Kentucky Gazette

History of Lexington, Clerks and Sheriffs


During the summer, and in the midst of trials and bloodshed the organization of the government of Fayette county was completed. Governor Jefferson, of Virginia, appointed John Todd colonel, David Boone lieutenant-colonel, and Thomas Marshall surveyor of the county. John Maxwell was made coroner. Levi Todd was chosen as clerk of the county court, and held the office for twenty-five years after. The successors of Todd were John D. Young, 1807; James C. Rhodes (sic), 1817; James A. Grinstead, 1845; Sanders D. Bruce, 1849; Joseph R. Gross, 1862; Ernest Brennan, 1862; Allie G. Hunt, 1866.

The justices of the county court were successively sheriffs of the county until the law was changed in 1792. The first sheriff under the succession rule was Charles Carr. Mr. Carr was a native of Virginia, and emigrated to this state when he was but ten years of age. He was a private soldier in the American army, under General Anthony Wayne, in 1794, and took an active part in his celebrated campaign against the Indians.

In the war of 1812 he served as captain, and was at one time a prisoner. Subsequently he was a member of the state legislature. He died in Fayette county, at an advanced age. His successors as sheriffs were Thomas Clarke, J. C. Richardson, Leonard Young, A. Young, James Wood, W. R. Morton, Edward Payne, John Bradford, G. W. Morton, Waller Bullock, A. Thomson, Oliver Keene, T. S. Redd, R. S. Todd, T. A. Russell, M. Flournoy, J. R. Sloan, Moses Ellis, J. B. O'Bannon, Waller Rhodes (sic), Abraham Dudley, Joseph Gross, C. S. Bodley, Thomas Nichols, W. W. Dowden, R. S. Bullock.


The Kentucky Gazette 1801-1820

Vol. XVIII, No. 978, Tues. 11 June 1803

Marriage: John M. Garrard, son of Gov. Garrard, married Miss Ship, daughter of Laban Shipp, both of Bourbon county, on Sunday evening, 31 May 1805.

Vol. XVII, No. 942, Tues., 2 Oct. 1804

Hez. Harrison, Ed. Bullock, Wm. Shrieve and Asa Thompson (sic) have land for sale as a result of a Fayette Circuit Court decree. The land is now occupied by James Hawkins on the East fork of Hickman in Fayette County. Mentions John Price and Samuel Hawkins.

Vol. XIX, No. 1029, Wed., 9 April 1806

John Payne, John Thomson and R. M. Gano (all of Scott County) have land for sale, property of the Rittenhouse Academy in Georgetown.

No. 14, Vol. III, Sat., 11 Oct. 1817, Vol. XXXI

Hezekiah Ellis and Edward Darnaby, executors of William Ellis, dec'd, regarding the estate sale, including the farm presently occupied by Jesse Bryant.

No. 52, Vol. IV, Fri., 25 December 1818, Vol. XXXII

A. Thomson, living five miles northeast of Lexington, next door to Bryan Station, has land for sale.

No. 5, Vol. V, Fri., 29 Jan. 1819, Vol. XXXIII

Directors of the Bank of Georgetown are named: Wm. Ward, Ben. Johnson, William Warren, Ben Davis, Samuel Theobald, Elijah Craig, David Thomson, Ben. S. Chambers.

The Kentucky Gazette 1787-1800

(page cut off) 29 Aug. 1790

Levi Todd regarding a suit in Fayette County court: John and William Ellis (executors of William Ellis, dec'd) vs. John Cobb, Ebenezer Smith Platt, Thomas Dawson, James Tompkins, Humphrey Tomkins and Thomas Carr.

Vol. XIII, No. 728, 1 Sept. 1800

William Ellis, 21 May 1800, Montgomery County, found a mare on the Plantation of Isaac Eley on Sycamore fork of Slate Creek.

Thomas I. Garrett, Lexington, 26 Nov. 1799, regarding a lost pistol. Mentions: Asa Thompson. (sic)

Vol. XIII, No. 690, 12 Dec. 1799

Rodes Thompson, (sic) 11 Dec. 1799. Notice to debtors: please pay your bills. Mentions: Toliver Craig and James Johnson (living on North Elkhorn Creek).