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Summary of Beatty Lineages DNA Tested

Summary of Beatty Lineages DNA Tested

Lineage # Tested Y-DNA Haplogroup Group # Contact data Earliest Ancestor
L- 01 Yes   1

Liz- [email protected] 

John Beaty abt1673-1721, IRE Ulster Co NY, m-Susannah Asfordby.
L- 02A No   na David - [email protected] John Beaty b: Bet. 1750 - 1760 d: Abt. 1842 m-Margaret Montgomery
L- 02B Yes   1&8 Jack - [email protected] William (Billy) Beaty b. abt 1735; d. aft 1801
L- 02C Yes   11 Michael - [email protected] John Beaty 1760 - 1816
L- 02D Yes   1 Phyllis - [email protected] William Beaty 1764 - 1845
L- 02E Yes   1 Terry - [email protected] UNK Parents of George, David, & John Beaty
L- 02F Yes   1 Willie - [email protected] James and Phoebe Beaty born twins in Nottingham Township, Chester County PA.
L- 02G Yes   1 Michael - [email protected] James Beaty 1775
L- 03 Yes   1 Raymond - [email protected] John Beatty b. Ireland
L- 04 Yes   1 Joann - [email protected] John and Francis Beatie, brothers, settled in Washington Co. VA
L- 05 Yes   10 Nelda - [email protected] John Beatty b-abt1621 Ayrshire Scotland m-Jane Ross
L- 06 Yes   1 James - [email protected] Alexander BEATY b. 1772 NYm- Mary S."Molly" CARTER b. 16 Nov 1779DE
L- 07 Yes   1 Carol - [email protected] Robert (b-1800-1888) and Samuel(b-1794-1850+)Beatty Stephens City VA . 
L- 08 No   na John - [email protected] John (Beatty Beatye) Beaty b-1585-1590 SCOT-Dumfriesshire 
L- 09 No   na Teresa - [email protected] George Beaty (d-1799) and John Beaty (1756-1839) b. Loudoun County VA
L- 10 Yes   1 Michael - [email protected] Patrick Beaty mayhap pioneered the Juniata Valley/is now Huntingdon, PA
L- 11 No   na Michael - [email protected] John William Beaty (b-abt 1760 London) m-Ann Portus 
L- 12 Yes   6 Michael - [email protected] William (Batty) Baty (ca 1755-1819) m-Margaret Hazel Livingston Co KY. 
L- 13 Yes   1 Earl - [email protected] James Louis Beaty (1843-1916) m-Elizabeth Inman, m2-Elizabeth Proctor. 
L- 14 No   na Janet - [email protected] John R. Beaty m-Elizabeth Sanford;
L- 15 No   na Michael - [email protected] Thomas Jasper Beatty 1803-1884 m-Sarah Deborah Morell Raymond.
L- 16 No   na Donna - [email protected] John Gibson Beaty 016 b: Abt. 1760 in Ireland 
L- 17 No   na Tom - [email protected] George b-Co Down IRE, d-1823 Monongalia Co VA m-Mary
L- 18 No   na Michael - [email protected] John Beattie, li Cumnock, Ayrshire SCOT m-Mary Crawford
L- 19 No   na Joseph Beaty [email protected] Thomas Beatty b-1798 NY-Washington Co-Salem m-Rebecca Steele
L- 20 Yes   1 Jerrie - [email protected] Francis Beaty b: Bet. 1710 - 1715 d: 1774 m-Martha Mitchell 
L- 21 No   na Nancy - [email protected] CharlesBeattie b-1802-Canoubie,SCOT d-1884 MelbourneCAN m-Elizabeth Murray
L- 22 No   na Joy - [email protected] David Beatty b-abt 1700 Scotland d-abt 1745 Chester Co PA m-Nancy Gilmore
L- 23 No   na Shirley- [email protected] Robert Beatty b-abt 1820 SCOT d-Ontario,CAN m-Janet McKinley 
L- 24 Yes   1 John - [email protected] John Beaty b-1640
L- 25 No   na Suzanne - [email protected] William Beattie in Netherton 025 b: Bef. 1733 d: Aft. 1758
L- 26 No   na Michael - [email protected] Moses (Rev) Beattie 1838 - 1865 Ireland d: U.S. +Margaret Wilson
L- 27 No   na Michael - [email protected] Robert Jackson Beattie b-1808 NY m-Sally Ann Christ Oakland Co,MI
L- 28 No   na Gertrude- [email protected] Hugh Beattyb: Bet. 1829-1830 in Derry County, IRE d: 12/09/1904 in PA 
L- 29 No   na Nancy - [email protected] Francis Beattie m-Jean Rae; 
L- 30 No   na Patrica - [email protected] John Beatty d: in Ireland-Londonderry-Mountrecy
L- 31 No   na Michael - [email protected]  John Baty d-1829 m-Deborah Mind
L- 32 Yes   1 Armond - [email protected] Samuel Beaty b: Abt. 1793 in VA
L- 33 Yes   7 Ross - [email protected] Andrew Betty li 1809 Magheracross, Co Fermanagh, IRE m-Dolly McGregor
L- 34 Yes   1 Cindy - [email protected] Andrew Beaty b-1740 IRE? m-Elizabeth Montgomery m- Sarah Adams liv-Loudoun Co VA
L- 35 No   na Judith - [email protected] George Beattie, b-1773 d-1833 Aberdeenshire, SCOT m-Margaret Green.
L- 36 No   na Michael - [email protected] Alexander Beattie b-abt1658 Peterculter, Aberdeenshire, SCOT m-Helen Chrystie
L- 37 No   na Vivian - [email protected] William Skeens (Steen) Baty b-abt 1799-m Mary Stewart (Seward?)abt 1800
L- 38 No   na Michael - [email protected] John K. Beatty b-1829 Ireland,m-Elisa Jean Kirk born 1842 Co Tyrone, Ireland.
L- 39 Yes   1 Lois - [email protected] James Beaty b: in N. Ireland d: Aft. 1788 in PA
L- 40 No   na Dave - [email protected] Robert Beaty, Co Cavan, IRE m-Catherine Crawford
L- 41 Yes   1 Jon - [email protected] Joseph Beaty b: c1774 in NC -mSusannah McKee*2nd mAnne B. Weber
L- 42 No   na Tony - [email protected] William Beatty b. 1820 Co. Fermanagh, Ireland. M Mary Hamilton
L- 43 No   na Cathy - [email protected] Robert Beattie b: Bef. 1741 +Margaret Grant 
L- 44 Yes   1&2 Janet - [email protected] Thomas Beaty b. 1747 Ireland d. 1816 Washington Co. PA m. Margaret unk
L- 45 No   na Michael - [email protected] James Alexander Beatty b-abt1812 Co Donegal IRE m-Eliza Harkins
L- 46 No   na David - [email protected] David Beatty m-Elizabeth Campbell-li Fayete Co PA 
L- 47 No   na Beverly - [email protected] William Beatty b-1815 NJ d-1864 Tiffin, OH. m-Elizabeth
L- 48 Yes   1 Sandy - [email protected] William Batey b. 1800 m-Elizabeth Cameron,  m-Mary unk maybe others
L- 49 No   na Dede - [email protected] Robert R. Beatty b: Abt. 1800 +Sarah Phillips 
L- 50 No   na Bill - [email protected] Asa Baty b-abt1818 m1-Nancy Hiley m2-Susan McClain
L- 51 No   na Jerrie - [email protected] Connected to lineage 20 - Francis Beaty m-Martha Mitchell
L- 52 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Caleb Bettis b-abt1786 NC m-Mariah Jacobs Jefferson City, TN.
