Wingfield Notes, Nov 1980

Descendants of William Wingfield, Jr.

November, 1980


Dear Friends,

It's time for our Nov. newsletter. I hope you find it enjoyable. .......
Magora is continuing her series on the children of William and Mary, and
begins this letter with William, Jr. She will continue this line in the next
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WHO IS THIS? copied from Will Bk. B page 3 Warren Co., KY.

State of Kentucky, Warren county Court. In perusance of an order issued from
the County Court of Warren and administrators. We the undersigned appointed
by the court having preceeded to _______ and appraise the personal estate
of Joseph Wingfield and David Wingfield dec'd. that was shown to us by John
Wingfield admin. of said Joseph and David dec'd. on the 29th day of Jan 1814
Sam. Watt, John Watt, Angus McDaniel, commissioners.

1 strawberry roan horse with white legs & a bald face 4 yrs old $40.00
1 sorrell horse colt $10.00 10.00
1 roan horse 4 years old 37.00
1 sorrel mare 7 years old 30.00
1 black mare 7 years old 31.00
1 ax 9/ 1 ax at 12/ 3.50
1 matlock 13/6 1 iron wedge 8/6 3.66
1 tomahawk and butcher knife 3/9 .62
1 mans saddle 3/ 1 mans saddle 24/ 4.50
1 pair saddlebags 15/ 1 rose blanket 9/ 4.00
1 Indian blanket 9/ 1.50
a small quantity of feathers 3.00
total amount 168.99

Warren County

Personally appreared Samuel Watt, John Watt, and Anguish McDaniel three of
the commissioners appointed by the county court of Warren to appraise the
estate of Joseph Wingfield and David Wingfield dec'd and made oath before
me. David Maxwell a justice of the peace for the aforesaid county as the
law directs that they have appraised the within mentioned articles of propertyas
_______ estate on this premises to the best of their knowledge and judg.
on the 29th day of January 1814. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 29th
day of Jan 1814

D. Maxwell JPWC

(note: remember Angus McDaniel was the man mentioned on the land deed of
Wm. Sr.)

Book: EMMIGRANTS from ENGLAND, 1773-1776, by Fothergill p. 4-5

Willm Wingfield age 30 occupation - husbandmen from Berks.
Ship - Elizabeth to Virginia indented servt. for four years.
Left port of London, 11 to 18 Dec. 1773.


1-2-1 Susan Wingfield born 1807, Illinois, married William Hasley. Little
is know of Susan. She was listed in the 1850 census records of Claiborne
Parish, Louisana, with no husband, living next door to her brother, John
Wesley, and his family and her sister, Elizabeth, who married Abraham Graham
and her family. Susan was listed with four children: George Hasley, born
1830 Arkansas; John Hasley, born 1835 Arkansas; Sophia Hasley, born 1838
Arkansas; and Zachery Hasley, born 1843 Arkansas.


1-2-2 William Marchbank Wingfield was born February 20, 1810, St. Clair county,
Illinois. He married in Clark county, Arkansas February 21, 1833 to Eliza
Caroline Ward, born March 11, 1816 in Louisana. She was the daughter of Isaac
Ward and Mary "Polly" McMahan. Eliza Caroline Ward Wingfield died November
26, 1898 and is buried in the Missionary grove cemetery, Nevada county, Arkansas
(Nubbin Hill). William Marchbank Wingfield died November 20, 1868 and is
buried at the Bethel cemetery, Hempstead County Arkansas. William Marchbank
and Eliza Caroline Wingfield had 11 known children.


