Will of Samuel Thomson (d. 1753)

From the private collection of the Marian McQuire Library
Sent to me by Goodloe Cousin Dorothy Wogh.
Photocopy provided by Mary Jane Stokes



What's left of:
The Will of Samuel Thomson (d. 1753)

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, I Samuel Thomson, County of Louisa in the Parish of Fredericksville being very sick and ? But of perfect mind and memory thanks be to God, I do dispose of Estate as follows: Viz:

I first commend my Soul to God that gave it to the Earth to be Buried after a Christian manner at the Discretion as follows my Dearly Beloved wife Temperance Thomson* ? Thomson and my Son Thomas Thomson whom I institute and ? Sole Executors.

Item: I give and bequeath to my Dearly Belove(d) (wife Temper)ance Thomson Two hundred and forty acres of Land be a pa(rt) Whereon I now Dwell during her natural life, and at her de(ath) to my youngest son Asa Thomson and his heirs and assigns. I a(lso) Bequeath to my Beloved Wife Temperance One negro fel(low) Jack, One negro Wench named Kate and the Child that my negr(o) Phebe is great with, Three Cows and their Calves next spring the bed whereon I lie with all its furniture, a Small Bed Blankets to make a Small Bed, with what feathers in the house a ?? can get this year. One natural paceing black gelding Eight ? of fat Pork at the falls for her next years provision to her, her ?

Item: I give and bequeath to my Son Thomas Thomson* One ne(gro named) Frank to him his heirs or assigns, and the Tract of Land before ? and my Desire is that my Wife may not have her thirds of it.

Item: I give and bequeath to my Son Samuel Thomson, One negro boy na(med) ? ? him his heirs or assigns, and the Tract of Land Before Acknowledg(ed) Desire is that my Wife may not have her thirds of it.

Item: I Give a ? to my son John Thomson One negro Wench named Ros(e?) and ?? to him his heirs and assigns and One Natural (paceing?) Grey Stone ?? Blue Housing and One Saddle ? and ? him of age and ?? the crop now making and all my wearing clothes.

Item: I Give and ?? to my five youngest Sons John Thomson, Joseph Thomson, David (Thomson) Robert Thomson and Asa Thomson Twelve hundred Acres of ?? together on which I live, to be equally divided, and my Executor ?? Lots for them, and if George Brocks heirs should Sue or ??? which I purchased of John Stubblefield the rest of my Children to ?? Loss, to them their heirs or assigns.

Item: I give and bequeath to Daughter Elizabeth Thomson One negro Wench named Dinah ?? increase forever and one negro Boy named George to her her heirs and assigns, and the Bed and furniture that she Lies on.

Item: I give and Bequeath to my son Joseph one negro Boy named Isaac to him ???

Item: I give and Bequeath to my son David Thomson a negro wench named Phebe and all her increase after His Child ?? with to him, his heirs or assigns.

Item: I Give and bequeath to m(y) son Robert Thomson One negro Girl named Savin(?) with her increase his heirs and assigns.

Item: I Give and bequeath to my son Asa one negro Boy named Cleave to him his heirs or assigns.

Item: I Give and bequeath to my Son William Thomson One negro Wench and her increase and One negro boy named Fred, which he hath ?? to Him, Him his heirs and assigns.

Item: I Give and bequeath Daughter Sarah Kembrow (sic) One negro fellow named Sambo to h(er) ?? assigns.

Item: I Give and bequeath to my Son Thomas Thomson ??? he now standeth indebted to me.

Item: I Give and bequeath to my G? son Samuel Kimbrow One Cow and Calf to him his heirs and (assigns.)

Item: I Give and bequeath to my Son Samuel Thomson my Riding Saddle, Rest of my Estate after my Debts are paid to be equally divided among ?(wife) and Children, only fourteen pounds current money for the Schooling of Youngest son Joseph two years and the rest four years apiece ??

I appoint my Dearly Beloved Wife Temperance Thomson, William and Thomas Thomsons my Sons my Sole Executors of this my last Will and ??

As Witness my Hand and Seal this Sixteenth Day of June in ??(the year of) Our Lord Christ One thousand Seven Hundred and fifty three.

16 June 1753

Samuel (S) Thomson

Tests. Champness Terry
     William Steel

At a court held for Louisa County on Tuesday, the 28th day of August ?? (1753) This Will, was this Day proved in open Court by the Oaths of all the ?? the ??, and By the Court admitted to Record and is Recorded


?? Littlepage, clk ?

*Book: E, Page: ?, Grantor: THOMAS THOMSON AND ANN THOMSON his wife, Grantee: Thomas Gooch, Date: 10-Nov-1777
THOMAS THOMSON AND ANN THOMSON his wife of Louisa co. to Thomas Gooch of same; £300; 350 acres betwixt Duckinghole and Christophers Run...Henry Edward's corner...head of a branch called Tomahawk. Wit: none Sig. Thomas Thomson and Ann (X) Thomson. 10 Nov 1777 ack. by Thomas Thomson and Ann his wife.