L- 53  No   na James - [email protected] William Beatty b-1739 d-NC? 
L- 54 No   na Barbara - [email protected] John Beatty -b- IRE d-1783-killed by Indians; James Beatty b-IRE>Trenton NJ pre 1776
L- 55 No   na JoAnn - [email protected] John Beatty b-abt 1810 IRE m-Nancy McBride in Philadelphia
L- 56 Yes   1 Jerri - [email protected] John Beatty d-abt 1778 m-Elizabeth
L- 57 Yes   1 Michael - [email protected] John Beatty b OH m-Moore,
L- 58 No   na Karen - [email protected] Hugh C(Cephas?) Beatty b 1854 PA - m-Ella Uber b 1863 PA1879 KS
L- 59 Yes   6 Roger - [email protected] David Beatty b-abt1789 KY m-Emily Pickerill
L- 60 No   na Robert - [email protected] William Beaty b:1762 in NJ m Unknown
L- 61 No   na Jan - [email protected] Dr. John Dator Beattie b1899 Port Gervais NY m-Rita Holbert
L- 62 No   na Jnell - [email protected] Brothers: William (Sr.); Thomas; John Beaty 
L- 63 No   na Michael - [email protected] John Beaty d-abt 1735 m-Jane li-Bedford Co PA
L- 64 No   na Ray - [email protected] Henry (Sir) Batte (L-064) b: 1509 +Margaret Waterhouse
L- 64B Yes   1 Ray  - [email protected] William Ferrington Batey b. 1775 VA m- Elizabeth Parham Sills
L- 65 No   na Caryn - [email protected] James Beatty b-1807 Ire-Co Fermanagh m-Elizabeth Martin
L- 66 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Beatty Co Monaghan, IRE > 188l Thorold, Ontario m-Frances 
L- 67 No   na Michael - [email protected] George Beatty b-1810 PA m-Mary J. liv-Clearfield Co PA; 
L- 68 No   na Michael - [email protected] Robert Beattie (1813-1886) b-Scotland-Dumfries d-VA-Richmond m-Mary; 
L- 69 Yes   1 Alan - [email protected] William Beatty b: Abt. 1750+Margret Ohio 
L- 70 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Beattie b1734 Galloway SCOT m-Agnes
L- 71 No   na Deb - [email protected] Richard Beaty b:IRE +Jane
L- 72 No   na Marjo - [email protected] Robert Beattie d-1839-Lincoln Co NC m1-Unknown m2-Rebecca Mays
L- 73 Yes   19 Jnell - [email protected] Samuel Beatty li-Dublin d-1769 near Wilmington NC m-1767 Bridgett Day  
L- 74 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Henry Beaty m-Mrs. Louvina Hall Fortune
L- 75 No   na Michael - [email protected] Peter Beatty d-1889 m-Minerva Armstrong
L- 76 No   na Donna - [email protected] William Beaty  b: Aug 02, 1784 VA +Mary Ann "Mariam Romine" Romine
L- 77 No   na Rosemarie - [email protected] WILLIAM BEATTY b. 1770 m. DORITHEA b. 1772 d 1836 Indiana Co
L- 78A No   na Michael - [email protected] Samuel Beatty d: Bet. 1795 -1796 in Reading twp., York co., PA +Mary ??
L- 78B No   na Michael - [email protected] Walter Beatty d: Bet. March 1751/52 - November 1752
L- 79 No   na Matthew - [email protected] Hiram Beattyb: 1792 1821Ireland +Unknown (beatty) b: in Ireland
L- 80 No   na Patti - [email protected] John Beattie b-Scotland--studied law in Glasgow d-after 1800 ME; 
L- 81 No   na Lynn - [email protected] Matthew C. Beattie b-Fayette Co PA m-Elmyria Haas
L- 82 Yes   1 Michael - [email protected] John Beaty b:Ireland Sarah LNU b: 1762 Ireland 
L- 83 No   na Michael - [email protected] Jackson Beaty b-1895 Cedar Co IA m-Irene Edmundson
L- 84 No   na Karen - [email protected] Andrew Beatty-b.1775 N.Ire.m. Sarah LNU b 1779, Tyrone, N.Ire
L- 85 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Beattiem-Bridget O'ShanessySarah Beattiem-John Bell; Robert Beattie 
L- 86 No   na Michael - [email protected] merged with Lineage 013 - 10/01/2003
L- 87 No   na Michael - [email protected] Dr. James Beatty b-1788 m-Susanna li-Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh
L- 88 No   na Michael - [email protected] Joseph Nesbitt Beattie b-abt 1900 m-Sarah MacDonald li-Sydney Australia
L- 89 No   na Michael - [email protected] Arthur Beattie b-abt1930 m-Edna li-Sydney, Australia
L- 90 No   na Michael - [email protected] John Betty, b-bef 1775 d-abt 1815 Bellanaleck Co Fermanagh IRE
L- 91 No   na Michael - [email protected] Andrew W. Beattie b-abt 1848 SCOT > Mexico m-Luisa Velaso 
L- 92 No   na Bob - [email protected] John Beatty b-abt1800 IRE
L- 93 No   na Jeff - [email protected] James Beatty b-1812 IRE d-1896 Appanoose Co IA.
L- 94 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Baty b-abt1804 li-Carlisle ENG m-Elizabeth
L- 95 No   na merged 180-  [email protected] merged into lineage 180
L- 96 No   na Jim - [email protected] Robert Beattie b-IRE m-Mary Ann Co Antrim,1845 Stratford ON CAN, 1879 OH, USA
L- 97 No   na Ed - [email protected] Hugh Beatty b-180l,Co Tyrone, IRE m1-McGaugh m2-Mary McVey
L- 98 Yes   1 Tim - [email protected] James Beattie b:1716 Cumberland Co., PA + Deborah Nailor
L- 99  No   na FL  Massy - [email protected] John Beaty1760-1814 in OH - +Mary Cowen
L-100 No   na Robert - [email protected] David Beatty b-1871 England M-Ethel Field  Adm of the Royal British Navy
L-101 No   na Michael - [email protected] James Beatty d-1839 Washington County PA m-Margaret Hill 
L-102 No   na Michael - [email protected] David Beaty d-1815 Butler Co OH m-Margaret
L-103 No   na Michael - [email protected] merged with Lineage 78 
L-104 No   na Ray  - [email protected] Abraham Beatty  d: 1748 in PA - Chester Co +Agnes 
L-105 No   na Michael - [email protected] Thomas Beatty b-abt1770 Co Tyrone IRE d-Delaware Co PA
L-106 No   na James - [email protected] Moses Beaty d-abt 1827 NC m1-Martha Campbell m2-Nancy Weathers. 
