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PATRICK KINCAID Of Edinburgh, Scotland…1743…..and his descendants.

Our names are Larry and Linda (Kincaid) Adams, and we have lived in Tacoma, Washington for over 30yrs….moving here from Eugene, Oregon about one year after we were married.

We have 3 grown daughters and 8 wonderful grandchildren, which we enjoy very much.

This page is about my KINCAID family…and where they came from. Patrick is the first Kincaid I have any information or knowledge of. He was born in EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND in 1743. He imigrated to Maine. He later married MARY STANWOOD, and they had 6 children. Both Mary and Patrick died in Brunswick, Maine…he in 1817, and her in 1821. One of their children was PATRICK (JR)……this is the line that I am a part of. Patrick and his wife ABIGAIL TOOTHAKER were married in 1799, BRUNSWICK, MAINE. Their son CHARLES married his 1st cousin Apphia Kincaid in 1827. They moved to Iowa and lived their lives there. Charles died in GRUNDY CITY, and Apphia died in NEW SHARON, IOWA. They had 6 children…one of which was DAVID C. Kincaid, and his wife, ELIZABETH ANN TAYLOR.

David and Elizabeth were from Suamico, (Brown Co.), Wisconsin, and they had 2 children to my knowledge.

One of their children…..FRANK LEROY Kincaid, and his wife MARY JANE MCMONAGLE had 8 children and the youngest FRANK LESLIE is my paternal grandfather.

Frank was born in TIMME TOWN, OCONTO County, WISCONSIN in 1905.

It was sometime after this that they traveled by train to Oregon.

This family settled in WENDLING, LANE CO., OREGON, and lived there for many years.

Frank married NORMA DELORIS COX, who was born in JUNCTION CITY, LANE CO., OREGON, and lived in FRANKLIN/SMITHFIELD most all of her childhood I believe.

My father, LEROY JAMES KINCAID was born in Wendling on July 4, 1925…living there until his parents bought a farm a few miles away in MABEL….5 miles north of Marcola.

As a child, my Dad said he knew the hills very well around Wendling and Marcola, as he spent a lot of time there, and at times even camping out by himself.

My father and mother, BETTY JEAN RILEY and they were married for 46 years.

During the years that my sisters & I were growing up, and in school, we lived in Veneta, Lane Co., Oregon for about 12 or 13yrs, which is where I felt at home.

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