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Barlborough Hall, Derbyshire

The Rodes estates seem to have been divided or disposed of in Notts., and others retained in Yorkshire and Derbyshire, where the branch of the family in which we are interested removed.
It was founded by William Rodes who married Emme, daughter and heiress of John Cachehors, of Staveley Woodthorpe in Derbyshire.
This remained the family seat until Barlborough Hall was built by Francis Rodes. His son, Sir John Rodes, Knt., sold Staveley Woodthorpe, and made Barlborough the permanent family residence.
Barlborough Hall, Derbyshire, was built by Francis Rodes, Esq., justice, about 1583.
Source: Descendants of William and Mary Maltby

In the great hall, above the fireplace, is the Rodes mantle, depicting the statistics of Sir Francis' two marriages.
Picture taken by Hillary Kenworthy, niece of
"Bill" Rhodes








Notes on the Ancestors of
Ann Rodes,
Elizabeth Spencer (who married Samuel Hawes)
& Peter Montague b. 1603

Family History: Lineages of Hereditary Society Members, 1600s-1900s
Pedigrees of Charlemagne's descendants, Vol. III, Chapter LXVII Rodes (Rhodes), Thomson, Garrett, Douglas,
Shackelford..., Page 241

Arms of Sir Gerard de Rodes

Ann Rodes, b. 1734, m. Capt. William Thomson
Ann Rodes, was the d/o John Rodes , b. 1697,& Mary Crawford
John Rodes was the s/o immigrant, Charles Rodes, b. 1661, Nottingham, & Frances (?)
(Charles also had a brother, Francis, who went to Maryland.)
Charles Rodes was the s/o John Rodes, b. 1614, Sturton, Nottingham, & Elizabeth Jason
John Rodes was the s/o Francis Rodes, Baronet, b. 1588, & Elizabeth Lascells+
Francis Rodes,
Baronet, was the s/o John Rodes, knt. & Frances Constable
Frances Constable,
b. 1563, was the d/o Marmaduke Constable, b. 1536 & Catherine Holme*
Marmaduke Constable was the s/o Marmaduke Constable, b. 1509, & Elizabeth Stokes
Marmaduke Constable was the s/o William Constable, knt., b. abt. 1444, & Joan Fulthorpe
William Constable was the s/o Robert Constable, b. 1418, & Agnes Wentworth
Agnes Wentworth
, b. abt 1397, was the d/o Roger Wentworth & Margaret/Margery Despenser, Baroness le Despenser
Margaret/Margery Despenser, d.1478, was the d/o Philip 2nd Lord le Despenser & Elizabeth de Tibetot
Elizabeth de Tibetot
, b. 1371, was the d/o Robert Lord de Tibetot & Margaret Deincourt
Margaret Deincourt,
d. 2 Apr. 1380, was the d/o William Deincourt & Milicent la Zouche
Milicent la Zouche
, d. 22 June 1379, was the d/o Sir William Lord la Zouche & Maude Lovel
Sir William Lord la Zouche was the s/o Eudo la Zouche & Milicent de Cantilupe
Milicent de Cantilupe
, b. abt 1253, was the d/o William Baron de Cantelou & Eve de Braose
Eve de Braose
was the d/o William V. de Braose (14th Lord of Abergavenny) & Eve Marshall.
Eve Marshall
was the d/o Sir William Marshall, 3rd Earl of Pembroke, b. 1146, d. 14 May 1219, & Isabel de Clare
Isabel de Clare
, d. 1220, was the d/o Richard "Strongbow" FitzGilbert Clare, b. abt 1125, & Eve MacMurrough.
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...and our connection to the Mortimer/Percy line

Source: Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth Century Colonist, 2nd Ed. by Davis Faris

*Catherine Holme, b. 1544, was the d/o of John Holme & Ann Aislaby
John Holme was the s/o of William Holme & Katherine Hildyard
Katherine Hildyard
, b. abt 1485, was d/o of Sir Peter Hildyard & Joan de la See
Joan de la See
, b. abt 1463, was the d/o of Sir Martin de la See & Elizabeth Wentworth
Elizabeth Wentworth
was the d/o of Sir Philip Wentworth & Mary Clifford
Mary Clifford
was the d/o John Clifford, Lord Clifford 7th & Elizabeth Percy
Elizabeth Percy
, d. 26 Oct 1437, was the d/o Sir Henry "Hot Spur" Percy & Elizabeth Mortimer
Elizabeth Mortimer
, b. 12 Feb 1370, was the d/o ++Edmund de Mortimer, Earl of March & Phillipa Plantagenet
Phillipa Plantagenet,
was the d/o Lionel Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence & Elizabeth de Burgh, b. 6 Jul 1332 Castle,
Carrickfergus, Antrim, Ireland, d/o William, Earl of Ulster & Maud "of Lancaster" Plantagenet

+Elizabeth Lascells descends from Edward Montagu, Knt. & Ellen Roper
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Spencer of Westmoreland Arms: Quarterly. 1st and 4th, or and gules; 2nd and 3rd, a fret of the first, on a bend sable three fleurs de lis argent.
Crest: Out of a ducal coronet gules, a griffin's head argent collared or, between two wings expanded of the third, charged on
the head and on each wing a fleur de lis sable, and on the neck a crescent.