L-107 No   na Sarah - [email protected] John B. Beattie, b. Abt. 1858. m. Ida Hill October 05, 1901 in Lake Co., IL.
L-108 No   na Michael - [email protected] James Baty b-1805-TN m-unknown
L-109 No   na Michael - [email protected] Robert Beatty b-abt 1785 Chester Co PA m-Ann Henry abt 1807. 
L-110 No   na Michael - [email protected] John Beatie (1763-1849) d-Fayetteville TN m-Joana 
L-111 No   na Michael - [email protected] Willim Beattie m-Catherine Graham
L-112 Yes   1 Michael - [email protected] JOSEPH BEATTY b. Abt. 1753 in ?PA? d. Sep 08, 1827 Grayson Co., KY
L-113 No   na Amy - [email protected] Edward Ryan Batie b:1863 m. Edith Hester b: 1874, m(2) Lula Mays Williams
L-114 No   na Patrica - [email protected] John Beatty b-1803 Co Donegal IRE /OH bef 1839.Married Margaret Graham
L-115 No   na Michael - [email protected] UNK Beaty husband of Elizabeth b-bef 1735 d-1777 New Castle DE. 3-GEN, DE.
L-116 No   na Michael - [email protected] Arthur Beatty b-abt 1808 m-Margaret McCray liv-Huntingdon Co Quebec Canada
L-117 No   na Robert - [email protected] Thomas Beatty 117 b: in Ireland +Catherine b: in Ireland
L-118 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Beatty b-1811-IRE d-aft-1860 m-Margaret Primarily OH
L-119 No   na Joann - [email protected] John "Jonathan" Beaty 1775-1845 Pulaski Co KY m-Mary Polly Forgey
L-120 No   na Michael - [email protected] Samuel Beattie b-abt 1860 SCOT m-Margaret Turner 
L-121 No   na Dale - [email protected]  David Beaty b-1814 VA m-Sarah Elizabeth Ross
L-122 No   na Virginia - [email protected]  James Beatty b-abt 1814 d-1852 Dauphin Co PA m-Rebecca Miller 
L-123 No   na Judith - [email protected]  Walter Beattie b-1818-Aberdeenshire, SCOT m-Catherine Andersen 
L-124 Yes   1 James - [email protected] John Beaty b. Abt. 1720 +Sarah d: IRE - Co Tyrone? 
L-125 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Beatty b-1774 IREorPA m-Eleanor Plumville,PA 
L-126 No   na Mike/Diane - [email protected] William Beatty d-1862/3 Mifflin Co PA m-Mary
L-127 No   na Pat - [email protected] George Beatty 
L-128 No   na Michael - [email protected] Abraham Taylor Beatty b-1814 CT or PA  m-Ann Etta Marsh 
L-129 No   na Harrold - [email protected] Sam Beatty
L-130a Yes   1 Doris - [email protected] Robert Beatty b-abt1720 m-Catherine Schleycher 
L-130b No   na Doris - [email protected] James Beatty b-NIRE m-Jane - B&C merged
L-130c No   na Doris - [email protected] Charles Beatty (1871-1912) m-Flora Hoffman B&C merged
L-130d No   na Doris - [email protected] George Beatty, Warren Co NJ m1-UNK m2-Elisabeth Cummings. 
L-131 No   na Patricia - [email protected] Robert Beatty b-Germany 1827, immigrated to U.S. 1843, died after 1900. 
L-132 No   na Linda - [email protected]  William Beatty b-1786 PA m-Isabella Caldwell 
L-133 Yes   1 Bruce - [email protected]  George Betty b-abt 1752 d-aft 1752 Warren Co NC.
L-134 No   na Merged  with 39 -   na
BLANK No   na na na
BLANK No   na na na
L-137 No   na Michael - [email protected] James Beatty b-bef 1816 prob Co Tyrone IRE >1855 South Australia 
L-138 No   na Gary - [email protected] James Carroll (Sr.) Beaty b: Bet. 1786 - 1787 in PA +Judith Scott
L-139 No   na Marvin - [email protected]  Walter Beatty b.1752 - d.1834 Hawkins Co. TN m-Mary Miller 1772 in PA 
L-140 No   na Michael - [email protected] Joseph Beaty b-1840 VA (now WV) d-aft 1885 Appanoose Co IA m-Emma. 
L-141 No   na Michael - [email protected] James Beatty b-abt 1840 Loughall, Co Armagh IRE m-Martha Alexander. 
L-142 Yes   1 Ellen - [email protected] Samuel Beatty b-IRE d-1805 Armstrong Co PA m-Margaret Lemmon
L-143 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Franklin Beatty m-Anna Jane Fix.
L-144 No   na James - [email protected] John Beatty b-1747 d-1834 Mecklenburg Co NC.
L-145 No   na James - [email protected] Charles Horace Beaty b-1855-1870 Mississippi.m- Sarah Elizabeth Vaughan li-1889
L-146 No   na Jerrie - [email protected]  William "Billy" Beatty b-1839 Mecklenburg Co NC m-Jane Knight. Civil War vet. 
BLANK No   na na na
L-148 No   na Scott - [email protected] Robert Beaty b-abt 1775 NY d-1865 Anoka Co MN m-Elizabeth A. Beaty in VA. 
L-149 No   na Michael - [email protected] Richard Beatty b-1820 Glasgow SCOT imigrated to the U.S.m-Eliza Wilson 
BLANK No   na na na
L-151 No   na Michelle - [email protected] Robert Beattie b-abt1840 IRE. John, James, Joseph, William, Elizabeth, Eliza, Sarah
L-152 No   na Michael - [email protected] Raymond Beatty b-1904 Philadelphia d-1990 Philadelphia m-Margaret Clark. 
L-153 No   na Michael - [email protected] David Beattie b-abt 1796 IRE m-Ann Ewart Co Armagh IRE >1849 Canada 
L-154 No   na Michael - [email protected] Walter Beattie b-1679 m-Marion Black d-1752 Craig, Scotland
L-155 No   na Michael - [email protected] John Beattie b-abt 1848 Newtownards IRE m-Margaret Piper
BLANK No   na na na
BLANK No   na na na
L-158 No   na Donna - [email protected] Samuel Beatty b: Bet. 1774 - 1775 VA  +Kesiah
L-159 No   na Michael - [email protected] Rose Beattie b-abt 1844 Ireland m-John Todd liv-Lanarkshire, Scotland. 
L-160 No   na Jean - [email protected] John Beattie b. 1827 Brampton, England m. Jane Clark abt 1844.
L-161 No   na Michael - [email protected] John Cuming Beatty b-abt 1850, d-NY? m-Hetty Bull
L-162 Yes   1 Paul - [email protected] Henry Beatty b: Bet. 1730 - 1760 in Ireland . +Isabell / .(merged L394 9/22/03)
L-163 No   na Michael - [email protected] Edwin Betty b-Bridgewater, ENG > USA
L-164 No   na Michael - [email protected] David Beattie, b-IRE, m in Eng-Caroline Hawkins b-1857 > USA 1884 
L-165 No   na Cheryl - [email protected]  Sampson/Samuel Beatty b-1786 IRE d-1849 Harrison Co OH m-Rachel Johnson 
L-166 No   na Michael - [email protected] Thomas R. Beaty m-Jane Whitlow liv-OH 
L-167 No   na Michael - [email protected] Frank Baty b-l/23/1868 IL d-1935 CA m-Lavern Morrow in Arkansas. 
