Mildred B. Ellis Robinson



Children of Mildred Burbridge Ellis (widow of Hezekiah Ellis)
and her second husband, Benjamin Robinson, not given in
order of ages.

1) Nancy Robinson, married Dick Mitchell and had:
1. Benj. Mitchell
2. Johnson Mitchell
3. Polly Mitchell m. William Jones
4. Elizabeth m. 1st Clifton Smith 2) Mr. Chinn
5. Mildred Mitchell m. ______Jones
6. Johnson
7. Boswell
8. Nancy
9. George
10. Claiborn

2) Polly Robinson married Pleasant McCann and had:
1. Pleasant McCann m. Lucinda Gosney, Jan. 22, 1828
2. Ben McCann married 1st Mary P. Baker, 2nd Margaret Gray
3. Joseph McCann m. Maria
(left two daus., Mrs. B. T. Hume, Mrs. Barkley)
4. Jack "John" McCann
5. Neal McCann m. Eliza Young, Jan 15, 1822
6. Lucinda McCann m. James M. Dawson, Jan. 10, 1831
7. Marian McCann m. Elisha Moore, March 4, 1844
8. Mildred McCann m. Maj. John Tapp, Oct 9, 1815

3) James Robinson, b. 3 Jan. 1773, d. 10 Oct. 1845, married Martha Parrish , dau. of Wm. Parrish and Susannah Hockaday, and had:
1. Albert Robinson
2. Creath Robinson
3. Otis Robinson
4. Dr. Thomas Hart Robinson, b. 3 Jan. 1825, d. 19 Feb 1872, married, 1 Dec. 1850, Mary Jane Halley, b. 25 May 1833, d. 2 Dec 191?
5. James Robinson
6. Mary Robinson m. _____Sales
7. Evelyn Robinson m. _____Payne
8. Susan Robinson m. _____Hart
9. Emily Robinson died young

4) Benjamin Robinson married Polly Beatty and had:
1. Dick M. Robinson
2. Bill Robinson
3. Ben F. Robinson
4. Nancy Robinson m. _____Jenkins
5. Amanda Robinson m. _____Winn
6. Margaret Robinson m. _____Blackwell

5) Charles Robinson married Miss Price and had:
1. -----
2. Gardener Robinson
3. Betsey Robinson m. _____Harrison
4. (dau.) Robinson m. _____Fleming

6) Margaret Robinson married George Martin Moore and had:
1. Harvey Moore
2. George Moore
3. William Moore
4. Benjamin Moore
5. Emily Moore m. E. L. Arnett
6. Margaret Moore m. George Boone

7) Susanna(h) Robinson married Boswell Mitchell and had:
1. George Mitchell
2. Will Mitchell
3. Benjamin Mitchell
4. Milton Mitchell
5. Mildred Mitchell m. John Darnaby
6. Mary Ann Mitchell m. Richard Bush
7. Lucy Mitchell m. _____Portwood
8. Margaret Mitchell m. Carey Alford

From the family Bible of Hezekiah Ellis (2nd) which at this time (July 6, 1932) is in the possession of Mr. Ellis Brown of 5271 Eagledale, Los Angeles, California, we learn that Hezekiah Ellis (2nd) was born Sept. 15, 1769 and died Oct. 11, 1857 and that his mother, Mildred (Burbridge) Ellis-Robinson died April 1, 1811, which corresonds with the entry on the church roll of David's Fork Church, Fayette County, Kentucky, that she was dead on May 1, 1811.

The death of Mildred Burbridge, wife of the 1st Hezekiah Ellis, married 2nd Benjamin Robinson: It has been printed in family histories and on the internet that she died at the bar on her way home from the neighbors - I have felt in my mind that they meant bar-ditch and I was right. In some hand written memos of Lucy Ferguson Coons Ware she stated that "Mildred Robinson mother of Captain William Ellis, fell through the fence and was killed. This was back of H. Weathers' entrance on Winchester Pike opposite Combs Ferry Road."

Researched by Margaret L. SHIPP Henley