Hawes Arms: Azure a fesse wavy between three lions rampant or.
Crest: Out of a mural coronet azure a lion's head or.

Elizabeth Spencer, b.?, said to be the daughter of ?, probable granddaughter of:
Col. Nicholas Spencer, b. 19 Sept 1633, m. Frances Mottrom
He was the son of Nicholas Spencer & Mary Gostwick, b. abt .1615.
Mary Gostwick was the d/o Edward Gostwick & his wife, Anne Wentworth.
Anne Wentworth, b. bef. 3 Mar 1588 in Gosfield, was the d/o John Wentworth & Cecilia Unton
Cecilia Unton, b. 1561, was the d/o Sir Edward Unton & Ann Seymour
Ann Seymour,
b. abt 1538, d. 1586, was the d/o +Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset & *Ann Stanhope
Edward Seymour
, Duke of Somerset, b. 1506 at Wolf Hall, d. 22 Jan 1557, was the s/o John Seymour & Margaret Wentworth
Margaret Wentworth,
b. abt. 1474, d. 1530, was the d/o of Sir Henry Wentworth, b. in Suffolk & Ann Say
Sir Henry Wentworth was the s/o Sir Philip Wentworth & Mary Clifford
Mary Clifford
was the d/o John Clifford, Lord Clifford 7th & Elizabeth Percy
Elizabeth Percy,
d. 26 Oct 1437, was the d/o Sir Henry "Hot Spur" Percy & Elizabeth Mortimer
Elizabeth Mortimer,
b. 12 Feb 1370, was the d/o ++Edmund de Mortimer, Earl of March & Phillipa Plantagenet
Phillipa Plantagenet,
was the d/o **Lionel Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence & Elizabeth de Burgh, b. 6 Jul 1332 Castle, Carrickfergus, Antrim, Ireland, d/o William, Earl of Ulster & Maud "of Lancaster" Plantagenet

*Ann Stanhope, was the d/o Sir Edward Stanhope & Elizabeth Bourchier
Elizabeth Bourchier,
b abt 1474, was the d/o Baron Fulke Bourchier & Elizabeth Dinham
Fulke Bourchier, Baron FitzWarine 2nd b. 1445, was the s/o William Bourchier, Baron FitzWarine & Thomasine Hankeford, b. 1422.
William Bourchier, b.1412 at Little Eaton, was the s/o William Bourchier, Earl of Euby, b. 1374, & Anna Plantagenet
Anna Plantagenet,
b. 1383, was the d/o **Thomas Plantagenet, Duke of Gloucester, b. 7 Jan 1354, & Aleanore de Bohun, b. 1366. Her sister, Mary, Countess of Derby, married Henry IV.

**Lionel & Thomas Plantagenet were the sons of Edward III.

+Edward Seymour's sister, Jane, married Henry VIII.
_/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/

From "Descendants of Peter Montague" we find the following:
++Edmund Mortimer
, Earl of March 3rd, grandson of William Montague, by his dau. Philippa, (d/o Wm. & Catherine (De Grandison) Montagu) married Philippa, dau. of Lionel, Duke of Clarence, son of King Edward III. From this marriage was descended Edward IV, King of England and a long line of royal personages. Mary, Queen of Scots and her husband Lord Dernley, were cousins. She was of Montague descent through her grandmother Margaret Tudor, b. 28 Nov 1489, the aunt of Queen Elizabeth and sister of Henry VIII, who was married to James IV, of Scotland. He was slain at Flodden Field and Margaret re-married Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus and their dau. Margaret was the mother of Henry, Lord Dernly by her marriage with Mathew Stewart, Earl of Lennox." -(See Peerage of Scotland p. 335, and Camden's Brit. p. 918, and Chronicles of the Kings by Sir R. Baker p. 269, also Burke's Royal Families.)

"History and Genealogy of the Montague Family in America"

Peter Montague, (went to VA, while his bro., Richard, went to New England) b. 1603, son of Peter, m. Elizabeth Allen
Peter Mongtague, 5th son of William, m. Eleanor, dau. of William Allen, of Burnham, Bucks
William, 2nd son of Robert, bro. of Lawrence, m. Margaret, dau. of John Malthouse, of Binfield, Berkshire
Robert, 2nd son of William, m. Margaret, dau. of Roger Cotton, of Berkshire. Robert was buried 10 Jan. 1575
William, m. Joan (?). He resided at Boveney, parish of Burnham, Buckinghamshire. His will was proved 21 Mar. 1550

This family in England are called the Boveney and Dorney Montagues, and their Coat of Arms is blazoned, "Argent three fusils in fess gules between three pellets (or ogresses)." It will be noticed that the arms of the Boveney family are the same as the arms of Sir Simon Montacute who signed the Baron's letter, except that to the former there have been added three ogresses.

