Jesse S. Baily

Jesse Sydenham Baily,
my father


b. 3 March 1903, Silverton, CO
d. 21 May 1978, Denver, CO
photo ca. 1950

Both my mother and father were born and raised in Silverton Colorado's beautiful San Juan Mtns. Unlike all of the other married couples at this genealogy site, I have given each of them a page due to the large amount of material for each. Later I may create a page where they are together. My mother's page is accessed by clicking here.

My father was a civil engineer for AT&T for over thirty years. One of his projects involved laying a cable from Cape Canaveral to Puerto Rico. During the early 1950's. My mother and I accompanied him to the island and spent a year there. Here's a link to a page which shows some of the sights from Puerto Rico then and what my dad was doing.

Silverton, CO, was a bustling turn-of-the-century mining community high in the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado. My grandfather Baily was a dentist and had an office in the Wyman Building, now a hotel. An avid photographer, he took many snapshots around the community and in the hills surrounding the area. his photographs are stored in the San Juan Historical Society Archive in Silverton. I've reproduced some of them on these pages to show you what life was like in Silverton around 1910.

Dr. Baily died in 1914 and my grandmother, Pauline, left Colorado and returned to Ohio with Jess. My father finished high school in Indianapolis, attending the Arsenal Technical school. He attended Purdue University graduating in 1923. Below is a picture of him at his first engineering job. Before marrying my mother in Cheyanne, WY, in 1941, Jess was married to Flora Eleanora Dorn in 1927. I don't have the date of their divorce, but they had three children: Jesse S. Baily, III (actually IV), Laura Mary Baily, and Paul Clifford Baily. Paul passed away in 1988. My grandmother returned to Colorado in 1945 to help raise me. She lived with us until 1960 when I went on to high school and she returned to live with her remaining sisters in Wilmington, OH. She died in 1965 at the age of 95.

I don't yet have pages for my half-siblings from my father's first marriage, but that side of the family is included in the database. The links to my grandfather and grandmother Baily are below.


February 20, 1924
Office of the City Civil Engineer, Indianapolis, IN. His first engineering job.

My father in 1965 when he retired from AT&T.

My Father's ashes were spread at the Maxwell plot in
Hillside Cemetery, Silverton, CO.


Sara M. Baily (Jess' wife)




JESSE S. BAILY, M.D. (Jess' great-grandfather)

JOSEPH S. BAILY, M.D. (Jess' grandfather)

JESSE S. BAILY, D.D.S. (Jess' father)




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