Mary Jane Stokes' findings:

*Two items: The day that Samuel Thomson's Will was proved in Louisa County was the same day that the deed of Edward Lane on TEMPERANCE YANCEY'S line was recorded. Don't you think that this shows that TEMPERANCE YANCEY was never married to SAMUEL THOMSON?

28 August 1753 - Samuel Thomson's Will proved in Louisa County. WB 1, p. 29.

28 August 1753 - Edward Lane of Louisa Co. Planter to Thomas Poindexter of same, Planter, £10 current money. 100 a. branch of Little River commonly called Rocky Branch...John Woolum's corner......THOMAS THOMSON's line...TEMPERANCE YANCEY'S line...Thomas Pointdexter's corner..near Rocky Branch in sd. TEMPERANCE YANCEY'S line.....
Wit: John Snead, WILLIAM THOMASON, James Johnson. ac. Edward Lane.
(Louisa Co, Va. DB A and B, 1742, 1759 Rosalie Davis p. 89)



THOMPSON, SAMUEL (Jr.) Will d. Sept 1, 1779, prob. Sept. 23, 1779.

Wit: Jeremiah Walker, Joseph Jennings & John Jennings.
Ex: Bro-in-law Joseph Jennings.
Son-in-law: Christopher Robertson & son John Jennings.

Leg. Dau. Milly, Negroes Rachel & Nutt, together with what of my est. already in her possession, intending her no share in any of the rest of my estate.

Wife: Anne, all est. real & pers. for life, exc. bequests & legacies hereafter mentioned; while my children are under age or unmarried, they are to be maintinaed & receive a customary education at expense of my est., "not designing hereby for them to be brought up in idleness."

Dau: Mary Pulliam (over and above equal share with the rest of my children, in consideration of her being afflicated with lameness) Negro boy Lewis; she is to have equal share in my Negroes, beginning at Abram and taking in all younger than him, excepting Nutt and Lewis above mentioned, also Dinah & Peter, whom I have sold, including those who shall hereafter be born of Pheby, Judy, Sucky, and Hannah and live to the age of 2 years. Devise to my eldest children, Milly excepted as above as follows: Eldest son Jennings, Negro man Abram. Dau. Mary Pulliam, Negro woman Ursula, & so with respect to rest of children and negroes, to proceed to regular rotation until the decease of my wife, then to be possessed by them when they respectively come of age or marry. Each of my children when they come of age or marry to have a bed & furn.

Son: JENNINGS, my chestnut sorrel, horse & saddle; each of my other sons at term aforesaid, horse of moderate value & saddle.

Dau: Mary Pulliam, horse & saddle.

Dau: Nancy, saddle.

Should any of my children die before they come of age or marry, their respective legacies shall rem in est and be as if they had never been bequeathed; should any of them be deprived of their proportion of Negroes by death before they receive them, the est. shall owe them the val. of such Negro. Rem. est. to remain in hands of my wife to be divided equally between all my children, except dau. Milly, as aforesaid. My ex. may sell land on which I now live to enable my est. to pay my debts.

CODOCIL TO WILL d. Sept 1, 1779. Wit: Jeremiah Walker, John Jennings & George Cabiness. In order to pay my debts and fulfill my engagements to Bird Pruett of Pytsylvania County, Va for land, stock etc. bought from him my Ex may sell not only land on which I now live as mentioned in my will but whatever they feel may be best spared from the necessary support of my family, Negroes not excepted, if they do not run counter to legacies mentioned in my will.

THOMPSON, SAMUEL. Est. I & A. d. Sept 23, 1779. rec. Nov. 25, 1779. Apprs. John Howson, Littleberry Royal, & William Jennings. Inv. includes "reading books val. at 20 pounds and 27 quires of paper val. at 3/10/0.L" Val (no total given) Slaves: 1 negro man David, 3 women and 5 small negroes. (no names given)

Amelia County WB 2, p. 345, 346.

Further proof of Samuel Thomson, Jr. of Amelia Co., is same son of Samuel Thomson, Sr., of Louisa County is provided by Mary Jane Stokes

18 July 1752
SAMUEL THOMSON, Senior of Fredericksville parish, Louisa Co. to SAMUEL THOMSON, Junr. of same for £10 sterling 587 acres and the plantation in Fredericksville..Robertson's corner of the River..(DB A, 473, 474) Description of land: Parcel containing 587 acres of land beginning on Robertsons corner red oak upon the River running thence up the same by the water courses to a gum & white oak thence south 10 degrees 30 mins west 242 poles to a branch in all 312 poles to the Robert's three pines thence along the line South 87 deg. east 376 poles to his corner to his corner two red oaks and a white oak sapling & thence N. 197 poles to the beginning......to the use of Samuel Thompson Jr. and his heirs. Wit: William Steel, William Thomson. Signed; Samuel Thompson Sr.