1-2-2-1 Mary Jane Wingfield, daughter of William Marchbank and Eliza Caroline
Ward Wingfield, was born April 26, 1834, Clark County, Arkansas. She married
1st. Washington Green O. Melson, born 1825, February 8, 1849 in Hempstead
County, Arkansas, and had 1 known daughter by him, Sarah. Sarah Melson married
1st. Jake Powers and 2nd. Smith Graham, son of Elizabeth Wingfield and Abraham
Graham. Washington Green Orr Melson was accidently drowned in the Little
Missouri River, in March 1860, while taking cotton on a raft down the River,
from Pike County. Mary Jane married 2nd John Jackson Wingfield, born September
12, 1844 in Clark County, Arkansas, son of James Sloan and Seletia Askey
Wingfield. Mary Jane was ten years older than John Jackson. John Jackson
Wingfield died March 15, 1905 and Mary Jane died April 18, 1920, at Antoine
Arkansas (Pike County). Both are buried in the Antoine cemetery. John Jackson
and Mary Jane Wingfield had 6 children.

1-2-2-1-1 Eliza M. Wingfield, born 1866, Pike county, Arrkansas, married
1st. Berry Ward, son of Green Berry Ward, and had 9 known children: (1) Donna
married a Lawson, (2) Dora (3) Nora married a Bogan, (4) Myrtle, (5) Jim,
(6) Creig, (7) Luther J. maried age 24 to Minnie McCully age 19, June 8,
1908. He was born August 22, 1883, died December 9, 1956. (8) Oscar Z. born
March 29, 1889 and died June 23, 1949. He married Mamie Ayers, age 16, February
18, 1914. (9) Joel.

After Berry Ward died, Eliza M. Wingfield Ward married Richmond Canter, her
deceased sister's (Loula M.) husband. Richmond Canter then died and Eliza
M. married Richmond's brother, Walter Canter. They seperated and Eliza M.
then married her deceased sister's (Leona) husband, Dick Garner. (Note: R.
L. Canter 41 to Eliza Ward 41 1-15-08 Pike County Marriage book)

1-2-2-1-2 James William Wingfield, born August 3, 1867 Clark County, Arkansas,
married Ada Belle Calhoun, born April 16, 1872 Antoine, Arkansas (Pike county)
daughter of Jesse and Mittie Ann (Dunn) Calhoun, December 20, 1886. James
William died October 18, 1957 and Ada Belle died June 11, 1966. Both are
buried. in the Antoine, Arkansas cemetery. James -William and Ada Belle Wingfield
had 7 children;

1-2-2-1-2-1 Wiley Thomas Wingfield was born April 29, 1889,Piney Grove, Arkansas
(Pike county ).He Married Flora Ann Hendrix born, June 21, 1895, Okolona
Arkansas (Clark county) the daughter of William Alexander and Mary (Webb)
Hendrix, December 17,1911 at Delight, Arkansas. Wiley Thomas died January
5,1968 and Flora Ann died June 25, 1971. Both are biried in the Antoine cemetery.
They .had 6 children; (l)Troy born October 9, 1912 at Bowen, Arkansas. He
married Worlie Steen, October 24, 1936. Troy died June 17,1962 and is buried
at Gary, Indiana. They had one child that died at birth.(2)Charles Truman,
born November 28, 1913 at Bowen, Arkansas. He married Nadine Morris, February
28, 1944. Truman died February 17, 1976 and is buried Whittier, California.
They had one child Sherry Lynn.

(3)Wiley Ophallon, born October 13, 1916, Antoine.Arkansas married Worden
Jackson 21 December 1940. No children.

(4) Ophelia, born April 1, 1918, Antoine, Arkansas, married Royce Locke,
1936. They have two children, Erma Jo and Susanne.

(5) Hugh Jackson born 15 September 1920,died October 25,1921. Buried at Antoine

(6) Magora born March 28, 1923 Antoine, Arkansas. Married Henry Owens November
14, 1940. They have two children, David born 11 September 1941 and Mary Lou
born 20 February 1955. Mary Lou married Charles L.Smith and they have two
children, Bridget Ann and Charles L. Jr.(Smitty)

1-2-2-1-2-2 Lula Katherine born September 20,1890, Piney Grove, Arkansas(Pike
County) married Owen Benson Hendrix.born October 8,1881,Okolona, Arkansas
(Clark county), son of William Alexander and Mary (Webb) Hendrix, July 6,1908
at Prescott, Arkansas. Owen Hendrix died June 3, 1955 and is buried in the
Antoine Cemetery. Owen and Katherine had 5 children.

