Family Group Sheet of Capt. John W. Thomson


Family Group Sheet


John William Thomson, Capt.
Born: abt 1795, in KY
Married: 14 Feb 1817
Died: 16 Sep 1822, in Howard Co., MO
FATHER: Judge Asa Thomson
MOTHER: Dianna "Ann" Quarles

Ann "Nancy" B. Ellis
Born: 14 Oct 1799, in Fayette Co., KY
Died: aft 1881
FATHER: Capt. William Ellis
MOTHER: Elizabeth Shipp
OTHER SPOUSE: Horace Coleman
Note: After John's death Nancy took the children and went back to KY where she married Horace and they had Col. Cicero, Marquis & Louisa Coleman.


Pike Montgomery Thomson (Child 1 M)
Born: 20 Aug 1819, in Fayette Co., KY
Married: 15 Oct 1843, in Fayette Co., KY
Died: 2 Aug 1902, in Saline Co., MO
Spouse: Elizabeth Elnora Goodwin

John Milton Thomson (Child 2 M)
Married: in TX
Spouse: Gabriella Daniels

Nancy Ann Thomson (Child 3 F)
Ann was named in Pike's obituary but
nothing more is known of her. She
may have died young.

William Ellis Thomson (Child 4 M)
Born: 1822
Married: 10 Jun 1846, in Saline Co., MO
Spouse: Lucy Ann Thomson