 

151111 ELIZABETH ALLEN married twice.
(1) To DONALD COX of Kingstan. North Carolina.

1511112 DONNA COX. 
1511113 JOSEPH BATOR, JR. 

15112 WILLIAM ANDERSON ALLEN was born in 1887 and died in 1964. He married ALICE WARD (born in 1896, died in 1969) of New Bern, North Carolina.

151121 WILLIAM ANDERSON ALLEN JR. was born in 1920. He married SARAH PEARSON (SAWYER). PHELPS (121634) a widow, of Windsor, North Carolina. Her first husband was killed in World War II.

1511211 WILLIAM ANDERSON ALLEN, III (also No. 1216341) was born in 1948. He married RACHEL LOUISE WILDE. 

1511212 ISOBEL PUREFOY ALLEN (also No. 1216342) was born in 1950. Her husband was ____ BEST. 


15112121 MARY HARPER BEST (also No. 12163421). 
1511213 REYNOLD SAWYER ALLEN (also No. 1216343) was born in 1953.

151122 ALFRED WARD ALLEN was born in 1922. He married LUISE JORDAN of Ansbach, Germany. She was born in Ansbach but resided in New Bern, North Carolina. 

1511221 LUKE LAMB ALLEN lived in New Bern. 

151123 OLIVER HICKS ALLEN was born in 1924. He married JULIA MAXWELL of New Bern North Carolina. His biography is provided in Heritage of Lenoir County. 

1511231 JULIA ALLEN married JOHN THOMAS.

15113 MARTHA MOORE ALLEN was born in 1890 and died in 1975. She married BENJAMIN BARNES (born 1881, died 1951) of Maxton, North Carolina.

151131 SARAH BARNES married BRUCE SUGG, JR. of Greenville, North Carolina. 

1511311 MARTHA SUGG. 
1511312 SALLY SUGG.


1511321 CARL BARNES 

15114 CONNER MIDDLETON ALLEN was born in 1891 and died in 1952. He was a lawyer and served in the Navy during World War I. JANE GRAY was his wife.

151141 CONNER MIDDLETON ALLEN, JR. served in the Navy during World War II. He resides in Carlsbad, Calif. 

15115 REYNOLD TATUM ALLEN, a lawyer, was born in 1894 and died in 1954. During World War I, he was a First Lieutenant in the 81st Infantry Division, A.E.F. REYNOLD never married.

1512 WILLIAM REYNOLD ALLEN was born in 1860. He was lawyer and served as a Supreme Court Justice for twenty-five years. Judge Allen resided at Goldsboro, North Carolina.
1513 ELIZABETH A. ALLEN was born ca 1872 in North Carolina. 

152 CHARLES NICKOLAS ALLEN was born ca 1837. On October 30, 1862 in Wake County, North Carolina he married CAROLINE V. JOHNS (born ca 1841 in North Carolina). They are listed on the 1880 Census of Wake County with six children.

1521 IRENE ALLEN was born ca 1866 in North Carolina. 
1522 LENA ALLEN was born ca 1869 in North Carolina. 
1523 JOHN ALLEN was born ca 1870 in North Carolina. 
1524 NANCY ALLEN was born ca 1872 in North Carolina. 
1525 CAROLINE ALLEN was born ca 1876 in North Carolina. 
1526 CHARLES N. ALLEN was born ca 1878 in North Carolina. 

153 JAMES BASCUMB ALLEN was born ca 1851.

16 YOUNG W. ALLEN was born ca 1796 in North Carolina. On September 13, 1817 in Wake County, North Carolina he married ANNE ROGERS and they moved to Carroll County, Tennessee.

17 SARAH ALLEN Has born ca 1797 in North Carolina. She married ISAAC WINSTON (born ca 1794 in North Carolina) on September 13, 1817 in Wake County, North Carolina. The following children were living with them when the 1850 Census was recorded. It is possible those children were their grandchildren.

171 SARAH WINSTON was born ca 1836 in North Carolina. 
172 BURTON WINSTON was born ca 1838 in North Carolina. 
173 MARCELLUS WINSTON was born ca 1840 in North Carolina. 
174 JAMES WINSTON was born ca 1842 in North Carolina.

18 ELIZABETH ALLEN was born ca 1797 in Wake County North Carolina. On January 25, 1819 in Wake County, North Carolina she married JEREMIAH T. RUST (born ca 1800 in North Carolina.) They were listed on the 1850 Census of Carroll County, Tennessee with the following children still at home.


181 JEREMIAH RUST, JR. was born ca 1822 in North Carolina. 
182 ARRY T. RUST was born ca 1833. 
183 ELMARINDA E. RUST was born ca 1835. 