(1)Olen Clay born July 12,1909, Piney Grove, Arkansas. He married Carmon
Cornish, October 25, 1929. They have four children; (a)Gerald born 18 September
1932, married Bobbie Lamb, and they are the parents of four sons.

(b)Annette, born December 11,1937,married Dr. Jack Baldwin.

(c)James William married and has three children. Born Sept.14, 1946.

(d)Darwin born January 29,1952. He and wife Beth have 1 daughter.

(2)Viola born 4 October 1912, Piney Grove, Arkansas, married 1st. Claude
May and had one daughter, Joan. Married 2nd. Barnell Maddox.

(3) Flossie born March 10,1916, Piney Grove,Arkansas. Married 1st. Fred Taylor
and had three children: Howard and Hazel (twins) and Ray. Fred Taylor died
1937 and is buried at the Antoine cemetery. Flossie married 2nd Earl Childers
and had one son,Glynn.

(4) Harold born, May 19, l9l8, married Ineze Rogers, daughter of DeRosie
Rogers, and had two daughters, Betty and Jeannie.

(5)Buford, born September 10, 1921, married Helen Manning and had four children:
Peggy, Dean, Benson and David.

1-2-2-1-2 -3 Rener Alice born 10 April 1894 and died 22 October 1898. Buried
in the old Gentry cemetery, south of Antoine, Arkansas.

1-2-2-1-2-4 Effie Ofallon born November 7, 1898 and died April 29,1900. Buried
in the Antoine cemetery.

1-2-2-1-2-5.-James Bert born May 2, 1901, Pike county, married Eva Hammonds,16
May 1920. Eva was the daughter of Charlie and Mirtie (Thomas) Hammonds. Eva
died February 1978 and is buried in the Antoine cemetery. They had two children,
(a)Francis Jean married Dr.David Luck and had two daughiers.(b)Jimmie Lee
married Lou and had four sons.

1-2-2-1-2-6 Jack died July 6, 1908 buried Antoine cemetery.

1-2-2-1-2-7 Clyde Albert born May 2,1907 married Mattie Margurite Morris,
born July 11, 1911, the daughter of Milton and Snow Morris. They had two
children:(a) James Gus born September 17, 1926, Antoine, Arkansas. Gus married
Alice Ann Rasmussen, born June 4, 1934, Washington County, Nebraska, daughter
of Peter August and Josephine Alice (Downing) Rasmussen. Gus and Alice have
three children: Margaret Jo, born July 12, 1953, Gold Beach, Oregon. Valerie
Ann born January 25, 1956 at Arkadelphia, Arkansas. James Clyde born March
9,1957, Arkadelphia, Arkansas. (b)Jack Joe born July 13,1954 at Antoine Arkansas.
He married Barbara Cooker and had one son, Greg.

1-2-2-1-2-8 Joe born January 7, 1910, married Geneva Morris August 2, 1930
and had two children: Lonnie Joe married Betty Huffman and had two children.
June married John Shuffield.

1-2-2-1-3 Leona born 1869 married Dick Garner.

1-2-2-1-4 Alice M. born 1871 died 1956, buried Antoine cemetery. Married
John Canter born 1868 died 1939, buried Antoine Cemetery. John and:Alice
had three children: Ernie married Alice Hendrix, daughter of William Alexander
and Mary (Webb)Hendrix, and had one daughter, Arpha. (b)Ehter (c) Connie
married Bonny Lynvill and had two daughters.

