Montague Family

The foregoing is compliments of my Montague, Goodloe, Minor cousin, Dorothy, a lady of incredible energy!


 Middlesex Co., VA Wills and Inventories
1673 - 1812
and other Court Papers

by William Lindsay Hopkins


Chancery Suits Court Papers 1784-1791

John MONTAGUE, aged 20, states that his father, Capt. William MONTAGUE, dec'd, told him that he had tried to purchase 20 acres of the above land from John Yarrington. 6 May 1754
Bond of John Yarrington and Lewis MONTAGUE, 2 Oct. 1753
McCall vs. Neilson. John McCall, William McCall and James McCall of Glascow, Merchants, state that Jane MONTAGUE, widow of William MONTAGUE and afterwards Jane Vass, since deceased, was appointed guardian of her children viz Jane MONTAGUE, the younger, Catherine MONTAGUE, Samuel MONTAGUE, James MONTAGUE, Margaret MONTAGUE and Peter MONTAGUE, THE ORPHANS OF William MONTAGUE. At that time, Mrs. Jane MONTAGUE gave a bond along with her son John MONTAGUE and Thomas Price, both of whom are since deceased. Mrs. Jane MONTAGUE married Vincent Vass and soon died. The MONTAGUE children brought suit in Essex Co. Court against Vincent Vass for payment but he became insolvent.
William Snodgrass and Jack Power, Gent. Give their bond to Charles Neilson and Charlotte Neilson, his wife, Administratrix of John MONTAGUE, dec'd., and Thomas Price, Clerk Administrator of Thomas Price, Gent., dec'd. 7 Nov. 1768. Deposition of Archibald McCall states that he kept store for John, William and James McCall and that Jane Vass obtained a decree against her husband, Vincent Vass. 17 May 1768.
Archibald McCall brings suit against Jane MONTAGUE, the younger, Catherine MONTAGUE, Samuel MONTAGUE, James MONTAGUE, Margaret MONTAGUE and Peter MONTAGUE in Essex Co. Essex Co. Court on 19 July 1763 AWARDED PAYMENT TO Archibald McCall. Capt. MONTAGUE is guardian to the children. 21 Sept. 1763.
Iveson vs MONTAGUE 1770 Mar.
Thomas Iveson, under age 21, by John King his guardian states that his father, Thomas Iveson, died in Jan. 1760. In his will dated 31 Dec. 1759 in Gloucester Co, he left everything to his widow, Jane Iveson, for the care of "the child she then went with." Executors were wife Jane Iveson and friend Thomas Boswell. Sometime after the death of Thomas Iveson, Jane Iveson became Jane Farekeson (Ferkerson, Farkeson or Farcheson) when she married Philip Farekeson who sold the slaves from her estate to William MONTAGUE 1768.
William MONTAGUE, Gen. states that John Morgan was guardian of Thomas Iveson until he was unable to further care for him and Capt. James MONTAGUE. Thomas Iveson's uncle, then took him to his house for a year. Thomas Iveson now lives with William MONTAGUE. Philip Ferkerson has carried away the most valuable slaves for his own use. 4 Apr. 1769
Shepherd vs. Daniels 1773 May
Henry Shepherd and Mary Shepherd his wife (one of the children and Legatees of Henry Daniel, dec'd.) states that Henry Daniel made a will on 17 Mar. 1764 and left to his daughter Mary Shepherd. His wife, Betty Daniel, was named executrix with friend Lewis MONTAGUE, Gent, as Exor. Henry Shepherd had married Mary Daniel before the death of her father.
VIVION vs. Lorimer's Admin.
William Webb states that Henry Thacker the Elder died about 24 Aug. 1764 after having made his will. He left to his wife Elizabeth Thacker, John Allen and nephew Henry Thacker. Exors. Wife Mary Elizabeth Thacker and William Allen. Henry Thacker the Younger died intestate and about 16 Nov. 1776. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Thacker, widow, died after making her will on 7 Mar. 1775. In her will, she left to her niece Hannah Thacker Lorimer the wife of George Lorimer and appointed him as her executor. George Lorimer died intestate about Aug. 1783 and the Rev. Samuel King was appointed his administrator. William Webb is the administrator of the estate of Henry Thacker the Younger. One of the slaves in question is in the possession of Vivion Brooking. (For some reason, a line is drawn through the name of John Vivion. Henry Pendleton and Martha Pendleton his wife. Mary Vass, Margaret Pratt and Francis Brooking in one reference to the Plaintiffs in this suit.) Apr. 1784
