Daniel Blaney and Sons: Linked by the Records

No direct evidence establishes Daniel Blaney and Margaret Kilduff as the parents of Thomas, James, and Patrick, although they are named as the parents of Bridget in her marriage record. [1] Nonetheless, numerous parish records establish close ties between Daniel and the three younger men.

Daniel, Thomas, James, and Patrick can all be linked to Rivière-du-Loup, Kamouraska County, Québec during the same 1830-33 time period:

  • Patrick Blaney and "Mary Longin" were the parents of a daughter, Margaret, baptized at St-Patrice-de-Rivière-du-Loup on 31 October 1830. [2] A second child, Mary Ann, was baptized there in 1832. [3]
  • James Bleaney was the godfather of Patrick's daughter Mary Ann. [4]
  • Thomas "Bleaney" and Marcelline Conlon had a daughter Bridgett baptized there on 1 May 1833. Patrick and his wife Mary were the godparents. [5]
  • Bridget Blaney was the godmother of Patrick's daughter Mary Ann, baptized in 1832. Later that year Bridget married James McDonald in St.-Basile, Madawaska, New Brunswick. Daniel Blaney, farmer, and Margarite Quildof of Rivière-du-Loup were listed as the parents. Thomas Blaney was a witness. [6]

  • Similarly, Daniel and the three brothers were all together in Lotbinière Co. in the same 1834-1852 time period. Bridget stayed in New Brunswick with her husband:

  • Daniel was the godfather of Patrick's daughter Margurite, baptised in St-Giles in 1840. [7] Daniel Blaney and Margaret Kilduff appeared in St-Sylvestre in the 1851 census. [8] They were both buried there in March 1852 and Thomas and Patrick were present at both burials. [9]
  • James "Jaques" Blaney's daughter "Marie Ann" was baptized in St-Gilles in 1834. (Patrick and his wife Mary Langin were godparents). [10] He last mentioned in the records of neighboring St-Sylvestre with the baptism of his daughter Alicia Anne in 1845. [11]
  • Patrick Blaney and Mary Langin themselves had a child, Ann, baptized in St-Giles in 1838. James Blaney and Mary Ann McCourt were the godparents. [11] Thomas's wife, Marcella Conlon, was the godmother of Patrick's daughter Margurite, baptised in 1840. [13] Patrick remained in the area until his death in St-Narcisse in 1889. [14]
  • Thomas "Blany" and Margaret Conlon's daughter Elizabeth was baptized in St-Gilles in 1837. [15] Their daughter Catherine was baptized the next year in St-Sylvestre. [16] Thomas, too, remained in the area until his death in St-Sylvestre in 1875. [17]
  • All three Blaney "brothers" were shoemakers at one time:

  • Thomas was listed as a shoemaker in Riviere-du-Loup and initially in St-Sylvestre in 1839. [18]
  • James Blaney's profession is consistently given as "cordonnier," or shoemaker, in the baptismal records of his children in St-Gilles and St-Sylvestre. [19]
  • Patrick Blaney's profession is given as shoemaker in the records of St-Patrice-de-Riviere-du-Loup and in those of St-Gilles until 1851, when he is identified as a "cultivateur," or farmer, in the burial record for his son Patrick. [20]

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