Lloyd King & Mary Jane (Graves) Goodwin

Contributed by Cousin Barbara Morgan


The Bible Records of The
Lloyd King Goodwin

Lloyd King Goodwin
Born: 17 Nov 1791, in Pendleton Co., KY
Married: 25 August 1813 (REF: Family Bible)
Died: 9 Jan 1878, in Fayette Co., KY (REF: Family Bible)
Father: James Coleman Goodwin
Mother: Nancy Coleman Graves

Mary Jane Graves
Born: 14 Jan 1796, Fayette Co., KY
Died: 9 Sept 1880 (REF: Family Bible)
Father: Joseph Thomas Graves, Sr.
Mother: Mary Goodwin

Update: 1 Oct. 2003
The gravestones of Lloyd & Mary Jane were found on the farm of Mrs. Jane (Graves) Blackford and unearthed by Cousins Barbara Morgan and Jeff Goodwin. Jeff has since had the stones moved to the Winchester, KY Cemetery.

CHILDREN: (Name, birth, marriage & death dates are from the Family Bible)

Mary Ann Eliza Goodwin (Child 1 F)
Born: 17 Oct 1814, in Fayette Co., KY
Married: 11 Feb 1830
Spouse: William Hayes

Frances Jane Goodwin (Child 2 F)
Born: 1 March 1817, in Fayette Co., KY
Married: 25 Nov 1835, in Fayette Co., KY
Died: 22 April 1879, in Clark Co., KY
Married: Francis G. Brown

Hardenia Burnley Goodwin (Child 3 F)
Born: 2 Sept 1819, in Fayette Co., KY
Married: 24 April 1838
Died: Feb 1905
Spouse: William Harris Coleman

Elizabeth Elnorah Goodwin (Child 4 F)
Born: 17 Mar 1822, in Fayette Co., KY
Married: 15 Oct 1843, in Fayette Co., KY
Died: 17 Oct 1915, in Slater, Saline Co., MO
Spouse: Pike Montgomery Thomson, Capt.

Daughter (Child 5)
Born: 6 May 1824
Died: 1824

Barbara Adeline Goodwin (Child 6 F)
Born: 27 Apr 1825, in Fayette Co., KY
Married: 1 May 1847
Spouse: Spencer Coleman Tyler

George Joseph Goodwin (Child 7 M)
Born: 8 Nov 1827, in Fayette Co., KY
Married: 13 Dec 1849, in Montgomery Co., KY
Died: 12 Apr 1899, in Fayette Co., KY
Spouse: Eliza M. Jamison
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findings by Cousin Jeff Goodwin

Nancy Eloisa(? smudged) Goodwin (Child 8 F)
Born: 29 May 1830, in Fayette Co., KY
Married: 2 Dec 1847
Spouse: Joseph L. Cartwright, M. D.

James Lucien Goodwin (Child 9 M)
Born: 5 Apr 1832
Died: 15 Jan 1903

Daughter (Child 10)
Born: 1 July 1834
Died: 1834

Benjamin Lloyd Goodwin (Child 11 M)
Born: 29 Sept 1836, in Fayette Co., KY
Died: 27 Feb 1903
Spouse: Florence McCauley

Lucinda Victoria Goodwin (Child 12 F)
Born 20 Sept 1838, in Fayette Co., KY
Married: 5 Apr 1860
Spouse: John Thompson Hildreth

The Goodwin Coat of Arms: Per pale or and gu, a lion ramp, between three fleurs-de-lis
Crest: A demi lion ramp ar gorged with an heraldic coronet gu.
Motto: De bon Volore