Albert Leander Maxwell and Harriet Jane Brown

Albert Leander Maxwell and Harriet Jane Brown

Albert Leander Maxwell
14 April 1833 - 1 August 1920
Photo ca. 1915, Odessa, MO

(No photograph of Albert Leander prior to 1882
has yet shown up)

Harriet Jane Brown Maxwell
27 May 1841- 27 March 1879

Harriet was ggrandfather's 3rd wife and was the daughter of gg grandfather Rev. Richard Brown

A.L.Maxwell, ca. 1920

Harriet Jan Brown Maxwell
Taken 1868 in Elgin, IL while
enroute to Missouri

 "His (Albert Leander Maxwell) first two wives died in childbirth. His first wife, Martha Tracy, he married in 1855. Uncle John was the the surviviving son from this first marriage, I've forgotten what business he had in Rogers, Arkansas. He was quite prosperous, apparently, for he seemed to travel a lot. He was nearly twenty years older than my father (Nathaniel Chester Maxwell), and they did not stay in touch."
Sara M. Baily, 1990 (my mother)


Albert Leander Maxwell Story
(Odessa (Missouri) Democrat April, 1916)

ALM and 4th wife, Adeline Hayes Maxwell
(Also Richard Keeling and Martha Mae Maxwell)

My Maxwell Line
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Nathaniel Carson Maxwell (father)
Arthur Leonard Maxwell (son)
Nathaniel Chester Maxwell (son)
Albert Leander Maxwell (with Sarah Adeline Hayes)
Martha Mae Maxwell (daughter)
Sara M. Baily (grandaughter)