1-2-2-1-5 Joel T. born 1873 died 1958 married-Addie Spears born 1877 died
1940. Both buried in the Antoine cemetery. They had 3 children: (a)Eula married
Theron Nash.Theron born February 16, 1892 died September 30, 1966. Theron
and Eula had 2 children, Hubert born May 3, 1912 died January 29, 1966 and
Marie married Theron Dixon.(b )Maggie married Clyde Carroll Lamb. Clyde was
born June 1, 1895 and died July 9, 1951. Clyde and Maggie had five children:
Drew, Jack, Martha, Louie and Ipanial. Maggie and Clyde married: Maggie age
16 to Clyde C. Lamb age 19, June 8, 1913. Eula and Theron married: Eula age
16, to Theron Nash age 19, July,12, 1911. After Aunt Addie died,

Uncle Joel married at age 68 to Jossie Brown age 54, August 22, 1942.

1-2-2-1-6 Lula born 14 September 1875, died December 10, 1904, married Richmond
L. Canter born May 31, 1866, died January 12, 1925. Both buried in the Antoine


1-2-2-2 Isaac Ward Wingfield, son of William Marchbank and Eliza Caroline
Ward Wingfield, was born December 19, 1836, Clark County, Arkansas. On February
4, 1858 he married Sarah Narcisses McKinley, born February 2, 1841, the daughter
of Jacob Gillam and Emily (Pettyjohn) McKinley. Issac Ward Wingfield died
8-7-1904 at Allen, Oklohoma. Sarah Narcisses died 8-7-1908,Moriorty,New Mexico,
and was buried 8-9-1908, Homestead Ranch, Estancia, New Mexico. Isaac Ward
and Sarah had thirteen children:

1-2-2-2-1 William J. born 29 March 1859, Pike county, Arkansas, married Sarah

3 November 1880.

1-2-2-2-2 Emily C. born 2 January 1861, married Daniel Bunch, 29th December

1-2-2-2-3 Daniel. 0. born 25th February 1863. Died as an infant.

1-2-2-2-4 Mary Jane born 10th February 1866, married Asa Bunch 8th April

1-2-2-2-5 Isaac Ward born 30th February 1868, died as an infant.

1-2-2-2-6 Laura Ann born 12th February 1870, married Archibald Cameron 16th
October 1885.

1-2-2-2-7 Indiana Josephine born 20th January 1872, married A.A. Pearce 18th
February 1890.

1-2-2-2-8 Kendrick Edward born 11 March 1874 died April 1949, married Sarah
Lou Bunch 28th June 1900. They had four Children:

1. Oscar Lee born July.11, 1901 died July 19, 1965, his children were Clifford
that married Irene and lives in California, Hershel O., Herbert L., and Luanne
Wingfield Cayer (adopted). 2.Bonnle Wingfield Hall. 3.Connie Wingfield Selby
And 4.Wanna Wingfield Pemberton.

1-2-2-2-9 Lillie B. born 20 July 1876 married John W. Amos July 2, 1891.

1-2-2-2-10 H.L. born 30th September 1878, died as an infant.

1-2-2-2-11 Dovie born 12th March 1880, married Eugene O.Hoone 1st October

1-2-2-2-l2 Katie born 15th October 1882, married Peter Pike Coleman -19th
May 1907.

1-2-2-2-13 John Dee born 12th September 1886, married Lillie E. Horne 22nd
September 1915.

William J.(1-2-3-1) married 2nd Ozella Williams July 29, 1888.

(Note on the above family)

David and John McKinley came from Scotland. David married and among his children
was a son, William, who in turn married and had a son William Jr. who became
President of the U.S.A.. John married Sarah Gillam and had a son Gillam.
Gillam had three wives and 21 children. One daughter being the Sarah Narcesses
who married Isaac Ward Wingfield.

1-2-2-3 Joel H. born 1838, died on May 27, 1862 in the War between the States and is buried near Gathrin, Mississippi. He was in the 4th Arkansas Infantry, Co. C. Joel was born in Louisana and married Jane Josephine McKinley. They had one son, Joel H. Wingfield, Jr. born about 1862.

1-2-2-4 William H. born 1840, Arkansas, married Narcisey A.McNealy October
11, 1866, in Hempstead county Arkansas.

1-2-2-5 Indiana T. born 1843 in Arkansas, married John.Weatherspoon.