BLANK  No   na na na
BLANK No   na na na
L-170 No   na Hugh - [email protected] Thomas Betty m-Elizabeth James 1788 Kenilworth, WAR, Eng. 
L-171 No   na Michael - [email protected] Beattie b-1810-Scotland m-Janet Bland 
L-172 No   na Michael - [email protected] John Beatty b-abt1790 IRE d-Chesterville, Dearborn Co IN m-Esther Walker 
L-173 No   na Michael - [email protected] Hugh Beatty b-abt 1780 IRE m-Anna 
L-174 No   na James - [email protected] Archie Beatty b-abt 1800 IRE;
L-175 No   na Michael - [email protected] Mary Beatty b-1756-Belfast d-1806-Abbeville District SC m-William McKinley abt 1771
L-176 No   na Curt - [email protected] Dewitt Clinton Beatty b-1840-1862, d-IN? m-Ella Truitt in Riply IN; 
L-177 No   na April - [email protected] Joseph Beatty b-IRE d-Belmont Co OH? 
L-178 No   na April - [email protected] John Beatty 178 b: Bef. 1735 d: 1785 in near Duncannon, Perry Co PA . +Margaret
L-179 No   na Dave - [email protected] John BEATY, b 1790 Va.d 1864, Champaign Co., Oh, m Elizabeth BAKER,
L-180 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Beatty d: Abt. Oct 1685 in Co Tyrone - Diocese of Armagh +Margaret Russell
L-181 No   na Tod - [email protected] Robert Beatty b-1802 PA d-1887 OH-Butler Co m-Rachel Featherland. 
L-182 No   na Laura - [email protected] Jonathan Beatty b-PA- m-Margaret McClure. 
L-183 No   na Pat - [email protected] Robert Beatty b: 1760 in Pennsylvania +Nancy (Agnes) Calhoun 
L-184 No   na Michael - [email protected] William J. Beaty b-abt 1825 Ulster m-Sarah McClain 
L-185 No   na Robert - [email protected] William Alexander Beaty b-1811 WVm-1832-OH-Meigs Co- Elizabeth Dixon.
L-186 No   na Michael - [email protected] William C. Beatty b-abt 1860 d-OH-Champaign Co-Urbana m-Alverna Madden 
L-187 No   na Opal - [email protected] John Beatty b-bef 1780 d-East Kishacoquillas PA
L-188 No   na Opal - [email protected] David Beatty d-abt 1797 OH-Butler Co
L-189 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Batey b-1800 VA d-1860 IN-Jennings Co m-Sarah "Polly" Converse. 
L-190 No   na Donald - [email protected] William Beaty d-1868 in Henderson Co IL m-Mary Pence 
L-191 No   na Michael - [email protected] Thomas Beatty b-before 1771 m-Margaret;
L-192 No   na Michael - [email protected] Thomas W. Beatty b-1854 PA? m-Susanna Earlywine
L-193 No   na Bob - [email protected] John Beatie b-NY before 1803 m-Hannah Lytle
L-194 Yes   1 Patricia [email protected] (merged with Lineage 448, Feb. 12, 2004) George Baity b: Bef. 1755, +Rachel 
L-195 No   na Charles - [email protected] John Beatty b-1814 OH m-Sarah A. 
L-196 No   na Betty - [email protected] James Beatty b: July 17, 1767 in VA . +Rhody/Rhoda Mount
L-197 No   na John.Jerry - [email protected]  William Beatty b-1809 Ballymore IRE  m-Elizabeth Leslie 
L-198 No   na Sharon - [email protected] Thomas Beatty 198 b: 1788 d: 1818 in KY - Montgomery Co   +Sarah Turner
L-199 Yes   3 Thomas - [email protected] James Beatty 1785 . +Frances Hale 1796
L-200 No   na Michael - [email protected] James Beatty b-1816 IRE d-1889 m-Jane Woodside Co Antrim.
L-201 No   na Michael - [email protected] Three brothers, Thomas, Daniel, and Samuel - War 1812 - 
L-202 No   na Michael - [email protected]  merged with Lineage 60, 1/13/2002 
L-203 No   na Pat - [email protected] John Beatey and Mary UNK -children all born in Mecklenburg Co NC
L-204 No   na Jerrie - [email protected] John Beatty b-1755 Co Down IRE m-Jane Cochran.
L-205 No   na Michael - [email protected] Benjamin Beatty b-1782 d-1867 Benburb Co Tyrone IRE m-Elizabeth.
L-206 No   na Jim - [email protected] James Beattie m. Agnes Wilson
L-207 Yes   1 Jane - [email protected] James Wilson Beatty b-OH-Ross Co m-Matilda Lerch
L-208 No   na Karen - [email protected] Thomas B. Beatty b-SC
L-209 No   na Jerrie - [email protected] Parents of 4 Baity children--Surry Co NC
L-210 No   na Jerrie - [email protected]  Edward Beattie b-1800-IRE d-1878-Quebec. m1-UNK m2-Ellen Goodfellow.
L-211 No   na Michael - [email protected] Robert Beattie m-Sarah McCartney li-UK;
L-212 No   na Diane - [email protected] John Beaty b-abt 1715 IRE m-Jane White; 
L-213 Yes   1 Jim - [email protected] William Beaty 213 b: 07/07/1783 in Co. Tyrone, Ireland +Letitia Orr 
L-214 No   na Celia - [email protected]  William Beatty (1810-1883) d-Loudoun Co VA m1-Eliza Smith m2-Lydia Jane Frye.
L-215 No   na Michael - [email protected] Parents of Lewis, Mathaeus, and Christine Beatty b-Russia-Odessa area.
L-216 No   na Michael - [email protected] John Beatty b-IRE d-OH?;
L-217 No   na Kenyon - [email protected] Alexander Beatty b-Canada-New Brunswick m-Grant
L-218 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Beatty b-ca1760-1770 d-bef Dec 1831 Muskingum Co OH, spouse UNK.
L-219 No   na Michael - [email protected] Mary Beattie b-abt 1889 Brooklyn NY
L-220 No   na Judith - [email protected] PR Winchester Beaty, b-abt 1817-NC?, m Sarah ?
L-221 No   na Wayne - [email protected] Unknown Beatty parents of Ora, Belva, and Howard Beatty
L-222 No   na Dianna Chapek - [email protected] 2 bros-James Beattie 1782; William Beattie IRE; James m- Susan Montgomery
L-223 No   na Donna - [email protected] Daniel (?) Beatty, b-bef 1800-Unk, d-bef 1850-VA-Jackson Co, m-unk;
L-224 No   na Michael - [email protected] Adam Beattie b-abt 1830 li-NY-Ontario Co-Seneca Twp -1865
BLANK No   na na na
L-226 No   na Michael - [email protected] Thomas (Col.) Beaty; David ; Phoebe m-Harden; Jennie;
L-227 Yes   1 Michael - [email protected] Thomas Beatty b-bef 1760 d-abt 1825-SC-Iredell Co.