1x SOLOMON ALLEN was born ca 1805. On December 22, 1836 he married HELEN H. MORING (born ca 1820; died Sept. 27 1885). They were listed on the 1850 Census of Lafayette County Mississippi with four children. 

1xl MARQUIS D. ALLEN was born ca 1838 in North Carolina.
1x2 JOHN N. ALLEN was born ca 1842 in North Carolina. 
1x3 HENRY C. ALLEN was born ca 1844 in North Carolina. 
1x4 SOPHRONIA ALLEN was born ca 1846 in Mississippi. 

2 REYNOLD ALLEN, JR. was born between 1755 and 1760, perhaps in Johnston County, North Carolina. REYNOLD died in 1812 in Iredell County, North Carolina. On September 1812, nine children were named in a deed involved with the estate settlement for Reynold Allen Jr. The final settlement was made in 1824 and nine heirs shared the remainder of the estate. See text of this chapter for additional information.


22 WILLIAM MOORE ALLEN was born ca 1784 in North Carolina. His Will was probated on May 27, 1851 

221 ELIZABETH ALLEN was born ca 1807 in North Carolina. She married NOAH GILREATH (born ca 1801 in North Carolina). Her children were obtained from the 1850 Census of Wilkes County North Carolina; this compilation is probably not complete.

2211 RHONY GILREATH was born ca 1827 in North Carolina. 
2212 BURRELL GILREATH was born ca 1831 in North Carolina. 
2213 MARY GILREATH was born ca 1833 in North Carolina. 
2214 GEORGE GILREATH was born ca 1835 in North Carolina. 
2215 MARTHA GILREATH was born ca 1836 in North Carolina. 
2216 LEANDER GILREATH was born ca 1838 in North Carolina. 
2217 NOAH GILREATH was born ca 1842 in North Carolina. 
2218 ELIZABETH GILREATH was born ca 1846 in North Carolina. 

222 HINCHEA ALLEN married CATHERINE LITTLE on August 11, 1835 in Lincoln County, North Carolina.


223 MARTHA ALLEN was born ca 1812 in North Carolina. She married DANADUS REDHAN (born ca 1808, North Carolina). Information about the family was obtained from the 1850 Census of Iredell County, North Carolina. 

2231 THOMAS L. REDMAN was born ca 1831 in North Carolina. 
2232 MARY I. REDMAN was born ca 1832 in North Carolina. 
2233 JOHN A. REDMAN was born ca 1835 in North Carolina. 
2234 GEORGE W. REDMAN was born ca 1838 in North Carolina. 

225 BURRELL ALLEN married RHODA L. HOKE on October 31. 1832 in Lincoln Count North Carolina. Frederick Hoke was the surety for their marriage bond.
228 An infant.
22x FIELDING ALLEN was born in 1823 in Iredell County, North Carolina. He married GILLY DRUM (born 1823 in Iredell County North Carolina). Her second husband was Milton M. Alexander.

22x1 MARY ALLEN was born in 1843 in Alexander County, North Carolina.
22x2 MARTHA ALLEN was born in 1845 in Alexander County, North Carolina.

22a MARY CAROLINE ALLEN was born ca 1824 in North Carolina. She married CHARLES HOWELL (born ca 1818 in North Carolina). Tabitha Howell age 9, and William Howell, age 3, were living with the family in 1850.



24 DARLING ALLEN was born in 1788 in Iredell County, North Carolina. He died May 30, 1867 and is buried in the New Sterling A.R.P. Church Cemetery. On April 1, 1809 in Wilkes County, North Carolina he married SUSAN WALLIS (WALLACE) (born in 1792; died January 29, 1870) the daughter of John Wallis and Sarah Granger of Amelia County, Virginia. Darling and Susan were both buried in the New Sterling A.R.P. Church Cemetery.

241 Tabitha Allen, born in 1808, married John Vickery.
2411 Miles L. A. Vickery was born ca 1834. 
2412 Susan C. Vickery was born ca 1836. 
2413 JOHN W. VICKERY was born ca 1836. 
2414 Wallace Jeptha Vickery was born ca l838. 
2415 Sarah Vickery was born ca 1840. 
2416 James Vickery was born ca 1842. 
2417 Thomas Vickery was born ca 1845. 

242 Mahalia Allen married Ebenezer Massy.

243 Elizabeth Allen was born June 21,1811 in Iredell County North Carolina and died there June 4. 1896. She married James Ross Stewart (born April 21, 1803 in Iredell County; died there July 4, 1860), the son of Ralph Stewart and Rebecca John.

2431 Closen Stewart was born in 1830 and died during the Civil War. He married Martha C. Stewart, the daughter of Abner Stewart.

2432 William Wallace Stewart was born on April 23. 1831 in Iredell County, NC. He died there December 24 1922. On September 16 1853, he married Sarah Clemetine Stikeleather. William and Sarah are buried in the New Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery.

