Family Group Sheet of Pvt. Asa Thomson


Family Group Sheet

Asa Thomson, (Pvt. in Rev. War, Sheriff of Fayette Co., and, eventually, Judge)
Born: 25 Jan 1764, in VA
Married: 23 Dec 1787
Died: 2 Oct 1842, in Fayette Co., KY
FATHER: William Thomson, Capt
MOTHER: Ann Rodes
Note: From DAR records: "Family tradition says that Asa Thomson tried to enlist in Virginia but on account of his youth had to go to North Carolina to be accepted. It was in North Carolina that he served under General Greene throughout the war." All of his brothers fought in the Rev. War except David.
(Old Kentucky Grants: Asa Thompson (sic), Acres: 1,000; Bk 7, page 231; Survey Date: 6-15-1785; County: Fayette; Watercourse: Ky R)

Diana "Ann" Quarles
Born: 18 Jun 1761
Died: 31 Oct 1844, in Lexington, Fayette Co., KY
FATHER: Roger Quarles
MOTHER: Mary Goodloe


Polly Thomson (Child 1 F)
Born: 25 Feb 1789
Spouse: Robert Kirtley

Roger Thomson (Child 2 M)
Born: 1790 VA/KY
Married: 21 February 1816, Mercer Co., KY
Died: aft. 1870, Christian Co., KY
Spouse: Martha A. "Patsy" Tilford

Martha "Patsey" Ann Thomson (Child 3 F)
Born: 15 Mar 1792, in KY
Married: 2 Mar 1817, in Fayette Co., KY
Spouse: Price Prewitt

John William Thomson (Child 4 M)
Born: abt 1795, in KY
Married: 24 Sep 1816
Died: 16 Sep 1822, in Howard Co., MO
Spouse: Ann "Nancy" B. Ellis

Nancy Thomson (Child 5 F)
Born: 19 Feb 1796
Spouse: William Garth

Asa Quarles Thomson (Child 6 M)
Born: 29 Nov 1798
Married: 13 Mar 1821, in Howard Co., MO
Spouse: Margaret Wallace

Robert Yancy Thomson (Child 7 M)
Born: 21 Nov 1800, in KY
Died: 16 Aug 1863, in Saline Co., MO
Spouses: Elizabeth Bryant, Lucy Townsend Nowlin

George Q. Thomson (Child 8 M)
Born: 12 Apr 1803
Died: abt 1839, in Howard Co., MO
Spouse: M. A. Smith