1-2-2-6 Nancy E. born 1845 in Arkansas.

1-2-2-7 John F. born 1848 in Arkansas, married Elizabeth Harris November
28 1867.

1-2-2-8 Eliza S. born 1852 in Arkansas, married Calvin Thomas Renfrow August
11, 1870.

1-2-2-9 Emily Ellen born 1854, Arkansas, married W.D.Stocton August 17, 1870
and had one known daughter, Eliza, that was the 2nd wife of Garlie Graham.

1-2-2-10 James Washington born May 10, 1857, Pike county, Arkansas, died
November 30, 1946 at Prescott, Arkansas.Married lst.Mary Malvina Stockton,
who died November 4, 1879. They had one child, Erasmas Wilson Wingfield born
September 24, 1879, at Prescott, Arkansas and died November 13, 1902. Erasmas
married Annie Mae Pearson who died January 18,1902. They had one child, William
Wirt born February 10, 1899 who was raised by his grandparents. He married
Georgia Hoover.

James Wasbington married 2nd Malinda Carolin Cornelius, daughter of Jesse
and Malinda Caroline (Ward)Cornelius and they had seven Children:m (a) Joel
Jackson born December 3, 1880, married, Annie Dixon, who died 1909 and Joel
Jackson married 2nd.Nannie Cox. (b)Eliza Melinda born October 18, 1883 at
Prescott, Arkansas married Jim Blevens, and had a son, Marvin. (c) Ezekiel
Taylor born January 29, 1886, at Prescott, married Maude B.Malone, December
12, 1904. (d) Mary Susie born February 10, 1889, married Mathew Tolbert Porter,
son of Matthew Tolbert Porter (the elder) and Mary Susan (Julie) Stockton, sister of Mary Malvina Stockton Wingfield and Nancy Jane Stockton Harris
Wingfield who were 1st and 3rd wives of James Washington Wingfield.
(e) James William born December
25, 1891 married Maggie Maivill, December 20, 1913. (f) Dovie Isabelle born
October 21, 1894, married Thurston Stuart. (g) Rose Annie born November 17,
1897, married Fred Graves.

James Washington married 3rd.Nancy Jane Stockton Harris, she was the sister
to his first wife, Mary Malvina Stocton. Nancy Jane had married 1st to a
Dixon(?) and then to Matt(?) Harris.

1-2-2-11 Elizabeth married Manan Huland.


1-2-3 Joel Henry Wingfield, third child of William Jr. and Sophia (Holcomb)
Wingfield, was born May 22, 1814 in St.Clair county, Illinois and died January
31,1894 at Morales, Texas (Jackson.county). He married Jane A.Wilbanks, born
24 August 1831 Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. She died December 30, 1909, Dewitt,
Texas. They were married January 11, 1849 at Louisville, Arkansas. They had
six known children:

1 2-3-1 Leanner born 11 April 1853 in Louisiana, died June 1853.

1-2-3-2 H.P. born 3 September 1854 Texas, died September 18.1855.

1-2-3-3 N-P born 18th March 1856 Texas, died July 7, 1858.

1-2-3-4 R.P .born 23rd February 1862, Jackson, county, Texas, died March
9, 1910. He married Emma J. Moore, 17 July 1890. They had three known children:
Henry born 1895, Milton born 1900 and Richard P.born 1910.

1-2-3-5 M. R. born 2 March 1866, Texas, died August 11, 1866.

1-2-3-6.L.A.born 3 June 1872, Texas, died August 30, 1872.


