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John Cox Cemetery
located on the Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio

My Special Thanks to Neta Cox Herman
who shared the above information, given her by the personal of Wright Patterson, AFB.

In a letter to Ms. Neta Herman, dated 27 September 1999, from  Henry M. Narducci the base Historian, comes the following information about the Cemetery.
John Cox Cemetery
The Cox Cemetery is located between Loop Road and the north end of the runway in Area C (near State Route 235). Mr. John Cox, Sr., an early settler of Greene County, established it in 1821 on the rear border of his 690 - acre farm to serve as a family plot. The cemetery is approximately one-third acre in size and contains 80 known graves. No burials have been made in the plot since the late 1920s.

Mr. Cox and his family (no relation to Ohio Governer James M. Cox) migrated from Virginia to Ohio in the early 19th century. They helped found the Village of Osborn in Bath Township. The village was moved in the early 1920s because it was in the flood plain created by the newly constructed Huffman Dam. In 1950, Osborn merged with Fairfield to form the City of Fairborn. The Cemetery, however, remained in its original location.

The government acquired the land surrounding the cemetery in 1944 for the expansion of Patterson Field. It explored relocating the cemetery before agreeing in the purchase contract to provide reasonable maintenance of the site. The grave area was apparently exempted in the initial acquisition, but was subsequently acquired in 1950 through Condemnation Action.

There are no Air Force members buried in the cemetery. Mr. Cox and his family members represent the majority of the graves. The most noted grave site is that of Hiram Honaker, a Cox-family friend and employee. Mr. Honaker was a Black veteran of the Civil War. War Department records state:

Honaker's service record reveals that he was taken into the military service at
Flemingsbury, Ky., in 1864 as a private, Company A. 5th Regiment, U.S. Colored
Cavalry and was honorably discharged as a private at Helena, Ark., March 16
Private Honaker was 38 years old at the time of his enlistment. His wife and daughter are also buried in the cemetery.

In March 1971, a replacement tombstone for Private Honaker was placed on his grave by Brig. Gen. Edmund A. Rafalko, 2750th Air Force Base Wing Commander. The Memorial Division of the U.S. Army provided the new stone in response to a request from Representative Henry B. Gonzalez (D-TX). A constituent of Congressman Gonzalez had read a news story on the cemetery and noted that Honaker's grave maker had become obsured by age.

Since 1971, the grave site has been the scene of an annual Memorial Day wreath laying cermony sponsored by the installation commander.

Newpaper clipping. Newspaper and date of clipping not know. If anyone has information about this clipping, please contact me.

Cox Cemetery Tombstones
HONAKER Hiram No Dates Co. A 5th U.S. Cav.
HONAKER Lucy L. d. Apr. 1, 1887,aged 25yr, 1mo  
SHIRK Henry d. Oct 23, 1869, aged 1 day son of  H.R. and A.K. Shirk
MIER Elizabeth d.Apr. 24, 1864, aged 60yr, 9mo, 18d wife of J.F. Mier
BINDER Maria Dorothea d. Jun 14, 1863, aged 39yr, 9mo, 5d wife of Andrew Binder and dau.
of J. and J. Haux
BARNUM No Name d. Feb 10, 1860 aged 5yr, 6d dau of D. and E.E. Barnum
[stone broken at top, thus no
first name]
SLOCUM Eudora T. d. Aug 18, 1868, aged 14yr, 5mo, 6d dau of B. and N.T. Slocum
[stone difficult to read]
SILER Wesley d. Feb 26, 1860, aged 6yr, 14d son of J. and E. Siler
HOWET Daniel d. Apr 2, 1850 [stone broken]
DIXON David B. d. Feb 6, 1862, aged 3yr, 2mo, 13d son of James H. and Caroline Dixon
HELMER Sallie d. Sep 17, 1862 aged (1 or 4) mo, 21d  dau of S.H. and H.J. Helmer
FISHER Elizabeth d. Dec 17, 1879, aged 3d dau of J. and A. Fisher
ELLINGER Clara d. Nov 14, 1879, aged 15yr, 1mo, 29d  
BECKER Minnie Ellinger b. Aug 11, 1835  dau of F. J. Becker [no death date. On same stone as
Clara Ellinger. The name is difficult to read, the exact
wording is "Minnie Ellinger, daughter of F. J. Becker b. Aug 11, 1835"]
ELLINGER Marva b. Sep 5, 1862, d. May 1, 1869 chn. of __ Ellinger
ELLINGER Lefia (?) b. Apr 8, 1869, d. Jul 30, 1869 chn. of __ Ellinger
ELLINGER John b. Mar 6, 1867, d. Aug 31, 1867 chn. of __ Ellinger
JUDSON George A. d. Feb 9, 1860, aged 3yr, 3mo, ?d son of O. and S. Judson
WITHOFT Frederick G. d. Dec 28, 1871, aged 53yr, 1d  
POWER William J. d. Jul 2, 1860, aged 16yr, 9d  
POWER Catharine E. d. Feb 3, 18[63], aged 60yr, 8mo, 15d wife of William Power
COX Theodore F. 1846 - 1923
COX Ada C. b. Mar 1, 1875, d. Jul 26, 1875  
COX Mary Emma b. 1876, d. 1887
COX John b. Sep 16, 1800, d. Apr 9, 1882  
COX Harriet H. d. Aug 25, 1874, aged 70yr, 2mo, 26d wife of John Cox [on same stone as John Cox]
WORLEY Jos. B. 1816 - 1884  
WORLEY Julia A. 1833 - 1898  
JOHNSTON John d. Oct 1, 1860, 7yr, 6mo, 15d son of William M. and Mary M. Johnston
JOHNSTON Charles C. d. Jul 19, 1855, aged 4mo, 8d son of William M. and Mary M. Johnston
JOHNSTON Mary M. d. Mar 22, 1855, aged 32yr, 5mo, 7d wife of William M. Johnston
JOHNSTON William M. b. Oct 23, 1815, d. Nov 18, 1865  
McGOWN Infant  was stillborn Jan 29, 1847 son of Othicis and Marthan McGown
STAATS Edward b. Jan 31, 1810, d. Apr 22, 1863 born in Albany, N.Y.
STAATS John Cuyler d. Denver Co., Mar 11, 1909 b. Osborn, Oh. May 12, 1853, son of E. and E. Staats
STAATS Hattie B. b. Oct 30, 1860, d. Jul 15, 1865 dau of E. and E. Staats
WALLACE Elizabeth Staats Apr 17, 1831 - Sep 27, 1917 [All three Staats and Wallace on same stone.]
AINSWORTH George G. d. Mar 12, 1842, aged 43yr, 4mo, 1d  
JOHNSTON Ester d. Aug 18, 1849, aged 32yr, 5mo wife of J. Johnston
COX Sarah d. Oct 16, 1840, aged 67yr, 15d wife of John Cox
COX John d. Apr 24, 183?, aged 47yr, 3mo, 18d [stone gouged in area of year of death]
HADDIX John No Dates  
HADDIX Sarah d. Mar 17, 1860, aged 62yr, 2mo, 8d dau of John and Sarah Cox, wife of John Haddix
[on same stone as John Haddix]
HADDIX No Name b. Apr 29, 1881, d. Jul 14, 1881 son born to M. and F. Haddix

