The Rice Pharmacy


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The Rice Pharmacy

The following article describes the pharmacy operated by
William M. Harper, husband of Adeline ('Addie') Loop,
and was published in the
Rice [Texas] Rustler on August 18, 1905.
Obvious typesetter's errors and misspellings have been corrected.

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We come next in our review of the business men and business interests of the town to the popular and reliable drug store successfully conducted by Dr. W. M. Harper.

This establishment is a model of neatness and taste, handsomely fitted up and in it is found a stock of goods that would do credit to a place twenty times the population of Rice.

To one acquainted with drug stores and the drug trade, it requires but a glance for him to see that he is in a house where the proprietor thoroughly understands the business, knows exactly how to display his goods and what is most important of all how to dispense them. To those not familiar with the profession of pharmacy, it would seem but a simple thing for any one to enter a drug store and sell or dispense the thousand and one articles contained therein. One party stating that everything was labeled, you should have no difficulty in finding what was called for, overlooking the fact that many drugs and especially chemicals, possibly harmless in themselves, when combined with others bear the most deadly of poisons.

Dr. Harper is an experienced physician and pharmacist and the people find every advantage and protection in dealing here. In the purchase of his stock he is careful to select only the best of everything. He keeps no dried out drugs or evaporated compounds, everything is of regulation strength, fresh and pure, thus insuring uniformity on the action of all drugs dispensed.

The handsome and neat arrangement of the stock and the attractions of the store remind one of the exactness and precaution used in serving every customer.

In dealing here whether it be in the filling of the most difficult prescription or in the purchase of the most harmless drugs or medicines the public can rely upon absolute correctness.

We note also his splendid stock of proprietary medicines, toilet articles, physicians' and surgeons' supplies, sick room requisites, stationery, choice cigars, a beautiful and well equipped soda fount where all kinds of cold refreshing drinks can be obtained.

He also carries a splendid stock of jewelry, fine gold and silver watches and rare jewelry of every description. This is an establishment of which our citizens are justly proud.

Personally Dr. Harper is one of our most enterprising and progressive citizens and no worthy project is ever presented to him, tending to advance the best interests of our town but meets with his hearty approval and substantial aid.

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