Charles and Mary Osborn

Charles and Mary Osborn


Charles Osborn
1834 - 1920


Mary Rebecca Osborn
1847 - 1938
Obituary and Tribute

Charles and Mary Osborn were first cousins, sharing a great-grandfather (William Osborn). They married on February 28, 1867 and had 15 children, ten daughters and five sons. Nine of the children never married. There were only nine grandchildren and only six of these lived to maturity, none with the OSBORN name. The children of Charles and Mary were, for the most part (especially the women), long-lived. Most of the siblings lived well into their eighties and nineties. My grandmother, Pauline Osborn Baily, the third-born, passed away in Wilmington at ninety-five, in 1965.

When I first visited Ohio, in late summer 1954, eleven of my great-aunts and uncles were still alive. I got a taste of farm life that summer, and would have liked more, but Ohio is a long way from Colorado where we lived. My father, however, enjoyed many a hot summer day on the Osborn farm in Clinton County after he and my grandmother left Silverton, Colorado. This photo of my father, Jess Baily, was taken around 1918, about four years after the death of his father, my grandfather, Jesse S. Baily, D.D.S.



The oldest photograph of the Osborns that I have was taken on the front porch of Charles and Mary Osborn's farm house around 1900 with twelve of the fifteen children. Uncle Eli died in infancy, in 1873 and my grandmother, Pauline Osborn Baily, and my great-Aunt Leona Osborn were not there for the picture taking.

Charles & Mary R. Osborn with 12 of their 14 children, plus Robert Osborn, a cousin, at their home on Rt. 730 near Cowan Ck., ca. 1900. (Leona and Pauline absent).
Top row--Katherine, Laura, mother, father, and Nellie.
Middle row--Marie, Lucy, Mildred, Mabel and Alice
(Click for great photo of great-aunt Alice in Silverton, Colorado)
Front row--Cliff, Bob Osborn, Fred, Alfred, and Adam.

About 1914 or 1915 at the (next?) Osborn home on Rt. 730 in Beech Grove Community.
From left: Youths in front--(Maybe Richard Jay), Jesse S. Baily, Charles Hughes and ????
Seated--Joe Smith, (probably his wife Mary Smith), (probably Adda Crouse), Elwood and Effie Osborn, (probably Thomas and Miranda Osborn), Mary R. & Charles Osborn.
1st row standing--Frankie Osborn, Olive Osborn, Mabel Osborn, Audra Osborn, Ella Hoover Osborn, Mildred Osborn Hughes, Ruth Ann Smith, Nellie Osborn and Leona Osborn Jay.
Back row standing--Cliff Osborn, Marie McNemar, Alfred and Fred Osborn, Arthur McNemar, Harley Hughes, Minnie Osborn and Adam Osborn.

August, 1917 at Golden Wedding Anniversary of Charles and Mary R. Osborn at their home near Lake Cowan on Rt. 730 in Beech Grove area.
Seated--Joe and Mary Smith, Adda Crouse, Charles and Mary R. Osborn,
Mattie Gibson, Alfred Osborn and George Carson.
Standing--Effie and Elwood Osborn, Miranda and Thomas Osborn, Jim and Ruth Ann Smith, May and Frank Howard, Ella Nordyke Smith and Minnie Carson.
Minnie Carson is half sister of Mary R. Osborn. Alfred Osborn,
Mattie Gibson and May Howard are brother and sisters of Mary R. Osborn.
Elwood and Thomas Osborn and Ruth Ann Smith are brothers and sister of Charles Osborn; Mary Smith and Adda (Adeline) Crouse are half-sisters of Charles Osborn.

December 25, 1944
On floor--Kathryn McNemar holding son Donald, Marion Hughes, ?? Hughes,
Droothy Hughes and Mildred O. Hughes.
Seated--Chas., Evelyn & Gladys Hughes, George & Minnie Carson,
Nellie O. Zimmerman, Lucy and Laura Osborn.
Standing--Layton Zimmerman, Frankie Osborn, Marie O. McNemar, Alfred "Pete" Osborn, Mabel and Merlin Davis, Chas. Reeve, Sallie Taylor, Katherine Osborn Reeve,
Pauline O. Baily, and Adam Osborn

June 10, 1945
Party for James Huges at Charles Hughes' house
From left: Children in front--Donald McNemar, Beverly Hughes and Gladys Hughes.
Standing--Layton (Late) Zimmerman, Fred Osborn, Merlin Davis, Alfred Osborn, Dorothy Hughes, Mabel Davis, Kathryn McNemar,
Lucy Osborn (partly hidden), Evelyn Hughes, Frankie Osborn (seated), Mildred Hughes, Charles Hughes, Pauline Baily and Marie NcNemar.
On steps--Sally Taylor, Laura Osborn, Nellie Zimmerman, and Ella Osborn.
In back--Adam Osborn and James Hughes.

December 25, 1947
Osborn family Christmas dinner at Laura and Adam Osborn's farm house.
From left: Seated--Mildred and Gladys Hughes; Ann, Kathryn, Donald, McNemar;
James McNemar on lap of Alfred Osborn and Frankie Osborn.
Standing--Charles Reeve, Marie McNemar, Nellie Zimmerman, Laura Osborn, Katherine Reeve, Lucy Osborn, Minnie Carson; Marion, Evelyn & Charles Hughes; Cliff and Olive Osborn, George Carson, A.L. Zimmerman and Adam Osborn.

August 23, 1954
Osborn family at McNemars in Wilmington, Ohio.
From left: Children in front--Donald, James and Ann McNemar; Nathan Osborn Baily
2nd Row--Pauline O. Baily and Marie O. McNemar.
3rd row--Cliff Osborn, Mabel O. Davis, Mildred O. Hughes and Nellie O. Zimmerman
4th Row--Jess Baily, Frankie Osborn, Laura Osborn.
Back Row--Charles Hughes, Adam Osborn, Fred and Ella Osborn.
4 at right--Kathryn McNemar, Sara Baily, Evelyn and Gladys Hughes.

December 25. 1956
Osborn Christmas dinner at home of Laura and Adam Osborn.
From left: 1st row--Pauline O. Baily, Mabel Davis, Nellie Zimmerman, Mildred Hughes, James McNemar, Marie McNemar, Sue McNemar, Laura Osborn,
Katherine Osborn Reeve, and Lucy Osborn.
Back row--Nita and Jess Baily, Jr. (Nathan's half-brother); Ann, Kathryn and Donald McNemar and Adam Osborn.

December 25, 1963

From left: Front Row--Laura Osborn, Nellie O. Zimmerman,
Mabel O. Davis, Lucy E. Osborn and Pauline O. Baily

Middle Row--Kathryn H. McNemar, Sue McNemar,
Marie O. McNemar, Mary Hughes, Frankie Osborn, and Ann McNemar

Last Row--Charles Hughes, Jim and Don McNemar.




(Above) Grave Markers of Charles and Mary Osborn in
Sugar Grove Cemetery, Wilmington, Ohio
(Below) Marker of Elizabeth and Adam Osborn,
parents of Minnie Osborn,

Sugar Grove Cemetery, Wilmington, Ohio


Photos courtesy of Robert McNemar



Osborn Line



Baily Line

Jesse Sydenham Baily, M.D. & Lydia Townsend (gg grandparents)
Joseph Sydenham Baily, M.D. & Phebe Winder Hoge (g grandparents)
Jesse Sydenham Baily, D.D.S. & Pauline Jane Osborn (grandfather)
Jesse Sydenham Baily (father)