AzPaul's NOTES
Cox, Theodore F. 1846 - 1923; is the 7th child of John and Harriet Cox, he was born 10 Apr 1846 in Osborne, Greene Co., OH, married Margaret Ann Hoover on the 24 Dec 1868 in OH.
Cox, Ada C. b. 1 Mar 1875, d. Jul 26 1875; is the daugther of Theodore and Margaret.
[NOTE: Ada's death occurred in 1876 according to the information handed down to me from my grandfather H. H. Cox.]
Cox, Mary Emma, b. 1876, d. 1887; is another daugther of Theodore and Margaret.
[NOTE: Family info has Mary's birthdate as 9 Jan 1878 and her death as 2 Jan 1887.]
Worley, Jos. B., 1816 - 1884; was b. 12 Sep 1816 in PA., d. 1 May 1884; husband of Julia Ann Cox.
Worley, Julia A., 1833 - 1898; is Julia Ann Cox, daughter of John and Harriet Cox; she was born 24 Nov 1833 in Osborne, Greene Co., OH., d. 9 Jan 1898 in Osborne; she married Joseph B. Worley date unknown.
Johnston, Mary M. wife of Wm. M. Johnston; is Mary Matilda Cox, daughter of John and Harriet Cox; b. 15 Oct 1822 in Osborne, d. 22 Mar 1855; married William H or M? Johnston in 1845 at Osborne.
[NOTE: Mary's husband is listed as William H. Johnston in my family records.]
Cox, John d. Apr 24, 18(3?)1; is the son of Isaac Cox and Sarah Sutton. He was b. 6 Jan 1774 in Somerset Co., NJ; married 31 Aug. 1794 in Somerset Co., NJ to Sarah Clark. John died 24 Apr 1821. John was the father of John Cox b. 1800 who married Harriet Havens Cook.
[NOTE: John was the founder of Osborne, OH.]
Cox, Sarah wife of John Cox; is the above mentioned Sarah Clark b. 1 Oct 1773 in Somerset Co., NJ.
[NOTE: Sarah is the mother of John Cox b. 1800]
Staats, Edward; is the husband of Elizabeth (Cox) Staats Wallace.
Wallace, Elizabeth Staats; is Elizabeth Cox, daughter of John and  Harriet Cox, wife of Edward Staats.
Haddix, John; Husband to Sarah Cox Haddix. John was born 29 Dec 1791 in VA and died Mar 1888 in Osborne.
Haddix, Sarah is the daughter of John and Sarah Cox. Sarah married John Haddix.
[NOTE: Sarah Cox was born 7 Jan 179? in Washington Co., PA, during the Cox migration to VA from NJ.]


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