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Welcome! This site is a tool for Genealogists to research their Baptist roots. This project was begun after learning about one of my husband's ancestors, Daniel David Mullins (1825-1894). This man organized 30 Baptist churches, 18 of them in Indian Territory. I am fascinated with his perseverence in the face of adversity and his personal sacrifices.

Although D.D. did not affect Baptist doctrine or theology per se, his personal belief was unshakeable and he worked tirelessly to better the lives of his fellow man.

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The BAPTIST-ROOTS-L email list was created to discuss Church history and the genealogy of America's Baptist pioneers.

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Transcribed records are welcome, as are copies of records to be transcribed sent to the address below. All records will remain on RootsWeb for everyone to use --free of charge. Please be sure to indicate that they are for Baptist Roots.

Special thanks to Jan Daamen of the International Internet Genealogical Society (IIGS)
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