L-228 No   na Michael - [email protected] Changed to Lineage 1012
L-229 No   na Michael - [email protected] Joseph Beatty b-IRE m-"French lady";
L-230 No   na Anne - [email protected] Thomas Beatty b: Bet. 1770 - 1780; . +Mary 
L-231 No   na Michael - [email protected]  Eli Washington Beatty b-abt 1885 d-WV-Tyler Co m-Anna Jane Brookover. 
L-232 No   na Michael - [email protected] James Beatty b-1753 d-1827 PA-Cumberland Co. m-Catherine: 
L-233 No   na Michael - [email protected] Hugh Beattie m-Margaret
L-234 No   na Michael - [email protected] Andrew Beatty b-1753 PA d-1823 OH-Highland Co m-Judith Carter;
L-235 No   na Michael - [email protected] Wm Beatty b-1737 IRE d-1814 PA 
L-236 Yes   1 Sheila - [email protected] William BEATTIE 1775 SCT.m. circa 1805 SCT Janet TELFER
L-237 No   na Graham - [email protected] Andrew Beattie b. 4 Jun 1699, SCT, son of John Beattie of Castlehill, m-Isabel Atchison
L-238 Yes   1 David - [email protected] S. G. Beatty born abt 1862 Toronto, Canada
L-239 No   na Robert - [email protected] John Beaty b-abt 1685 IRE d-abt 1736 m-Janet. Liv-SC-Kingston area.
L-240 No   na Sheila - [email protected] David BEATSON b. abt 1790 (Fife?)SCT.
L-241 Yes   1 Jerrie - [email protected] (Connected To Lineage 020B)Thomas Ross Beaty m-Sarah Ann Morris 1843 in GA.
L-242 No   na Michael - [email protected] Walter Beatty b-1799 IRE d-1877 IA-Linn Co m-Annie Armstrong bef 1824 in IRE
L-243 No   na Michael - [email protected] Merged with 032 (1/30/2004)
L-244 Yes   1 Thomas - [email protected] George Beatty d-bef 1840 m1-Sarah Urie m2-Ann Mackey 1801.
L-245 Yes   1 Karen - [email protected] Robert M. Beatty b-1808 IRE d-1878 PA-Spring Church m-Sarah Watson 1843
L-246 No   na Lil - [email protected] John Beaty b-abt 1784
L-247 Yes   5 Billy - [email protected] Brothers Charles & John Beaty lived Switzerland Co IN.
L-248 No   na Michael - [email protected] George Beatty lived/died Ireland-CoFermanagh/Co Tyrone.
L-249 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Baty b-abt 1850
L-250 No   na Larry - [email protected] Nelson Baty b-PA m- Jane Chase born NY
L-251 No   na Michael - [email protected] Unknown Beatty m abt 1780 in IRE-Co Fermanagh.
L-252 Yes   1 Laurel - [email protected] John S. Baty b: 12/19/1825, TN +Mary Alice Copeland 
L-253 No   na Joesph - [email protected] Robert Beatty 253 b: Abt. 1810 in Scotland
L-254 Yes   1 Guy - [email protected] John Beatty d-1857 m-Joannah Moore 1807  Wi TN
L-255 No   na John - [email protected] Frank Beatty b-abt 1857 IN-Bartholomew Co m-Anna Mitchel.
L-256 No   na Rob - [email protected] Joseph R. Beaty b: Abt. 1803 in VA - . +Mildred I. Herndon b: Abt. 1803
L-257 No   na Esther - [email protected] James Beaty d-abt 1821 KY-Owen Co
L-258 No   na Sheri - [email protected] Samuel b-abt 1847 PA-York Co d 1922 York Co, m-Sophia Yeager ;
L-259 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Beattie b-1797 m-Margaret Vass 1819 Scotland.
L-260 No   na Michael - [email protected] Alexander Beatty d-before 1902 in IRE-Co Down m-Elizabeth Priestley.
L-261 No   na Micheal - [email protected] Wm Beatty d-MI-Marquette Co
L-262 Yes   3 Nancy - [email protected] William James Beatty m-Katherine McCan/McCarr.
L-263 No   na Robin - [email protected] William Isaiah Baty b-1814 TN d-1888. M-Sarah Hassell
L-264 No   na Michael - [email protected] James T. Beatty d-AL m-Lucy Tedder 1872 in AL-Blount Co;
L-265 No   na na nothing listed
L-266 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Edward Beatty b-abt 1830 ENG, M1-Ellen Meagher m2- Anastasia Keyne/Cayne
L-267 No   na Michael - [email protected] Robert Beatty b-abt 1850 IRE-Londonderry m-Catherine MCIntyre;
L-268 No   na Patricia - [email protected] Robert Milton Beatty m-Mary Speer d-1920's & Mary d-1904.
L-269 No   na Michael - [email protected] Thomas P. Baty b-1867 IL d-OK-Lawton m-Jennie Belle Ray
L-270 No   na Michael - [email protected] Christopher Beattie m-Isabel Young 1799 Scotland.
L-271 No   na Michael - [email protected] Thomas Beattie b-abt 1770 SCOT d-1838 SCOT-West Lothian, m-Eliz. Eaddie
L-272 No   na Charlene - [email protected] Henry Beatty b: Abt. 1775 in IRE . +Mary Weldon 
L-273 No   na Cathy - [email protected] CALVIN/CANFIELD MATTHEW BEATTY b 1863 MI, m JENNIE MAE WOODHOUSE in 1882
L-274 No   na Donna - [email protected] James Beattie b: 1752 in Ireland +Mary Quigley b: 1765 in Cumberland County PA
L-275 No   na Bill - [email protected]  Alexander Beatty b:1764 son James S. Beatty, b:1784 Co.Tyrone,+Agnes Dickson b: Aug 1788, Iowa
L-276 Yes   na Michael - [email protected] HenryJamesW.Beattieb-1874-ENG, M3x-Sarah Burley-Charlotte May Redmond-Margaret Isabel 
L-277 No   na Michael - [email protected] David Beatty b-bef 1769 d-after 1802 PA-Mercer Co-Salem twp. 
L-278 No   na Michael - [email protected]  Philip Beaty b-1818 TN m-Mary (Polly) Ann Greer. Living Fentress Co TN 1850
L-279 No   na Michael - [email protected]  Robert (Rev.) Burns Beaty b-abt 1836 IN m-Lydia Lippy. 
L-280 No   na Bob - [email protected] Charles Beattie b-1872-1882 d-NY-Washington Co. m-Ida Johnston. 
L-281 No   na Balise - [email protected] James Beattie 1830-1905 - NIRE -Co Down - Hillsborough m-Sarah Carrothers
L-282 No   na Michael - [email protected]  Wyley Edward Beatty d-before 1935 in GA-Macon m-Sarah Maude. 
L-283 Yes     Micnael - [email protected] Josiah Beatty b-abt 1802 SC d. after 1860 MS-Lowndes m-Nancy.
L-284 No   na Marsha - [email protected] Adam Beattie b-1795 SCOT-Roxburghshire d-1879-Ontario m-Elizabeth Sword 1820
L-285 No   na Mitch - [email protected] Ezekiel Beaty b-1680-1700 d-abt 1749 MD-Cecil Co.
