Some Descendants of Nicholas Bartlett (1742-1814) and Mary Martin (1746-1837)


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Nicholas Bartlett

Mary Martin


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Bartlett's Station historical marker in Blount County, Tennessee
A historical marker in Blount County, Tennessee,
near the Knox County line,
where Nicholas Bartlett operated a mill, fort, and stage stop

Nicholas BARTLETT was born on 25 Jan 1742 in Maryland.1,2 He married Mary MARTIN in 1766.3 He died on 14 Jan 1814 in Knox County, Tennessee, at age 71.4 They probably married in Virginia. They first settled in Rockingham County, Virginia. In the fall of 1784, Nicholas and Mary and their six children left the Greenbrier colony (then in Rockingham County) and moved to Tennessee, settling a few miles south of Knoxville. This area was then in what was called the State of Franklin, having once been part of North Carolina, and then was on the frontier and subject to trouble with the Cherokee. In 1785 he built a grist mill on Stock Creek, in what then was Greene County and in 1792 became Knox County, and soon the mill was fortified to provide safety from Indian attacks for settlers in the vicinity. Blount County was created from Knox County south of Knoxville in 1795 with "Bartlett's Station" lying on the county line. Nicholas owned a large amount of land and gave much of it to his children before his death. His will took care of only those children who had not received gifts of land from him while he was alive. Nicholas was associated closely with Jeremiah Pearce in Virginia. Four Bartlett daughters married Pearce men, apparently two of them brothers and the other two cousins.5,6,7

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Mary MARTIN was born in May 1746 in North Carolina.8 She died on 15 Jul 1837 in Shakertown (South Union), Logan County, Kentucky, at age 91.9,10 She was buried in Shaker Cemetery, Shakertown (South Union), Logan County, Kentucky.11 Although some records show that she lived from 1746 or 1747 to 1837, family tradition is that she almost reached her 100th birthday. After Nicholas died, Mary lived with a daughter, Esther Hunt, who had settled near Edwardsville, Madison County, Illinois, in 1813. She lived there nine years, then moved to the home of another daughter, Mary Pearce, at the Shaker community of South Union in Logan County, Kentucky, where she died and was buried. She was blind in her last years.12

Mary and Nicholas had eleven children, listed below.  Click on a name to go to a page about that person and his or her descendants.

Leah Bartlett, who was born in 1767 in Virginia, married Robert Pearce in 1790, and died in 1861 in Logan County, Kentucky

Rhoda Jane Bartlett, who was born in 1769 and married Reuben Rogers in 1785 in Rockingham County, Virginia

Hannah Bartlett, who was born in 1772 in Virginia, married George Washington Teas in Tennessee, and died in 1834 in Des Moines County, Iowa

Joseph Bartlett, who was born on 13 Jan 1775 in Virginia, married Patience McCoy on 3 Apr 1798 in Knox County, Tennessee, and died on 1 Jan 1864 in Pin Oak Township, Madison County, Illinois

Lydia Bartlett, who was born in 1779 in Virginia, married a man whose name has been forgotten, and then married Mr. Sitton

Esther Bartlett, who was born in 1783 in Virginia, married John Beale Hunt in 1802 in Tennessee, and died on 10 Sep 1857 in Bushnell, McDonough County, Illinois

Martha Bartlett, who was born about 1786 in Tennessee and married James Pearce in 1803 in Maryland

Sarah Bartlett, who was born in 1783 in Tennessee and married David Pearce on 23 Apr 1808 in Blount County, Tennessee

Mary Bartlett, who was born about 1789 in Tennessee, married Solomon Pearce in Tennessee, and died in Shakertown, Logan County, Kentucky

Rachel Bartlett, who was born about 1790 in Tennessee and married Mr. Hutson and Mr. All

Jesse Bartlett, who was born on 5 Dec 1791 in Knox County, Tennessee, married Frances Callaway on 7 Sep 1810, and died on 1 Feb 1838 in Washington County, Texas


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