The ogresses may have been added for difference in family, or they may (as it has been expressed by a gentleman in London who bears the name) have been added to mark some deed done at some time, such as a large donation of land to the church, as the church at Boveney bears such a record.

Perhaps they may have been added as a part of the maternal arms of William Montague, son of Robert, for his mother was Margaret, dau. of Roger Cotton. And the Arms of one family of Cotton were, "Argent a bend Sable between three ogresses."

Whatever may have been the origin of these pellets,, the fact still remains, that the Boveney family bear the Arms of Sir Simon Montague of A. D. 1300, which Arms were also borne by his son lord William Montacute and by his grandson the first Earl of Salisbury.

From Larry Montague's page "Montague Millennium" :

Lady Sibyl Montagu, eldest dau. of this great Earl of Salisbury, (William, b. 1301) married Edmund, son of Edmund Earl of Arundel. He was of royal blood being descended through Hamlyn Plantagenet and thence from William the Conquerer through his dau. Gundred. 

Lady Philippa Montagu, second dau. and sister of Sibyl, married Roger Mortimer Earl of March. He was son of Edmund, and grandson of that Roger Mortimer Earl of March who was put to death by Edward III. The son of Lady Philippa Montague by this marriage, also named Edmund Earl of March, married Philippa, only daughter of Lionel, Duke of Clarence, (third son of King Edward III) by Lady Elizabeth de Burgh, dau. of William Earl of Ulster. Their son, Roger Mortimer Earl of March, was direct heir to the Crown of England and was designed by King Richard as his successor, but he died before the king, leaving issue Edmund and Anne. Edmund was thrown into prison by King Henry IV. who had usurped the Government, and feared Edmund's title to the Crown, where he died of grief and discontent, leaving his sister Anne to inherit the Crown. Lady Anne Mortimer married Richard Plantagenet, Earl of Cambridge son of Edmund of Langley who was the fifth son of King Edward III. They had an only son, Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York, Protector of England, who fell at the battle of Wakefield 1460, leaving the following children (all of Montagu blood) by his wife Cicily, dau. of Ralph Nevill, Earl of Westmoreland, (see below) viz: Edward IV. King of England; Edmund Earl of Rutland, slain at Wakefield when only 12 years old; George Duke of Clarence who married Isabel, grand dau of Alice Montague (dau. of Gen'l Thomas Montagu) and was drowned in a barrel of wine; Richard III., King of England; Anne, married to the Duke of Exeter; Margaret, married to Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy; and Elizabeth, married to John de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, who had by her, two sons; John, Earl of Lincoln, Lord Lieut. of Ireland, who was declared heir to the Crown by King Richard III. but lost his life in the battle of Stoke, 1487; Edmund Delapole who succeeded his father as Duke of Suffolk in 1491. He being an heir to the Crown was artfully secured in the Tower by King Henry VII and was beheaded in 1513 by Henry VIII. 

The Princess Elizabeth, dau of King Edward IV., of Montagu blood as above stated, married Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, who became Henry VII., King of England, thus uniting the Houses of Lancaster and York, the red and white rose. She became the mother of King Henry VIII; also the mother of Margaret, married to King James, IV. of Scotland, who became the grandmother of Mary Queen of Scots; and also the mother of Elizabeth, married to Lewis the XII, King of France. Thus from the marriage of Philippa Montagu to the Earl of March, there was descended a long line of royal personages that includes the Kings and Queens of England, though more remote, to the present day. 

From Brian Tompsett's web page, "Royal & Noble Genealogical Data on the Web"

++Edmund de Mortimer, Earl of March 3rd, b. 1351, m.Philippa Plantagenet, Countess of Ulster, b. 16 Aug 1355, and they had:
Elizabeth Mortimer, b. 12 Feb 1370
Roger Mortimer, Earl of March IV, b. 1374, m. Alianore Holland, b c. 1373, and they had:
Lady Anne Mortimer, m. Richard (Plantagenet) of Conisburgh, Earl of Cambridge, b. ca 1375, grandson of Edw. III, and they had:
Richard (Plantagenet) of York, Duke of York 3rd, b. 21 Sept 1411, who m. Lady Cicely Nelville, b. 3 May 1415, Raby Castle, Durham, d/o Ralph de Nelville, Earl of Westmoreland 1st, granddaughter of Henry de Percy, Baron Percy 2nd, b. 6 Feb 1300. Their children were:
I. John, b. 1438
II. Anne, b. 10 Aug 1439
III. Henry, b. 10 Feb 1441
IV. Edward IV, King of England, b. 28 Apr 1442
V. Edmund of Rutland, Earl of Rutland, b. 27 May 1443
VI. Elizabeth, b. 22 Apr 1444
VII. Margaret, b. 3 May 1446
VIII. William, b. 7 Jul 1447
IX. John, b. 7 Nov 1448
X. George, Duke of Clarence b. 21 Oct 1449
XI. Thomas, b. 1450
XII. Richard III, King of England, b. 2 Oct 1452
XIII. Ursula, b. 22 Jul 1455

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