1-2-4 Jane (Jinney) born 1817, Illinois, married first John Jacobs, May 9,
1833 in Hempstead county, Arkansas. She had one child by Jacobs and was pregnant
again when he died in 1835. In February 27th 1842 she married Jacob Brinley,
age 40 of Pike county By 1850 this family was living at Rusk,Texas (Cherokee


1-2-5 John Wesley Wingfield,son of William Wingfield, Jr and Sophia (Holcomb)
Wingfield, was born August 1,1820 in Hempstead County, Arkansas. He married

1st Nancy Rebecca Ward, born in Louisiana, 1825 the daughter of Isaac Ward.
Nancy Rebecca died 10 February 1859. John Wesley married 2nd Mrs. Elizabeth
(Butler) Davenport. John Wesley died 12 January 1879, at Pisgah, Arkansas
(Pike County). John Wesley and Nancy Rebecca (Ward) Wingfield had 6 known

1-2-5-1 William Franklin Wingfield born Hempstead County, Arkansas August
6, 1841, married Margaret Lucinia Johnson daughter of William Henry and Lucinia
Johnson, born 13 January 1842, July 7, 1859 at Emerson, died February 22,
1927 and his wife Lucinia died July 6, 1928, both at Emerson, Arkansas. William
Franklin and Margaret Lucinia had 6 known children:

1-2-5-1-1 James Monroe Wingfield born October 1, 1860 at Claiborne Parish,
Louisiana, he married December 24, 1879 to Nanna Ballards, born 1861 in Georgia.
James Monroe died April 22, 1937 and Nanna died June 30, 1915, both at Emerson,
Arkansas. James Monroe and Nanna had six known children:

1-2-5-1-1-1 William Durfur Wingfield was born November 2, 1880 and Emerson,
Arkansas. He married July 27, 1901 to Dora Josephine Jones, born December
31, 1880 at Emerson, Arkansas, the daughter of Virgil Jefferson and Sultana
Caroline (Catchings) Jones. William Defur died November 19, 1955 at El Dorado,
Arkansas, and Dora Josephine died November 23, 1938 at El Dorado, Arkansas.
Children of William Defur and Dora Josephine were (a) Cecil G. Wingfield
born September 8, 1904 at Emerson, Arkansas; he married Ruth Rebecca Aminsky
July 4, 1959. (b) Ollie W. Wingfield Gilchrist. (c) Ila Wingfield Stromquist.
(d) Donald D. Wingfield. (e) Alverne Wingfield Miller. (f) Lanelle Wingfield

1-2-5-1-1-2 Edna Born in Arkansas, April 1888, lived Emerson, Arkansas.

1-2-5-1-1-4 Wiley born in Arkansas, November 1890, lived and died at Emerson,
Arkansas. Ancestor of Charles Wingfield of New York City, N.Y.

1-2-5-1-1-5 May born in Arkansas, January 1895.

1-2-5-1-1-6 Beulah born in Arkansas, January 1899, lived in Little Rock,

Lizzie, Edna and Beulah all died within a twenty four hour period without
either knowing the other was sick.

1-2-5-1-2 William T. Wingfield born 1864 in Louisiana married Christine Stewart,
daughter of Kenneth and Nancy (Cockrell) Stewart. By 1900 William T. had
either died or he and Christine were seperated and she was probably married
again to a Mr. Watson. William T. and Christian Wingfield had three known
children: (a) Kenny born January 1885 in Arkansas, (b) Leona born February
1888 in Arkansas, (c) Zula born April 1892 in Arkansas, married M. B. Thomas
at Emerson, Arkansas.

1-2-5-1-3 Thomas Sidney Wingfield was born in Arkansas February 1868. He
married Sallie ? born in Arkansas August 1868. Thomas Sidney and Sallie had
seven known children: (a) Elmer born Arkansas October 1888, (b) Ola Jewel born
Arkansas April 19, 1890, died May 17, 1977 (c) Myrtle born Arkansas October 1895, (d) Clara born Arkansas March 1898, (e) Hugh, (f) Alvis, (g) Annie Dee married Mr. Simms and lived in Louisiana.

1-2-5-1-4 Francis E. born Arkansas 1870.

1-2-5-1-5 Sarah M. L. born Arkansas 1875.