21 November 1761
Louisa Co. DB C. p. 127 - 587 acres in Louisa County

This indenture made this twenty first of November in the year of our lord one thoursand seven hundred and sixty one and in the first year of the reign of our sovereign Lord George the third by the grace of God of Great Britain, France & Ireland Kind defender of the faith between Samuel Thomson of Amelia County of the one part and James Jennings of Hanover County of the other part witnesseth that the said Samuel Thomson for and in consideration of the sum of fifty pounds current money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the said James Jennings at or before the ensealing & delivery of these presents the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge have granted bargained and sold.......grants etc.....unto the said James Jannings his heirs and assigns a certain tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the county of Louisa containing five hundred eighty seven acres and bounded: Beginning at William Robertsons corner red oak upon the River running thence up the same by the water courses to a gum & white oak thence south ten degrees 39 poles west at 240 poles a branch in all three hundred and twelve poles to the said Robertsons corner 3 pines thence along his line south eighty seven degrees East 367 poles to his corner two red oakes & a white oak sapling & thence N. 197 poles to the beginning. It being land devised to the said Samuel Thomson by the last will & testament of Samuel Thomson, deceased reference being thereunto had may more at large appear & also......land & premises was delivrd to the sad James Jennings by the said Samuel Thomson by Twig & Turf. Received with consideration money being 50 pounds current money of Virginia witness my hand sea. Samuel Thomson. 24 Day of Nov. 1761. Wit: James Littlepage, Court Clerk.

By description, this is the same parcel - 587 acres in Louisa County, sold by Samuel Thomson, Sr. to Samuel Thomson, Jr. on 28 July 1752 for £10 then sold by Samuel Thomson (Jr.) of Amelia Co. to James Jennings on 21 Nov. 1761.

Children of Samuel Thom(p)son and Ann "Nancy" Jennings of Amelia County, Virginia:

1. Jennings Thompson (Dr. Jennings C. Thompson) m. Sept 8, 1790, Pittsylvania County, Va. Elizabeth Street
a. George Pyrant Thompson b. May 9, 1794 Soldier War of 1812 m. Jane Ingram Dec. 19 1828 Franklin Co. Va.
i. Alexander "Alex" Jennings Thompson

2. George Washington Thompson m. 26 Oct. 1785, Jane Stott
3. William Thompson m. Dorothy Stockton, Miss Pickett
4. Samuel Thompson, Jr. m. 10 Dec. 1787, Margaret "Peggy" Carter, 2nd Patsy Terry
5. Waddy Thompson m. 2 Sept. 1799, Catherine Esom James
6. Nancy Thompson m. Culbert Price
7. Mildred "Milly" Thompson m. 1778, Christopher Robertson moved to Pittsylvania County
8. Mary Pulliam Thompson m. Feb. 1782/83, in Pittsylvania County, Edward "Ned" Robertson


by Becky Olenchak

Not much is currently known about Samuel Thomson, Jr., son of Samuel Thomson, Sr., of Louisa County, VA. Samuel's birth is estimated between 1728 and 1734 in Virginia, and he married Anne "Nancy" Jennings, daughter of William Jennings of Hanover and Amelia Counties, probably around 1756. This is the same year that Samuel, Jr. was mentioned as being overseer for William Jennings in the existent accounts from the Thomas Partridge Store of Hanover County; it is not known whether or not Samuel acquired this position before or after marrying William's daughter. However, on 9 February 1756, Samuel Thomson is listed in the Partridge records as having purchased one woman's hat.

In 1758 Samuel Thomson/Thompson was mentioned as being a resident of Caroline County in Amelia County lands records. He and Anne apparently moved to Amelia County in 1759 where they became fervent Baptists some years afterward. In 1761 Samuel sold the Louisa County land that had been sold him by his father in 1752 to James Jennings, probably his brother-in-law (Anne had a brother by that name) and he and Anne raised their nine children (names listed below) in Amelia County, along the Little Nottoway River where their neighbors included the Yarboroughs, Fowlkes and Zacharys, and later, along Barebone Creek, where their neighbors included the Stewarts, Mitchells, and Worshams.

Samuel and his family seemed to be particularly close to the Fowlkes family, who also came from Caroline County, as did the Yarboroughs (indeed, William Jennings "of Hanover County, VA", bought 604 acres along the Little Nottoway River on 25 September 1760 from Henry and Martha Yarborough; this property adjoined that of his daughter Anne and her husband Samuel Thompson) 2. Two of Anne Jennings Thompson's sisters reportedly married Fowlkes gentlemen - Sarah Jennings wed John Fowlkes and Mary Jennings married Joseph Fowlkes, dates unknown at this time to this compiler.

