Jesse S. Baily, M.D.and Lydia Townsend

Jesse S. Baily, M.D.and Lydia Townsend,

Lydia Townsend Baily

Jesse Sydenham Baily, M.D.

Dr. Jesse Sydenham Baily was born on 5 July 1797 West Goshen, Chester Co., PA. He married Lydia P. Townsend on 20 July 1826 Friends' Meeting, Beaver Falls, Beaver Co., PA. He was admitted to Salem Monthly Meeting on certificate from Flushing MM on 21 Feb 1838. The certificate, 25 Jan 1838, lists wife Lydia, and children Rachel, Joseph Sidingham (sic), Rebecca, Lydia-Pamelia (sic) & Hannah. A certificate to Flushing was issued from Salem on 19 Jun 1839. This was a second certificate as he also received certificate to Flushing from Salem on 23 Nov 1825. He was the first physician in the village of Flushing, Belmont Co., OH and he practiced there for more than 50 years. He died on 5 March 1890, Henry Co., IN, at age 92.

The book, "Underground Railroad from Slavery to Freedom," by Wilbur Siebert, 1898, on page 416, lists "Dr. Jesse Bailey" from Belmont County, Ohio, as an "agent" in the "Underground Railroad" --helping slaves escape from the south -- but this info has not yet been verified elsewhere. While the book spells his surname with an "e," it is probably him.

Lydia and Jesse Baily had a total of eight children.
I have pictures of seven of them.




 Joseph Sydenham Baily
b. 10 Feb. 1830
d. 24 March 1875

 Thomas Clarkson Baily
b. 10 Dec. 1839
d. 24 March 1898
Photo taken about 1875

 gg-Uncle Thomas around 1895




 Rachel S. Baily (Hill)
b. 21 Jan. 1828
d. 16 Nov. 1899

Hannah Lavinia Baily
b. 6 April 1837
d. 1921
Photo taken about 1870

 gg-Aunt Lavinia
about 1890




 Rebecca Townsend Baily Ratcliff
1831 - 1904
ca. 1900

 John Quincy Baily
b. 23 July 1842
d. after 1924

 George Dillwyn Baily
1845 - 1921


 Not Pictured:

Lydia Pamela Baily
1835 - 1842


Eliza M. Rhodeback and Pennock Baily, brother of gg grandfather Jesse. My ggg uncle.





JOSEPH S. BAILY, M.D., my g grandfather

JESSE S. BAILY, D.D.S., my grandfather

JESSE S. BAILY, my father