2433 Mahalia Stewart was born October 31 1834 in Iredell County, North Carolina. She died there on November 13, 1906 and was buried in the Sharon Lutheran Church Cemetery. Her spouse was Riley Shook. 

2334 Jeptha Stewart was born October 15, 1836. He died on April 2 1915 and was buried in the Olivet Cemetery in Catawaba County, North Carolina. He married Margaret Frye on May 20, 1860.

2435 Tabitha Stewart was born July 28, 1839 in Iredell County North Carolina. On October 20 1925 she died in Yakima, Washington. Tabitha married Frank Julius Alexander.

2436 Franklin Stewart was born ca 1842. On November 23 1870 he married Martha Stikeleather. The wedding took place in Iredell County, North Carolina. Later, they moved to Indiana.

2437 John Stewart was born ca 1844. He died during the Civil War on June 6, 1862.

2438 Benton (Or Benjamin) Stewart was born November 5, 1845; he died on August 12, 1928. On March 25, 1875 he married Eliza Moore.

2439 James Ross Stewart Jr. was born August 15 1848. He died October 28, 1899 and was buried in the New Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery in Iredell County, North Carolina. Esther L. Harris became his wife on March 7, 1859.

243x David Madarlin Stewart who was born February 6, 1851, died on January 23, 1888 and was buried in the New Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery in Iredell County, North Carolina. On June 11, 1874 he married Sally Harris.

243a Noah Stewart was born February 12, 1853. He died September 6, 1893. NOAH was married twice. 
(1) On June 7 1874 to Caroline Alexander.
(2) His second wife was Effie Waters.

243b Susannah R. Stewart was born in 1856. She died February 15, 1859.

244 Jeptha Allen, born in 1814 died on May 1, 1843 and was buried in the New Sterling A.R.P. Church Cemetery


in Iredell County, North Carolina. He married Mrs. MARTHA (MILLER) MOORE (born January 21 1797; died January 21 1884) who was the widow of James Moore. Her Moore children were John C., David M., James T. and Martha, who married an Elliott. Jeptha and Martha had no issue.

245 WILLIAM WALLACE ALLEN was born in 1827 in Iredell County, North Carolina. He died during the Civil War. William married AGNES MOORE (born ca 1825) the daughter of Abraham Moore and his wife, Nancy, whose maiden name is not known.

2451 ADOLPHUS ALLEN was born about 1854 in North Carolina. His wife was listed as ELIZA, (born ca 1846 in North Carolina) on the 1880 census of Iredell County, and three children were listed with the family. 

24511 ETTA ALLEN was born ca 1876 in North Carolina. 

24512 JOHN ALLEN was born ca 1878 in North Carolina. 

24513 Son born ca 1880 in North Carolina. 

2452 Larkin Maxwell Allen was born in January, 1855 in Iredell County, North Carolina. On September 27, 1882 he married Mary Emma Hinson.

24521 LELAND GLEN ALLEN was born July 14, 1885 at Hickory, North Carolina.

24522 Tullie Clyde Allen was born February 18, 1887, N.C. 

24523 Maud Hinson Allen was born March 3, 1889, N.C. 

24524 Willie Brent Allen was born December 5, 1890, N. C. 

24525 Lucy May Allen was born January 12, 1892, N. C. 

24526 Herbert Maxwell Allen was born November 1, 1895, N.C. 

24527 Theodore Hobson Allen was born May 1, 1898, N. C. 

24528 Emma Marie Allen was born January 11 1901, N. C. 

24529 Rose Alene Allen was born September 13 1905, N. C.

2453 Lawson Asbury Allen was born in Iredell County, North Carolina on July 13, 1856. He died there on May 29, 1937. He married Nancy Saphronia Deshman (born 1854, died 1935) on July 15, 1876 in Iredell County. Both are buried at the Concord Baptist Church Cemetery in Alexander County, North Carolina.

24531 William J. Allen was born in 1874 in Iredell County, North Carolina. He died in 1962. His wife was Emma Jane Clary (born 1872 died 1953). William and Emma were buried in the Concord Baptist Church Cemetery in Alexander County. North Carolina.

245311 Glenn Richard Allen was born April 9, 1905 and died on April 25, 1973. His spouse was Pauline Payne.

245312 Collie Allen married Robert Sharpe.

245313 Mary Lee Allen married ____ Ratley.

245314 Clarence Allen married Eupha Kate Madison. 

245315 Coy Robert Allen was born July 9, 1908; he died on March 31 1980. Coy's wife was Emma Lee Lackey. 

24532 Agnes Carribell Allen was born September 31, 1881 in Iredell County, North Carolina. She died there on December 26 1915 and was buried in Oakwood Cemetery at Statesville. She married George Omer Mccoy on November 19, 1910.