Samuel and Anne "Ann" Thomson (along with John, Joseph and Sarah Fowlkes, David Thompson, Charles, James and Lucy Anderson and George, Amos and Elizabeth Walton, to name a few) were among those who signed a petition dated 27 October 1768 and submitted to Amelia County Court, requesting permission to license the home of George Walton as a place in which they as religious dissenters known as "Separate Baptists" could worship. The petition was rejected on 24 November 1758. 3

Samuel died between 1 September 1779, the date he wrote his will, and 25 November 1779, when a dispute over his will led to a land conveyance between his executor, Christopher Robertson, and brother-in-law (or nephew) Joseph Jennings. Shortly afterward, Samuel's widow Anne and at least several of their children moved to Pittsylvania County to property Samuel had purchased from Byrd Prewitt not long before his death.

Below is a brief timeline listing some recorded events in the life of Samuel Thomson/Thompson, Jr.

18 July 1752 Samuel Thomson, Sr., of Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, sells to Samuel Thomson, Jr., of same for £10 587 acres and the plantation in Fredericksville. 4

1756 Samuel Thomson, overseer for William Jennings, listed on page 151 of Partridge Store Accounts, Hanover County VA. 5

21 February 1758 Samuel Thompson "of Caroline County, VA" buys from Joseph Fowlkes 200 acres along both sides of Little Nottoway River in Amelia County, adjoining the lines of Yarborough and Joseph Fowlkes (presumably Samuel's brother-in-law). Another brother-in-law, Joseph Jennings, witnessed this transaction. 6

2 October 1759 Samuel Thompson "of Caroline County, VA" buys from John and Elizabeth Hayes of Lunenburg County, VA, 252 acres (being part of a tract of 604 acres) on the south side of the Little Nottoway River in Nottoway Parish, Amelia County, adjoining the lines of Zachar, Jones and Bumpass. (That same day, the Hayes sold the other half of this land tract to Robert Allen of Amelia County.) 7

21 November 1761 Samuel Thomson of Amelia County sells to James Jennings of Hanover County 587 acres in Louisa County (the same tract Samuel bought from his father on 18 July 1752). 8

26 October 1774 Samuel Thompson of Amelia County buys from James Hanks of same, 100 acres on the branches of Barebone Creek in Amelia County, adjoining lines of Stewart, Mitchell and Worsham. Rec. 27 October 1774. 9

26 October 1774 Samuel Thomson of Nottoway Parish, Amelia County, to Joseph Thomson (Samuel's brother?) of same, 400 acres on both sides of the Little Nottoway River, adjoining the lines of Zachary, David Thomson, Parrott, Jennings Fowlkes and John Fowlkes. Rec. 27 Octber 1774.. Anna, wife of Samuel Thomson relinquised her dower right on 27 October 1774.

27 May 1774 Samuel Thomson witnessed a land transaction between his father-in-law William Jennings, Sr., of Nottoway Parish, Amelia County, and Jesse Walker of same, for 1 acres on north side of Deep Creek in Amelia County adjoining Jesse Walker and Thomas Payne. 11

29 May 1778 Samuel Thompson named as immediate neighbor in land transaction between grantor Charles Stuart and grantee Joseph Jennings both of Amelia County for 40 acres on south side of the Great Road in Amelia County (Samuel's son Jennings Thompson and brother-in-law - or nephews? - Christopher Robertson and John Jennings were witnesses. 12

29 November 1779 Samuel Thomson mentioned as "late of Amelia County" in a dispute over his will. One of the executors, Christopher Robertson, "in order to comply with the will of Samuel Thomson", on this date conveyed to Joseph Jennings 170 acres in Amelia Cunty, "being the land and plantation whereon Samuel Thompson, dec'd, lived", adjoining the lines of Joseph Jennings, Jesse Walton, John Jennings and James Oliver. 14

Children of Samuel Thomson and Anne "Nancy" Jennings

1. Mildred Thompson, b. abt 1760 d. 1783 married Christopher Robertson.
2. Jennings Thompson b. 19 December 1764 Amelia County, VA d. 1844
Pittsylvania County, VA 15 married Elizabeth Street 8 September 1790. 16
3. Samuel Thompson b. abt 1765 Amelia County, VA d. 1838 Pittsylvania County, VA.
4. George Washington Thompson b. abt 1766.
5. Mary Pulliam Thompson b. abt 1768 married Edward Robertson.
6. William Thompson b. 1771 d. 6 April 1849 KY married (1) Dorothy Stockton (2) Judy Pritchett (Pickett)
7. Nancy Thompson b. abt. 1772
8. Waddy Thompson b. 1777 married Catherine Emmaline James 2 September 1799, Franklin County, VA
9. John Thompson


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