L-286 Yes     Peter - [email protected] James Beatty b-circa 1776 d-1845 St. John's Sligo Fort Hill m-Catherine Killchrist
L-287 No   na Michael - [email protected]  Leonard Baty b-abt 1810 PA m-Sarah McNeal
L-288 No   na Michael - [email protected]  Harry Beatty and Minnie Louise (Decker) Beatty Huntington Co PA.
L-289 No   na see L-138 Merged with 138
L-290 No   na Rick - [email protected] Elijah Beatty b-1818 PA or OH d-1884 OH-Athens Co m-Susan Headen
L-291 Yes     Patrick - [email protected] John Baty 291 b: Abt. 1650 in Carlisle, Eng. M. Jane Jackson Jun 20, 1671
L-292 No   na Esther - [email protected] Henry Beatty b: Abt. 1760 in IRE in GA+Margaret Culbirth b: in IRE d: Bef. 1850 in GA
L-293 No   na Diane - [email protected] Henry Beatty b: July 23, 1763 in PA +Elizabeth Unknown 
L-294 Yes     Jim - [email protected] James Beatty b: 1800 N Ireland +Rosanna (Rosina) Rumble 
L-295 No   na Elmer - [email protected] Hiram J. Beatty b 15 Feb 1822 PA m2x Leah Grove & Eliza HERR
L-296 No   na Joann - [email protected]  likely connected to Lineage 22 1G. David Beatty He married FNU Gilmore. 
L-297 No   na Linda - [email protected] Alexander Beatty b-1834-1838 IRE d-1873 IL m-Margret Warren
L-298 No   na Sandie - [email protected] R.A. Beatty b-1810-1834 IRE d-GA-Americus
L-299 No   na Michael - [email protected] Marshall Beatty b-1814 KY d-aft 1860 IN-Clay Co m-Mary Magdelene
L-300 No   na Edna - [email protected] W. A. Beaty b: Abt. 1783  VA +Sarah ?? b: Abt. 1793 in Virginia 
L-301 Yes     Paul - [email protected] James Beatty m-Gray/Byrne/M.Burns?
L-302 No   na Anthony - [email protected] William Baty b-before 1800; son Allen Baty b-1820,Eng , m-Ellen Poskett 
L-303 No   na Michael - [email protected]  Richard Beatty b-abt 1800 IRE-Co Armagh m-Eliza Gaskin.
L-304 No   na Michael - [email protected]  William Beattie b-1850-1858 IRE? d-1947 N IRE-Lisburn m-June
void void   void    
L-305 No   na Michael - [email protected]  Arthur Beatty b-1779 d-1863 IRE-Co Cavan m-Mary
L-306 No   na Michael - [email protected]  David Beattie b-1800-1828; son James b-1848 m-Ellen McCalmont 1868 in IRE
L-307 No   na Myra - [email protected] John Beatty b: Abt. 1795 in Ireland +Sarah Jenkins b: Abt. 1801 in Scotland
L-308 No   na Michael - [email protected] Brothers:William b-1793 VA-m2x -Mary Pence -Jane Russell; John b-1790 m-Elizabeth Baker. 
L-309 No   na John - [email protected] William Beatty b-1739 d-NC? Dau: Mary Beatty b-1765 m-John Braly.
L-310 No   na Robert - [email protected] Robert Beattie b-1864 Scotland m-Margaret Hornal 1917 in Scotland
L-311 Yes     Jenny - [email protected] David Beatty b 1680, Dublin m-unknown
L-312 No   na Michael - [email protected] John Beatty b-bef 1800 d-1868 - PA-Erie Co-Northeast m-Catherine Sax;
L-313 No   na Glori - [email protected] Charles Beaty 1830-1928 PA? m-Eliz. Smith
L-314 No   na Michael - [email protected] Frank Ernest Beatty-b-1880 OH- m-Mary Turner 1907 ID
L-315 No   na Carol - [email protected] John Beattie b-1830-1836 IRE m-Ellen. Ellen d-1896 IN-Terre Haute; 
L-316 No   na Michael - [email protected] Beatty m-Aiken; children: Mary, James, Jane Ann, Mathew, N. Ireland - USA 
L-317 No   na Sandra - [email protected] John Beaty b.abt 1737,m  Elizabeth ?. John died in 1823, Wayne Twp, Mifflin co, PA.
L-318 No   na Peter - [email protected] William Beattie b: 1613 +Grizzel Porteous b: 1627
L-319 No   na Doug - [email protected] John Price Beatty 319 b: Abt. 1820 in NC +Sophia b: Abt. 1818 in Cabarrus Co., NC
L-320 No   na Dana - [email protected] Russell Booth Beaty b: January 27, 1843 in VT(?) +Elizabeth Mary Taft 
L-321 na   na not used  
L-322 No   na George - [email protected] Will Beatty, b: in England d: Abt. 1847 in Stark Co., OH  +Rachel 
L-323 No   na Yvonne - [email protected] John Baty b: in England +Eliza Ann Marcum m: August 05, 1858 in Boone Co., MO
L-324 Yes     RaNelle Parker - [email protected] William Beaty b:1818 in TN . +Martha Benge b:1820 TN m: Sept.24, 1840 in TX
L-325 No   na Merged with Lineage 41, August 2002.  merged
L-326 na   na not used  
L-327 No   na Lisa - [email protected] David Canady Beaty b: 09/15/1792. +Isbella "Ebby" Warsham b: 01/09/1797 in TN 
L-328 Yes     Jon - [email protected] Martin J. Beatty 328 b: 1820 Quincy, PA . +Susan Knepper b: 1821Quincy, PA
L-329 na   na not used  
L-330 Yes     Bob - [email protected] Robyn(?) Beatty son: Archibald Beatty d: Abt. 1935 ... +1st wife Sleith, 2nd wife Ferguson
L-331 No   na Katherine - [email protected]  John Gunther Beatty b: 1828 in Butler, PA 
L-332 No   na Seymore - [email protected]  Thomas Andrew Beatty b: 08/1845 in Canada . +Catherine Mckenzie Mac Gregor 
L-333 No   na Leonie - [email protected] Joseph Beattie b: 05/19/1762 in Scotland +Margaret Tough b: 02/20/1765 Scotland
L-334 No   na Annette - [email protected] Thomas Beaty of Galway, Ireland
L-335 No   na Bob - [email protected] James Beattie +Christina Reith 
L-336 No   na Connected and merged into Lineage 003  
L-337 No   na Joyce - [email protected] Walter L. Beaty  b: 1794 +Mary Long m: 04/04/1843
L-338 No   na Brenda - [email protected] Christopher Beattie b: in Ireland +Agnes Wilson b: in Ireland m: 07/21/1846
L-339 No   na Linda - [email protected]  William Riley Batey b: 06/11/1873 in IL +Tracy Elizabeth "Grace" Collier 
L-340 No   na Dianna - [email protected] Robert Beattie b: in Ireland +Mary Lamb
L-341 No   na Ralph - [email protected] Henry Beatty b: 1809 in OH or PA +Lydia Yale b: 1814 
L-342 No   na Jack - [email protected] Shallus Beatty  -  probably same as Lineage 77 +Unknown 
L-343 No   na merged with L-1021 10/31/09 Judi - rikk[email protected] - Wm. C. Beaty b: Abt. 1795 in NC +Margaret Byram
L-344 No   na Harry - [email protected] Robert Beatty b: 1802 in IRE +Mary Beatty
L-345a No   na Paul - [email protected]  Thomas Beatty  b: Abt. 1777 in Ireland +Catherine Morris 
L-345b No   na Paul - [email protected] Thomas Beatty b: Abt. 1858 +Mary Elizabeth Wilson
L-346 No   na Jeffrey - [email protected] Thomas Beatty b: 1875 ENG 1st Laura Hollinshead or Hollinsworth 2nd Susannah Pennington
L-347 No   na Jana - [email protected] Thomas Betty/Beatty b: Abt. 1740 in Of Brunswick County, VA . +Genny
L-348 No   na Ray - [email protected] Wybrance Beatty b: Abt. 1775 +Mary "Polly" Filson 
L-349 No   na Kay - [email protected] Earl Bodfield Beatty . +Unknown Wiley (Canada?)
