Herbert Marion Bacon

"I suspect the individual in your picture is Herbert Marion Bacon b. 13 Jan
1867, Cumberland Co., NJ. He was the author of a book {Bacon, Herbert
Marion, adapted by Rodewald, Elizabeth Bacon, Bacon's Adventure, (The
Banker's Press, New York, 1948)] the genealogy of the Bacon family of
Cumberland Co., NJ.

After completing his schooling, Herbert was employed for four years by
Reigel, Scott & Company, Philadelphia; then for a like period by R.D. Wood &
Company, and again for a like period first in Fire Insurance and then in
Investment Banking. From the Spring of 1910 until 1940 when he retired he
was in the employ of Ford, Bacon & Davis, Engineers, New York."

Steve Bacon
Millersville MD
[email protected]

Steve's suspicion is more-or-less confirmed by a letter I ran across in the Gilbert Cope Collection. Bacon had commissioned genealogist Cope to do research for a book he was writing on his Bacon line. The letter was written on letterhead from an investment firm.
N. Baily
July 24, 1999