Wingfield Notes, January 1981

January 1981

Wingfield Notes

Dear Friends;

Happy New Year to each of you! Hope this year brings you only success in everything you do. Let us also hope for the success of our Wingfield newsletter. We have gained some new members already, and that is great. Perhaps later we can advertise in the Helper about our association, and let more researchers know about us. Magora Owens has continued her series on the children of Wm. Jr. and Sophia. See you in March ..... Donna

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On the 29th day of October 185, in Lafayette Co., Ark., William Wingfield, Jr. giving his age as 70 years old, applied for a land grant for his services as a soldier in the War of 1812, serving from the State of Illinois.

On the 26th day of May 1855, in the County of Lavaca, Tex. William Wingfield Jr., giving his age as 73 years old, applied for a land grant for his services in the War of 1812, serving from the State of Ill., he stated that he had received 40 acres on the previous application, but had legally transferred it and could not return it.

Court of Pensions,
Petersburg, Tex.
April 24, 1857
Dear Sir,
Please examine what has been done in regard to the Claim of William Wingfield, No. 176082. The old gentleman informs me that he has heard nothing from his Claim in about a year, when he received a circular from your office requiring a certified copy of my appointment, also my signature and official seal, which circular he showed me and the required paper was sentforth. Wm. Wingfield is illiterate and very poor and to save expenses did not make any agent, supposing that the matter would be attended to just as well without the intervention of an agent. Write to William Wingfield, Petersburg, Lavaca Co., Tex. Your obt servant P.W. Huddleston

Court of Pensions,
Petersburg, Tex.
June 24, 1857
Dear Sir,
Please write me what has been done in regard to the Claim of Wm. Wingfield, No. 176082 for bounty land, Act of March 3, 1855. I am not the agent but write as the friend and at the request of the Applicant who has no agent. I have written twice before and have received no answer. Your obt. servant P.W. Huddleston.

The above taken from the military file of Wm. Winglield, Jr., for his service in the War of 1812 which can be obtained from the National Archives.

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Those of you interested in the family lines of Sophia Holcomb, wife of Wm. Wingfield Jr., should be interested in this note that I received from a notable Marchbanks researcher. We each have been trying to find positive proof the Sophia's parents were Joel and Mary Ann Marchbanks Holcomb.
So far, no documented proof, but I'm sure we will. Mrs. Willie, the researcher I mentioned, has the Marchbank lineage back to 1716, when George Marjoribanks came to America from Scotland by way of Liverpool. She has discovered who she believes to be this man's wife, an Ann Echols, but she told me she is waiting o definite proof. If research proves our hunches right, this George and Ann would be Sophia's great-grandparents, her grandfather being William, son of Geo. I. There is really a great deall of flamboyant history about this man, but we will save it for another newsletter.

Descendants of William Wingfield, Jr. (continued from the November, 1981 issue.)
1-2-5-1-6 Addie born Arkansas 1881.

1-2-5-2 Isaac L. born 1843, Hempstead County, Arkansas, never married, died young.
1-2-5-3 Mary E. born 1847, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, married Elmore Melson. Elmore died February 3, 1890.
1-2-5-4 Thomas H. born 1850, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. Never married.
1-2-5-5 Joel Saunders born November 16, 1854 at Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. He married December 16, 1875 to Nancy Emoline Kelley who was born November 11, 1858 and died February 1, 1911. She was the daughter of Robert McMahan and Sarah (Carpenter) Kelley. Joel Saunders died August 6, 1942. Both are buried at the Delight Cemetery (Pike County). Joel Saunders and Nancy Emoline Wingfield had eight known children:
1-2-5-5-1 Nora Lee born September 23, 1876, died June 30, 1948. She married James E. Kirkham born August 3, 1867 and died December 5, 1955.
1-2-5-5-2 Cora Cornila born August 11, 1879 and married October 4, 1903 to Felix E. Copeland who died March 28, 1920.
1-2-5-5-3 Mary Dow born July 20, 1881 and married Henry Theodore Mansfield October 5, 1902. Henry Theodore was born September 7, 1871 the son of James Davis and Sophronia (Gould) Mansfield. Henry Theodore died March 7, 1966 and Mary Dow died October 30, 1963, both are buried at the Saline Cemetery (Pike County). They had eleven children: Two of these children died at birth.
1-2-5-5-3-1 Audrey Ollie born October 13, 1903, married Lawrence Delaney.
1-2-5-5-3-2 Charles Austin born September 18, 1905, died December 1, 1910.
1-2-5-5-3-3 Joel Davis born October 31, 1907, married first Ruby Lamb and married second Cledo Williamson.
1-2-5-5-3-4 Ruby born November 17, 1909, never married, died September 16, 1923.
1-2-5-5-3-5 Troy Cledith born January 20, 1912, married October 31, 1933 to Edna Sallee.
1-2-5-5-3-6 Trudie Lee born October 13, 1914, married Mack Hudgens.
1-2-5-5-3-7 Cecil born February 24, 1917, married Middie Finney, December 20, 1939 and had the following children: (A) Barbara born September 27, 1940, married Robert Watson and their children are Robert Dwayne born September 9, 1962, Roberta Dawn born February 16, 1965, Rebecca DeLynn born May 20, 1967 and Ranae Diane born November 19, 1970. (B) Martha Fay born June 1, 1942 married Jimmy Reese and their children are: Kimberly Ann born February 17, 1968 and James Mark born February 20, 1971. (C) Patsy Marie born December 27, 1943 married Dick Kizzia and their children are: Jeffery Thomas born October 1, 1969 and Fred Allen born March 25, 1971. (D) Cecil Randell born March 23, 1954 married Shannon Simms.
1-2-5-5-3-8 Felix born December 31, 1919 died February 29, 1968, married Ruby.
1-2-5-5-3-9 Katie born June 28, 1922 married Thomas Barnes.