L-350 No   na Richard - [email protected] Philip Beatty b: Abt. 1813 in Ireland +Lydia L. Cummings 
L-351 Yes     Nat - [email protected] Samuel Batey b: in Ireland d: Abt. 1825 +Elizabeth Isabella Unknown 
L-352 No   na Jenna - [email protected] Henry J. Beaty Sons;  W. T. Beaty b: 12/04/1828; Henry Madison Beaty b: 10/27/1840
L-353 Yes     Bruce - [email protected] William Beatty d: Unknown . +Mary Woods 
L-354 No   na Ann - [email protected] Philip Pinkney Beattie b: 11/23/1878 d: 06/14/1954
L-355 No   na Mary - [email protected]  Robert Beattie d: Bet. 1837 - 1841 in IRE d: Aft. 1841 in Montreal, Canada
L-356 No   na Myles - [email protected] James Beatty b: 1757 in Ireland +Ellen Rea b: Abt. 1760 
L-357 No   na Robert - [email protected] George Washington Beattie  ..... +Mary Fist
L-358 Yes     Kay - [email protected] Merged with L523, William Beattie b: Bef. 1786 in Scotland +Elizabeth Shepherd 
L-359 No   na Troy - [email protected] Oliver Beatty b: 11/04/1822 in Ireland +Anna White b:1829 lived Hamilton Ontario
L-360 No   na Dona - [email protected] Robert Beattie . +Elizabeth Walker . 2 James Walker Beattie b: 1876 in northern England
L-361 No   na Donna - [email protected]  Joseph Bettey +Susannah ??  John F. Bettey +Phoebe Whittermore Vermont
L-362 na   na not used  
L-363 No   na Ira - [email protected] Mr. Beattie 363 b: Abt. 1770 in Scotland  +Miss Jane
L-364 Yes     Stephen - [email protected] Joseph Beatty b: Bet. 1724 - 1730 in N. Ireland d. Jefferson C. GA Wife unk.b. N. Ireland
L-365 No   na See - L178 contact merged with L178 12/10/04
L-366 No   na Joe - [email protected] (includes merged L387 and L1000) -Benjamin Beatty +Margaret Miller Bachman 
L-367 No   na Patrica - [email protected] James Beattey b: Abt. 1820 d: Bef. 1860 in Scotland  +unknown b: Abt. 1820 in Scotland ? 
L-368 No   na Sam - [email protected] Andrew Beattie b: 1835 in Ireland d: 1920 in Linda, Tasmania, Australia +Eliza Jane Robinson 
L-369 No   na Eleanor - [email protected] David Benjamin Beatie . +Mary Eliza Felter m: 12/23/1873 in Woodville, MS
L-370 No   na Wayne - [email protected] John Beatty b: 1819 in PA  +Elizabeth Jane Gilleland b: 1827 in OH 
L-371 No   na Mike - [email protected] Francis Beattie b: in England d: 1874 in Campbellford Ontario Canada . +Ann MNU
L-372 No   na Cheryl - [email protected] John Beaty 372 b: Bef. 1842 in Monongalia Co., VA  +Susanna Mahala Hennen
L-373 No   na Jan - [email protected] Alexander Beattie b: Unknown d: Unknown . +Elpset Smith b: Unknown d: Unknown
L-374 No   na John - [email protected] James Beatty b: 1847 d: 1932  . +Elizabeth Ann Leech b: 1852 d: 1932
L-375 No   na Elizabeth - [email protected] John Beatty / Betty b: c 1800 in Ireland + Margaret Hamilton b: c 1806 in Ireland
L-376 No   na Ronald - [email protected] John Humphris Beatty b: 1830 in Ireland  +Eleanor Handy 
L-377 No     Roland -  [email protected] John Beatty b: 20 Jul 1820 in New Hampshire Mary Albina Howe b: 26 Jun 1841 
L-378 No   na Keith - [email protected] Robert Sherman Beatty NC +Sarah Howard 
L-379 Yes     Joel - [email protected] William C. Beatty d: Abt. 1940 in Severn Bridge, Ontario, Canada   +Merta Hill 
L-380 No   na Don - [email protected] Robert Beatty b1801, Ireland; Susan Mariah (Mariah Susan) VanHooser (VanHoozen)
L-381 No   na Bonnie - [email protected] George Wilkinson Beatty b: 1875 in PA +Katherine Beatrice Moore
L-382 No   na James - [email protected] Hugh Beattie b: 1861 in County Down, Ireland  +Agnes Gilmore
L-383 na   na not used  
L-384 Yes     Amy - [email protected] Samuel Harvey Baity +Elizabeth Call 
L-385 No   na Martin - [email protected] William Baty - b: Bet. 1800 - 1810 in SC +Sarah Sally Grisham NC
L-386 No   na Bob - [email protected] William Beaty +Susannah King London, England
L-387 No   na merged with 366 (10/18/03)  
L-388 No   na Mark - [email protected] George Beatty d: Abt. 1847 in Illinois . +Ann Lough d: 1847 in Voyage from Ireland to USA
L-389 No   na Becky - [email protected] Elisha Battee b: January 31, 1798 in MD +Jemima Stansbury  - Lickings Co., OH
L-390 No   na Kieran - [email protected] John Beatty b: 1851 d: in Kilskeery, Trillick, Co. Tyrone .. +Jane Woods
L-391 No   na Susan - [email protected]  Homer Frank Beatty b: March 21, 1867 in Indiana   +Clara Jane Hawkins 
L-392 No   na Cheryl - [email protected] Joseph Beattie/Beatty b: in Scotland +Rose Love b: in Scotland 
L-393 Yes     Sandra - [email protected] Argyle (A.G.) BATY b: June 30, 1828 in AL or TN +Martha SANDLIN b: June 29, 1835 in AL
L-394 No   na merged with Lineage 162, 3/22/03  
L-395 Yes     Cecily - [email protected] Walter Beattie/Beatty b: 1776 in Ireland +Isobel Robb/Rabb b: 1775 in Glasgow, Scotland
L-396 na   na not used  
L-397 na   na not used  
L-398 No   na Tamara - [email protected] Robert Beattie b: 1797  IRE   +Margaret Gilley b: 1808 Augusta, Kennebec, ME
L-399 na   na not used  
L-400 na   na not used  
L-401 No   na Bobbie - [email protected] George Beatty 401 b: in England . +Sarah Campbell b: in New Brunswick, Canada
L-402 No   na merged with 142   
L-403 No   na Bob - [email protected] George Beatty b: 1794 in Ireland +Ellen Ann Beatty b: Bef. 1816 in Ireland 
L-404 No   na Allan - [email protected] Isabella Beatty b: Feb 1802 in Ireland +William Chambers b: Abt. 1800 in Ireland /PA