J. Warwick vs. G. Warwick. Bond of John Warwick to George Warwick. Wit: Philip MONTAGUE and James Markan 14 Mar 1767
Lewis MONTAGUE and William MONTAGUE arbitrated the difference between George Warwick and John Warwick over the bequest of the will of their father Philip Warwick dec'd. Two other brothers, Thomas Warwick and William Warwick, died in infancy leaving George Warwick, the eldest brother and Heir at Law and John Warwick. who are now alive and full age. 21 Apr. 1767
Court Papers 1754 Oct. 1758 Oct. John Glen's notes to Abraham MONTAGUE. Wit: Sarah Glen 28 Apr 1755
Bond of Francis Sykes to Lewis MONTAGUE. Wit: James Mackan 28 Nov 1755
Misc. Marriages, Births & Deaths, 1663 - 1763
Thomas MONTAGUE, son of William MONTAGUE and Catherine MONTAGUE, born 9 Sept 1757
Surveys 1735 - 1867
4 June...Samuel Wood. 50 acres. Chaincarriers: Benjamin Kidd and Samuel Bobbs. Surveyors Benjamin Smith. Adjoins School House Swamp. Old Mill Swamp. Samuel Wood, James Bristow, William Jones and Capt. MONTAGUE. P. 6, 4 May 1754 John Yarrington 146 acres. Chaincarriers Daniel Parriott and William Daniel. Surveyors: William Parry. Adjoins Capt. MONTAGUE, dec'd, Samuel Wood, James Bristow, William Jones. School house Swamp and Rice Jones.
Pg. 28. 30 Apr 1772. Mordecai Bucker, executor of Beverley Stanard, Gent., dec'd. 96 acres. Chaincarriers: William Rylee, Robert Pamplet and John Lee. Surveyors: John Yarrington. Adjoins Brown's Creek on Rappanhannock River. George Hazelwood, William MONTAGUE and William Segar.
Pg. 45 __1797. Commissioners Churchill Blakey and John George. Jury: William Healy, William N. Kidd, George Sanders, Philip Lee, George Dillard, Frederick Noel, Thomas Farguson, Thomas Chowning, Thomas MONTAGUE, Henry Mickleborough, Bevan Abbott and William George, Jr. (Surveyed 88 acres. The Estate of Henry Chowning dec'd. Adjoins Allen and Johnson.) Then surveyed 2 acres at the request of Col. John George and consent of William Thurston. (Land sold by Thurston to George.)
Pg. 47 22 Nov1798. Land in dispute between Benjamin Kidd, Sr. and Agrippa Dunn. 40 acres (14 acres added to Ryley's part and 25 1/4 acres as Ryley's part) Chaincarriers: William MONTAGUE and George Kidd. Adjoins Sandy or Mad Creek.
Wills 1678 -1798 Pts. 1 & 2
Pg. 35. Mary Doodes. Sept. 1678/7 Feb 1686. Exors: Son Doodes Mindart his father's sealing ring. Daughter Marie MONTAGUE and her daughter Mary (Mary MONTAGUE). Mary MONTAGUE, daughter of Peter MONTAGUE. Mindert Doodes and Elizabeth Doodes, son and daughter of Doodes Mindart. My two sons Doodes Mindart and Peter MONTAGUE. Wit: Nicholas Cocke and Henry Davis.
Pg. 96 Doodes Minor. 13 Nov 1694/ 27 May 1695. Son Minor Minor. Granddaughter Elizabeth Mickleburrough. Wife Elizabeth Minor. My four sons viz Minor Minor, William Minor, Garat Minor and Peter Minor. Exors. Wife and sons Minor Minor and William Minor. Overseers: Mr. Maurice Cock, Tobias Mickleburrough, Mr. William MONTAGUE and John Smith. Sons as they "come of age." Wit: Maurice Cock, Nicholas Curtis, Arthur Hancock and John Smith.
Pg. 101. Alexander Smith. 5 Jan 1695/ 6 Apr 1696. Only son John Smith "all of my land." Trustees Maurice Cock and William Wyatt of King & Queen Co. Wit: Capt. William Daniell, John VIVION, Andrew Willson and Thomas Steell.