245321 Hazel Mccoy was married twice.
(1) Her first husband was ____ Jones.
(2) ____ Campbell was her second husband.

245322 Ruby Mccoy married William Lindley.

24533 Mary Jane Allen was born February 4, 1886 in Iredell County, North Carolina and died there November 15, 1950. On July 15, 1906 she married William Harris. 

24534 Maggie Belle Allen was born May 5 1891 in Iredell County, North Carolina, and she died there on October 28, 1965. MAGGIE was married five times. 

(1) November 19, 1910 to Edward Nicholson (died January 24 1932 in Iredell County, North Carolina). Edward was buried in Bethany Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Iredell County. 
(2) On September 3, 1938 to John Elisha Smith.


(3) On August 1, 1946 to William Warren Cummins.
(4) Information about her fourth husband is not known.
(5) Wm Ellis Poteat.

245341 James Asbury Allen, born February 22, 1907 in Iredell County North Carolina, was the illegitimate son of Maggie. He was marrried there in April of 1929 to Effie Alma Combs (born July 16 Iredell County; died September 6 1961; and buried Rose Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery in Iredell County) She was the daughter of Felix William Combs and Nancy Anderson 

2453411 Claude Lawson Allen was born December 3, 1931 in Iredell County North Carolina. His spouse was Minnie Jean Wallace.

24534111 Dora Elaine Allen was born April 22 1958 in Iredell County, North Carolina. On July 12 1974 she married Tony Lee Snow. They were later divorced.

245341111 David Lee Snow was born in 1974. 
245341112 Tabitha Dee Snow was born May 20, 1978.

24534112 Tammy Ellete Allen was born August 13 1959. On June 10, 1978 she married Danny Charles Williams.

245341121 Daniel Christopher Williams was born August 16, 1981.

2453412 Barbara Ann Allen was born June 8, 1935 in Iredell County North Carolina. On November 26, 1955 she married William Howard Jordan (born November 26, 1935), son of Lee Parks Jordan and Letha Dishman.

24534121 James Howard Jordan was born September 13, 1956 in Iredell County, North Carolina. He married Susan Elizabeth Campbell (born November 1955) daughter of Wade Campbell and Lorene Kennedy. At this time there is no issue.

24534122 Rhonda Gail Jordan was born September 28, 1959 in Iredell County North Carolina. RHONDA married Gregory Keith Keiger (born June 10, 1957), son of Dustin Keiger and Susan Campbell. 

245341221 Gregory Keith Keiger, Jr. was born August 15, 1977.

245341222 Shannon Wayne Keiger was born May 2 1980. 

24534123 Kathy Jane Jordan was born February 27 1962. She married Craig Tony Keiger (born July 15 1961), brother of GREGORY KEITH KEGGER (14534122).

245341231 Angela Marie Keiger was born April 30 1979. 

2453413 Nancy Carolyn Allen was born July 26, 1938 in Iredell County, North Carolina. She married PAUL D. MOOSE, the son of Henry Moose and Hattie Money. 

2453414 Frank Mebane Allen was born October 24, 1942. He married Reda Mitchell.

2453415 Mary Jayne Allen was born June 19 1947. James A. Campbell became her husband, but later they were divorced.

24534151 Cynthia Jane Campbell was born March 4, 1967. 

24534152 John Alan Campbell was born August 17, 1972. 

245342 Edna Nicholson married Harry H. Evans. 

245343 Mildred Nicholson married two times.

(1) Connolly Reid.
(2) ___ Lippard.

245344 Margaret Nicholson married Don F. Dixon. 

2454 Robert H. Allen was born ca 1859. 

246 John Allen.

247 Benton Carlton Allen was born ca 1828 in Iredell County, North Carolina.

2471 Benton Carlton Allen, Jr. died September 16. 1871 in Alexander County, North Carolina; he is buried in the Taylorville Cemetery in Alexander County, North Carolina. BENTON married Mrs. Jessie Hoover, a widow who had a son. David Hoover. from a previous marriage.

2472 Elsie Allen.


2473 Luna Allen married ____ Alexander. 

2474 Clarise Allen married Pleas(Ant) Lackey. 

2475 Patricia Allen married William Summers of Wilkesboro, North Carolina. 

248 Susan Allen.

249 Nancy Allen married ____ Smith 

25 Nancy Allen married Joel Shoemaker.

26 John Haden Allen.

27 Aley Sharpe Allen was born ca 1791 in North Carolina. She married her first cousin Henry Allen (13). Aley was listed on the 1850 as head of household with several of her children. The children are listed under their father's number.

Sara (Carpenter) Allen of Hiddenite, North Carolina furnished much of the data for Chapters 11 and 12.

---end of Chapter 11 ---

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