L-405 Yes   1 RaNelle Parker - [email protected] Robert E. Beaty b: January 18, 1789 in TN +Eleanor Unknown b. 1801 TN
L-406 No   na Anita - [email protected] Peter Beatty b: Mar 08, 1817 in PA +Mary Ann Steffy (Stephey) b: Jun 18, 1823  PA
L-407 No   na Merged with L039, March, 2004  
L-408 No   na Jeremy - [email protected] Francis Beaty 408 b: Abt. 1765   +Catherine d: Sep 1832
L-409 na   na not used  
L-410 na   na not used  
L-411 Yes   13 James - [email protected] Joshua Beatty b: 1810 in NC   +Amy Simpson b: 1825 in NC
L-412 No   na Chris - [email protected] James Beatty b: December 05, 1816 +Margaret Crawford Black b: 1818
L-413 No   na Matthew - [email protected] Agnes Beattie b: Abt. 1830 in Ireland d: Abt. 1875 +William James b: 1827 in Ireland
L-414 No   na Ray - [email protected] John Beatty b: in Unknown  +Ann b: in unknown see file for children
L-415 na   na not used  
L-416 na   na not used  
L-417 Yes   14 Penney - [email protected] Thomas Beatty b: Abt. 1780 in SC  +Sarah ?? b: Abt. 1780 in MD 
L-418 na   na not used  
L-419 na   na not used  
L-420 na   na not used  
L-421 No   na Diana - [email protected] John Beaty  +Cassie Civer b: in Iowa City, Johnson Co., Iowa 
L-422 na   na not used  
L-423 na   na not used  
L-424 No   na Michael - [email protected] John T. Beatty 424 b: Abt. 1834 in MD d: Aft. 1880 +Sarah E. b: Abt. 1841 in MD
L-425 na   na not used  
L-426 na   na not used  
L-427 na   na not used  
L-428 na   na not used  
L-429 na   na not used  
L-430 na   na not used  
L-431 Yes   1 Lamar - [email protected]  David I. Beaty b: January 20, 1792 in York Co, SC +Malinda Sadler b. 1797 SC
L-432 No   na Charles - [email protected] Beattie b: Abt. 1765 in Co. Tyrone, N IRE + unknown wife
L-433 na   na not used  
L-434 na   na not used  
L-435 na   na not used  
L-436 No   na Johnnie - [email protected] David Humphrey Beaty b: 1826 in Anderson Dist. S.C. +Elizabeth J. Reid b. SC
L-437 na   na not used  
L-438 Yes   1 Carol - [email protected] John Beattie +Mary Nicholson b: 1824 in Ireland 
L-439 na   na not used  
L-440 No   na Michael - [email protected] John Beaty d: Abt. 1808 +Leah Steel 
L-441 No   na Michael - [email protected] John Beaty b: Abt. 1727 d: Abt. 1792 in Rowan Co., NC . +Margaret
L-442 No   na Michael - [email protected] John Beaty b: 1721 NC  +Arven Beaty b: 1723 d: Feb 25, 1797
L-443 No   na Michael - [email protected] Samuel Beaty +Elizabeth 
L-444 na   na not used  
L-445 na   na not used  
L-446 na   na not used  
L-447 na   na not used  
L-448 na   na (merged with Lineage 194, Feb. 12, 2004)  
L-449 na   na John - [email protected] David Beatty b: Bef. 1888 +wife unknown - Ireland
L-450 na   na not used  
L-451 na   na not used  
L-452 Yes   1 Michele - [email protected] William Washington Beatty b: June 01, 1819 +Caroline Elizabeth Mondy b 1826
L-453 na   na not used  
L-454 No   na Annie - [email protected]  James Madison Beatty b.1865 PA +Amanda Jane Davidson b. 1862 PA
L-455 No   na Ray - [email protected] Robert Beaty 455 d: Abt. 1822 in TN +Margaret d: Aft. 1840 
L-456 No   na Donna -  [email protected] William Beatty 456 d: Bef. 1841 in VA + Mary Unknown
L-457 No   na Donna -  [email protected] Thomas Batty +Ann Throstle b: 1710 in England 
L-458 na   na not used  
L-459 No   na Cecily - [email protected] James Beattie b: in Scotland +Janet Robson b: in Scotland 
L -460 No   na Nancy - [email protected]  Walter Beattie  +Elsie Innes bith Scotland??
L-461 No   na Ray - [email protected]  William Beatty b: Abt. 1800 PA +Elizabeth Coleman b: Abt. 1805 in PA 
L-462 No   na Ray - [email protected] Frank Beatty b: April 1822 in IRE or CANADA + Catherine b. 1834 MA
L-463 No   na Lonnie - [email protected] Charles Dean Beatty - 463 b: in Stillwater, OK  +Ada Marie Berney 
L-464 No   na Bruce - [email protected] James A. Beattie b: 1825 in Salem,Washington Co. NY + Elizabeth Sprague m. 1846
L-465 No   na Elizabeth - [email protected] George William Beatty b: 1852 in N.J. + Unknown
L-466 na   na not used  
L-467 na   na not used  
L-468 No   na Janet - [email protected] James Beatty b: 1744 in PA or Ireland +Katharine ?? b: Abt. 1769 
L-469 No   na Steve - [email protected]  James Beatty b: 1752 in Ireland +Mary Quigley b: 1765  PA
L-470 na   na not used  
L-471 na   na not used  
L-472 na   na not used  
L-473 na   na not used  
L-474 na   na not used  
L-475 No   na JM - [email protected] John Beatty b: 1769 in IRE + Mary b: in IRE
L-476 na   na not used John Beatty b: June 10, 1777 in Ireland + +Sarah Rider b: May 29, 1781 in VA 
L-477 na   na not used  
L-478 No   na Michael - [email protected] Sampson Battey b: 1670 +Dinah Havens b: 1659 
L-479 No   na Michael - [email protected] William Beatty b: June 14, 1784 in PA +Nancy ?? b: February 1800 in PA 
L-480 na   na not used  
L-481 na   na not used  
L-482 na   na not used  
L-483 No   na Claudia - [email protected] William Beatty b: Abt. 1822 in Virginia +Catherine Minton b: Abt. 1818 in Virginia
L-484 na   na not used  
L-485 na   na not used  
L-486 na   na not used  
L-487 na   na not used  
L-488 na   na not used  
L-489 Yes   1 Mardi - [email protected] William Beatty b: Abt. 1803 in Ireland +Margaret b: Abt. 1794 in Ireland - all Canada
L-490 na   na not used