The Vivion Family of Virginia

excerpts from Charles Brunk Heinemann's
The Vivion Family of Virginia  

Thomas Vivion, born ?, died 1670, is said to have been a general in the English army and to have served with honor before age caused his retirement.   (Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 11, pages 217-218.)   His place of death may have been in Isle of Wight County, VA.

His wife was said to have been Mary _____, who was imported by Robert West, of Charles City County, VA, in 1652.

Children of (1)Thomas:

(2 ) Joel Vivion, b. 1620   (see Virginia Land Office in Patent Book 1, page 597)

(3 ) William Vivion, b. ?, died 1726

(4 ) John Vivion, b. ?, died 1704

(5 ) Robert Vivion

John Vivion is of record 3 Sept 1688, when Mrs. John Smith (Margaret) received a certificate entitling her to land for his "importation."  He married Margaret, the daughter of John & Margaret Smith.  His date of death has not been found of record in the fragmentary Register of Christ Church in Middlesex Co., VA.  However, it was between the date his will was made, 14 Mar 1705, and the date of its proof, 4 June 1705.

The Will of John Vivion

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN March the 14 th 1705  I john Vivion of the County of Middlesex in Virginia being sick and weake but in perfect memory and remembrance I bless God for it doth make this my last will and testament revoaking all other wills and testaments by me made whatsover.  First I bequeath my soul to God who gave it hopeing to receive pardon for all my sins through Jesus Christ my redeemer and my body to be decently burryed by my Executors hereafter named. As for my wordly goods I do give and bequeath as followeth:
First, it is my will and desire that all my debts be first satisfied and paid.  2 dly I give unto my loveing son Charles Vivion twenty Shillings--  
3 dly I give unto my loveing son John Vivion my negro named Toney.
4 thly I give to my loveing daughter Margrett Daniell a man servant named Andrew Parrot.
5 thly I give to my loveing daughter Diana Vivion my negro girle named Frank and negro woman named Moll--
6 thly I give to my loveing son Thomas Vivion my negro man named Robin--
7 thly I give and bequeath to my wife's granddaughter Anne Smith as followeth: my negro girle named Sarah my negro girle named Kate my negro girle name Judith--three best beds and furniture and three good pair of sheets thereto and my best chest of drawers the greate and middleing looking glass six black chaires and the greate Hair Trunk one Bristoll chest and halfe the pewter and 15 gallon kittle, one great pot and middleing pott one little pot and folding tables--one drawing table and a dressing box three pair of the best candle sticks and all my silver plate.  Six cows & 3  two year old cattle.
8 thly Two feather beds and furniture thereto belonging and nine leather chaires and all my cattle belonging to my upper planation it is my will shall be equally divided between my loveing son John Vivion & my loveing daughter Diana Vivion and my loveing son Thomas--
9 thly It is my will that my present crop after my country debts paid to be equally divided between my wife, John and Thomas and Diana Vivion--
10 thly It is my will that my loveing wife Christian Vivion shall have the use or loans of all the rest of my personall estate during her naturall life after which to be equally divided between my son John and my daughter Diana and son Thomas Vivion.
11 thly It is my will and desire that my daughter Diana and my son Thomas Vivion be under the care of my Executors until they shall be of age--
12 thly It is my will that if my loveing wife Christian Vivion will not renounce her third as the law gives to widows and will not stand and abide by this my last will and testament, that then all the legacies herein to be voyd and not my bequeath but that my estate to be equally divded between my loveing wife and her granddaughter Anne Smith and loveing son John and son Thomas and Diana Vivion--  It is my will and desire to appoint my loveing son John Vivion and my loveing brother Thomas Smith to be my whole and sole Executors of this my last will and testament--
In witness whereof I hereunto put my hand and seal the day & year above written....

Sarah (her X mark) Batchelder
John Smith

At a Court held for Middlesex County the 4 th day of June Com 1705  this will was this day proved in Court by the oaths of John Smith & Sarah Batchelder the witnesses thereto and a probate granted to John Vivion executor therein which was admitted to record....

Wil Stanard C CL

Truly recorded
Will Standard, County Clerk

It is not improbable that his marriage may have been a second marriage; also that another marriage intervened between the death of his wife, Margaret, and his marriage to Christian Biscoe.
He married Christian Biscoe, widow, in Middlesex County, Va., 23 Feb 1704.  She was the widow of William Biscoe, having married him in 1689.

(4 ) John Vivion had:

(30 ) Charles Vivion
 (31 ) John Vivion, b. 28 Aug 1681, d. 1722
 (32 ) Margareet Vivion, b. 2 Apr 1684, d. 1750
 (33 ) Diana Vivion, b. c.1680, d. 16 Apr 1718
 (34 ) Thomas Vivion, b. ?, d. 1761

(5 ) Robert Vivion, d. abt 1652. A brief reference in the old Lancaster Co., Va., Order Book dated 6 Oct 1652.  No further information

(30 ) Charles Vivion  No records available

(31 ) John Vivion (Jr.) b. 28 Aug 1681, d. 1722.   He married Elizabeth Thacker, 19 June 1711. She was b. 3 Dec 1694, d. 12 Jan 1732.

(31 ) John Vivian (Jr.) had:

(140 ) Elizabeth Vivion, b. 17 Aug 1717, d. 23 Oct 1717
(141 ) John Vivion, b. 10 Aug 1714, d. 1790
(142 ) Elizabeth Vivion, b. 4 May 1719

(32 ) Margaret Vivion, b. 2 Apr 1684, d. 1750.  She married James Daniel & they had:

(150 ) Rachel Daniel, b. 14 Oct 1704; m. Thomas Amis
(151 ) Peter Daniel, b. 29 Sept 1706, m. Sarah (Travers) Pierson
(152 ) Charles Daniel, b. 6 Mar 1704, m. Jane Mickelborough
(153 ) Susanna Daniel
(154 ) Margaret Daniel m. John Towles
(155 ) James Daniel, b. 17 Feb 1716, m. Mary Dillingham
(156 ) John Daniel, b. 19 Jan 1721, m. Susanna Roane
(157 ) Phebe Daniel, b. 12 Mar 1724
(158 ) Vivion Daniel, b. 1 Jul 1726, m. Elizabeth Vivion

(33 ) Diana Vivion, b. c. 1680, d. 16 Apr 1718, m. Garritt Minor in Middlesex County, Va., 17 Oct 1706.
"Descendants of this family have been prominent in Virginia through all the years.
She is reputed to have been given the name of Diana after Diana Cummings, niece of Governor Berkeley."

(34 ) Thomas Vivion, d. 1761, appears to have been married three times:
a. Frances Thacker, b. 2 Jan 1717 (sister of Elizabeth, who married his brother, John)
b. Mary (?) Paise, widow of Thomas Paise
c. Jane (?)