written by: Paul E. Shipp
Lexington, KY
April 29, 1924

The following epitaphs appear on tombs in the Hezekiah Ellis graveyard on Graves farm near Chilesburg, Ky. in Fayette Co.

Nancy (Duvall), wife of Hezekiah Ellis, born Mar. 1, 1781, died Nov. 23, 1834.

Mary Ellis, born Jan. 6, 1813, died Jan. 9, 1883. She hath done what she could.

Mary E., wife of Wm. H. Smith, a granddaughter of H. & N. Ellis, born Nov. 31, 1829, died May 11, 1853.

Elizabeth Ellis, wife of Wm McCann, born Nov. 19, 1804, died Oct. 3, 1836.

Mollie A. Bryan, granddaughter of Hez. Ellis, born Oct. 11, 1841, died May 20, 1866.

James M. Ellis, son of H. & N. Ellis, born Jan. 12, 1821, died Oct. 11, 1847.

Lucy Jane, wife of H. S. Parker and daughter of H. & N. Ellis, born May 10, 1826, died Jan. 16, 1856.

William Ellis, son of H. & N. Ellis, born Feb. 2, 1803, died Aug. 1, 1840.

To the memory of Wille, son of W. H. & M. E. Smith, born Feb. 26, 1853, died Oct. 12, 1854.

W. S. --- E. E. --- H. E.


Hezekiah Ellis (brother of Capt. William Ellis) is buried in this graveyard but stones have been removed from his grave.

The letters "W. S. --- E. E. --- H. E." appear on foot stones at graves from which head stones have been removed. The letters "H. E." are on foot stone at grave by side of Nancy, wife of Hezekiah Ellis.

Mary Ellis (above) was the daughter of Hezekiah Ellis and was called Polly, and later "Aunt Polly Ellis", she died without ever marrying.

Some of the stones in this graveyard were very handsome, but there was no sign of a fence ever having been around it and stock had knocked the stones over and the writer had to dig some of them out of the ground, as they were covered entirely over with dirt and bluegrass sod.

It is against the laws of the State of Kentucky to desecrate a burying ground and the present owners of the farm (Mrs. Jennie M. Graves, widow of J. H. Graves, Sr., ) can be forced by law to erect a fenced around this graveyard, to prevent her stock from running over the graves and injuring the stones.