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This site is dedicated to sharing my BORCHERS family genealogy with others so that we may all one day find out just who those long lost ancestors were. A special thanks to those who have so generously shared their family ties with me. If you would like to share some of your research please E-Mail me, and/or sign my Guest Book . Your kindness and generosity will be greatly appreciated.

This is an ongoing search for our forebears, and new data will be added as quickly as possible. I'll be continually updating, so please come back often. I hope you will find something here that will further your research either now or in the future. Please be sure to use your REFRESH button to load the most recent additions to the pages.

If you notice anything you disagree with please let me know your source so I can make corrections.

Have fun, and thanks for stopping by!

Bob dedicated this site to the research he had done on the Borcher line.  Now it is time to say that all the work that Bob has done will remain unfinished and nothing else will be added to this web site.  This site is Bob's memorial.  As sick as he was and as hard as it was for him to sit at the computer, he still worked to try and get more information added to these pages.  

I cannot answer your questions and I cannot help you with your lines, but I can see to it that this web page remains online for those of you searching the surnames in this data base.

Gail Meyer Kilgore

18 February 1946 - 21 April 2002



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 My Great Grandparents 

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 Borchers Database

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      Some of my common surnames (Borchers): Albers, Bartholomew, Boekhoff, Borchers/Borcherts,       Butjer/Buttjer, Bruns, Coorts, de Boer, Eeden, Feldkamp, Geiken, Gerdes, Groeneveld, Grünefeld, Harms,       Hessenius, Janssen, Kamna, Lamb, Lühring, Meinders, Meyer, Miller, Müller, Oldigs, Onrüst, Otten, Prikker, Pruin,       Röben, Roskam, Sanders, Schaa, Schmid/Schmidt, Strenge, Stratemeier/Stratemeyer/Straatmeyer, Tholen, Vry,       Voskamp, von Mark, Willems, Zimmermann

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Some Useful Links

 Ostfriesen Web Site -- if you have roots in Ostfriesland you belong here.

 Ostfriesen Genealogical Society of Minnesota -- and here.

     Contacts are:

     Lin Strong -

            - OR -

     Zella W. Mirick -

 Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet -- a MUST site to visit.

 Appledorn Database -- over 9,200 names to search, and transcriptions of the following Ortssippenbücher :

   Ihrhove - 14,200 names

   Grotegaste - 2,600 names

   Mitling-Mark - 3,000 names

   Großwolde - 6,000 names

   Steenfelde - 9,900 names

   Collinghorst - 7,000 names

 Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild -- find the ship that brought your ancestors here.

 Ostfriesland Ancestors Page -- some history of Ostfriesland, and useful links not found here - sign Dottie's guestbook while you're there.

 USGenWeb project -- a very valuable and useful resource.

 Go Translator Service -- translate web pages, documents, etc.

 LDS Web Site -- find your family in the LDS archives.

 German military grave registration site -- find where your war dead are buried (in German).

 Foreign Languages for Travelers -- simple words & phrases to study if you're traveling (with sound files).

 German Language for Beginners -- A German language course for beginners (with sound files).

 German Language for Travelers -- Another German language course for beginners (with sound files).

 GEO SERVER  -- Need to find a city or village in Germany? Here are the instructions on how to do it.

 Translation Team  -- Need to write a letter to Germany, but are language challenged? Here are the instructions on how to get it written. Back to top

Contact Information

  Gail Meyer Kilgore
In Respect for a Dear Friend and Cousin

Feather Quill Pen Please Sign My Guest Book

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Freerk Tholen Borchers and Henrika Stratemeier

and Children

Family Photo

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Some Interesting Items

 Ostfriesland Coat of Arms -- larger image (144K), and the meaning of its fields

  See my photos of Ostfriesland -- Also visit my family album while you're here. I'll be adding more photos as they become available.

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