Crago Connections

 Crago Connections


This page focuses on the descendants of Greene County pioneer, Thomas Crago.  The name Crago is said to be of Scottish origins and comes from the town of Craigo, near Montrose, Angus (see The Surnames of Scotland).  Other spellings include Crago, Craigo, and Cragow.  No evidence of Scottish connections has been found for this particular family, however.

The following table provides links to various branches of the Crago family. Hopefully, you will be able to find your Crago connection!  As with any work of this nature, this site is certain to contain errors and omissions - please feel free to bring them to my attention.

My day job has kept me from doing updates as frequently as I would like. There are a number of broken links on the page at the moment, but I will be working over the next few days to update them. If someone knows where Maggie Crago's web pages have moved please contact me at [email protected]

Thomas Crago, Sr.

A narrative account of the death of Thomas Crago, Sr.

Thomas Crago, Jr. Robert Craigo
Preble Ohio
Elizabeth Crago Kelley John Crago Sarah Crago Rice Samuel   Crago
Coshocton Ohio
Thomas Crago, III Nancy Crago Sharpnack Mary Crago Ridge William Crago Priscilla Crago Swan James Crago Charles Crago Rachel Crago Ingram Clementine Crago Davidson David

Tuscarawas Ohio
Joseph Crago

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Where is Conococheague?

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The Hunt for Thomas Crago

In order to help coordinate efforts to find the origins of Greene County Pioneer, Thomas Crago, Sr., I have added a new page designed to help coordinate these efforts.

More Crago Connections!

There are several branches of Crago's that I am aware of that either have no connection or have no connection known yet to the line of Thomas Crago, Sr. of  Greene County (listed above).  Here are links to some other Crago lines:
Descendants Of:
Thomas Crago b. 1811 and Sarah / Sally Wagoner Wood Co., Ohio Maggie Crago
William Crago c 1700 and Patience Gummow Cornwall, England> Australia John Wilton
George Crago c 1806 and Elizabeth Cornwall, England> Various N. America William Kingrey
George Crago b 1790 and Sally Fox Ireland > Putnam Co., WV Chris Kersey


Do you have a Crago Connection?

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The information on this page represents the cumulative work of many, many individuals. Thanks to Steade Craigo, Lloyd Craigo, Jim Gallagher, Serena Oliphant, Dawn Dutra, Pam Dalton, Mark Dodd, Rich Sewell and Carol Landolfo who are just a few of the people who have contributed to this effort. Thanks also goes to many relatives I have never met myself who have contributed time and information to make this possible.

This site is maintained by Brian C. Smith, a descendant of Thomas Crago, III.  Other surnames in my family include Gallagher, Martin, Nagode, Fordyce, Paul, Brenneman, Kenton, Franks, Jennings and Askren.  A chart of my ancestors is available. Feel free to contact me if you have connections with any of these other lines.