Correction Notes:

The fourth child of James Washington Wingfield (1-2-2-10) and Malinda Caroline
Cornelius was Mary Susie Wingfield, born February 10, 1889 in Arkansas--not
in Texas as has been noted by some genealogists. She married Mathew Tolbert
Porter, son of Matthew Tolbert (Teague) Porter and Mary Susan "Julie" Stockton, on May 28, 1905 in Prescott, Nevada Co., AR. Mary Susie Wingfield Porter died June 12, 1967 in Dallas, Texas.

Mathew Tolbert Porter and Mary Susie (Wingfield) Porter had seven children:
Tolbert Edgar, Robert Neal, Willie Richmond, Maggie (Marguerite*) Jewell,
Jessie Lee, Watson T., and Wilma Faye.

*Maggie Jewell had her name legally changed to Marguerite Jewell

***There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about the M.T. Porter name
among genealogists due to the fact that both father and son were noted as
M.T. Porter on various documents. They both married women by the name of
Mary Susan or Mary Susie. It has been noted by Wilma Faye Porter that her
mother, Mary Susie Wingfield, was named for Mary Susan Stockton who eventually
became Mary Susie Wingfield's mother-in-law.

Prior to the marriage of Mathew Tolbert Porter to Mary Susie Wingfield, he
had married Annie B. Cooper on January 5, 1902. This marriage lasted only
a short time. Annie B. Cooper later married Lonzo "Lonny" Harris who was
a first cousin of Mathew Tolbert Porter. Lonzo Harris was the son of Madison
Harris and Nancy Jane Stockton, sister of Mary Susan Stockton,



Surry County, North Carolina

Taxables, 1771 to 1790

The number following each name is the total number of Polls.

1771 (complete)

<esser. Christian 1

(no Wingfields)

1772 (complete)

Moser, Christian 1

(no Wingfields)

1773 No tax list found for Surry Co.

1774 (nearly complete)

Moser, Leonhard 2

Moser, Jacob 1

Messer, Christian 1

1775 (perhaps two thirds complete.)

Moser, Leonhart 2

1776 No tax list found

1777 (About one third complete.) (List damaged by insects. Editor)

The first number following each name is the value of the Estate, in pounds,
the second is the tax in pounds, Shillings and Pence.

Moser, (?) (torn) 45/0-4-0

Moser, Peter 14/0-4-0

1778 No tax list found

1779 (Very incomplete)

1780 (Incomplete)

1781 Capt. Hills Dist.

Wingfield, William -- No Lots, No deeded land, entered land: 2 horses, 6
cattle; 16 (pounds?) money; total valuation; 179 pounds and 16 shillings.

Mercer, Christian -- 1 horse, 5 cattle; 92 pounds.

1782 Capt. Blackburns Dist. dated 29 July 1782

Meser, Christian --- 200/Leas for do.

(fourth name below Meser)

Winckfield, William --- 100, Townfork -- 3 horses and mules, 7 cattle, total:
50 pounds.

1783 (incomplete)

1784 Capt. Blackburns Dist.

Messer, Christian no land 1 free Poll.

Winkfield, William 100 acres no Poll listed.

1785 Capt. Blackburns Dist.

Winkfield, William 100 Acres (1 free Poll)

1786 (incomplete)

1787 Capt. McAnnallys Dist.

Messor, Christian no land 1 free Poll

Winkfield, William 100 acres 1 free Poll

1788 McAnnallys Dist.

Messor, Christian no land 1 free Poll.

Winkfield, William 100 Acres 1 free Poll

1789 Capt. McAnallys List

Merser, Christian no land 1 poll

Winkfield, William 100 acres 1 poll

(Stokes County, North Carolina was formed 22 November 1789 from the section
of Surry County that these two men had lived in.)

1790 (Neither man there)

1790 Stokes County --- McAnnallys List.

Messor, Christian no land 1 poll.


Christian Messer was listed in the 1790 census records of Stokes County,
North Carolina.

1790 Stokes Co., North Carolina Census page 180

Messor, Christian

1 free white male 16 and over

4 free white males unter 16

5 free white females all ages.


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