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Sara Frances Maxwell Baily

Sara Frances Maxwell Baily

1907 - 1995
Photo taken about 1980

Both my mother and father were born and raised in Silverton Colorado's beautiful San Juan Mtns. Unlike the other married couples in my genealogy site, they have their own pages atop the Baily and Maxwell pedigree trees. My father's page is accessed by clicking here.

Some of Sara's early summers were spent with the Maxwells in Odessa, Missouri and she attended school there for at least one year; however, she graduated from Silverton High School in 1924. She obtained her B.A and M.Ed. from the University of Colorado in Boulder. After a short stint in journalism, Sara taught over thirty years with the Denver Public Schools at North, Manual, and East high schools, teaching journalism, English, Latin, and Spanish.

Mother was first married to Donald Eson, a pharmacist in Littleton, Co. Click here for their page.

Sara Maxwell about 1913

Silverton school

This was taken about 1919 when my mother was twelve. She is fifth
from the left in the second row from the front

Class of 1924
From left: Malcom Logan; Henry Gooch; Helen Bell;
Sara Maxwell; Fury Dalla; Alvin Celien



Sara Maxwell, 1928

My mother, the "flapper" - 1929

On August 13, 1996, her ashes joined those of my father, Jesse S. Baily, at the Maxwell site at the Hillside Cemetery in Silverton.

Hillside Cemetery, Silverton, Colorado

"A Beautiful Home for a Soul to Roam"

P. Vurpillat



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Jesse S. Baily (Sara's Husband)


Nathaniel Carson Maxwell (Sara's g grandfather)
Albert Leander Maxwell (Sara's grandfather)
Authur Leonard Maxwell (Sara's uncle)
Albert Leander Maxwell (with Sarah Adeline Hayes)
Martha Mae Maxwell
(Sara's aunt)
Nathaniel Chester Maxwell (Sara's father)
Wilbur T. Maxwell (Sara's brother)

James H. Tharp and Mary Frances Jeter (Sara's maternal grandparents)