1-2-5-5-4 Lula born March 21, 1889 married March 4, 1906 to Clarence E. Miller who died July 3, 1909.
1-2-5-5-5 Charles born July 31, 1894, died July 12, 1919.
1-2-5-5-6 Bob Stell born October 26, 1896 married 1st, Sue Elizabeth McElhannon on Feb. 10, 1918. Married 2nd, Sallie Ethel ________.
1-2-5-5-7 Claude Lesley born February 22, 1899, married Etta.
1-2-5-5-8 Clyde Wesley born April 22, 1901.

1-2-5-6 Letitia Jane Wingfield born January 30, 1859 in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana married January 17, 1879 to William Robert Kelley , born October 5, 1861 in Pike County, Arkansas, the son of Ann Mariah (Mobley) and Giles Newton Kelley. Letitia Jane died June 5, 1883 and William Robert died November 22, 1941 at Antlers, Oklahoma.. Letitia Jane and William Robert had one known child, Carrie Ophelia Kelley born October 31, 1881 at Delight, Arkansas (Pike County). She died June 7, 1970 at Fort Worth, Texas. Ophelia married a Mr. Murry.

John Wesley Wingfield married second Mrs. Elizabeth (Butler) Davenport and had one son, Elmore B. Wingfield born 1870 in Pike County, Arkansas and married October 31, 1889 to Martha Anne Kelley, daughter of Elijah W. Kelley and Elizabeth (McDaniel) Kelley. Elmore died 1951 and is buried at Delight, Arkansas.
Mrs. Elizabeth Davenport was born a Butler, but by her marriage to Mr. Davenport she had two children, Robert and Mary who married October 19, 1872 in Pike County, Arkansas to Abner Hall Kelley, the son of Elijah W. And Elizabeth (McDaniel) Kelley.

1-2-6 Lewis Garrett Wingfiled, son of William, Jr., and Sophia (Holcomb) Wingfield was born June 2, 1823 in Arkansas. He married in Hempstead County, Arkansas April 10, 1845 to Elizabeth Brashears born November 16, 1828 at Crawford County, Illinois, the daughter of Bazil and Nancy (Middleton) Brashears. Lewis Garrett died March 2, 1873 at Oenaville, Texas. Elizabeth died November 18, 1872 at Oenaville, Texas (Bell County). Both are buried there. Lewis Garrett and Elizabeth had five known children:
1-2-6-1 Nancy Isabel born Hempstead County, Arkansas, November 23, 1846, married May 11, 1866 to James M. McGinnis. She died August 21, 1884.
1-2-6-2 Laura R. born Hempstead County, Arkansas 1849 and married William Pruitt, May 4, 1866.
1-2-6-3 Arcances born October 3, 1854 in Lafayette County, Arkansas. She married December 12, 1873 to Edmund Newton May at Belton, Texas (Bell County). Edmund Newton was born 1841, in Alabama, the son of Claiborn B. and Giney (Buzbee) May. Edmund Newton died September 1908 at Coleman, Texas and is buried in the Coleman Cemetery. Arcances died November 1955 at Coleman, Texas and is buried in the coleman Cemetery. Arcances and Edmund Newton May had thirteen known children:
1-2-6-3-1 Claudie died as an infant.
1-2-6-3-2 Streatie born January 1877, Falls County, Texas, died 1971, married Babe Jordan.
1-2-6-3-3 Arah born 1879, Falls County, Texas, died 1953, married Walter Dial.
1-2-6-3-4 Verno born 1881, Falls County, Texas, married Charlie Abbey.
1-2-6-3-5 William Eshbau born February 13, 1883 at Lott or Westphalia, Falls County, Texas. He married at Coleman, Texas, July 2, 1911 to Myrtle Bell Hargraves, born August 14, 1890 at Mountain Home, Arkansas, the daughter of Frederick Phillip and Rebecca Ann (Taylor) Hargraves. William Eshbau died at Sweetwater, Texas ,November 1950 and is buried there. William Eshbau and Myrtle Bell had six known children:
1-2-6-3-5-1 Donalvin Earl born August 26, 1912 Coleman, Texas. He married February 26, 1945 to Aline Betty Cheater, born in England. Donalvin Earl and Aline Betty had one child: Donna Isabelle born June 16, 1950 at Dallas, Texas. Donna married Richard Lindsay Lonon November 30, 1968 at Dallas, Texas. Richard was born May 6, 1949 at Dallas, Texas, the son of Hal Franklin and Vera Winiford (Lindsay) Lonon. Donna and Richard have two children: Jason Bryant born December 28, 1969 at Dallas, Texas and Leslie Meredith born October 5, 1973 at Dallas, Texas.
1-2-6-3-5-2 Raymond Wingfield May born November 20, 1915 at Coleman, Texas. He died June 16, 1954. He was unmarried.
1-2-6-3-5-3 Arah Thealin born September 5, 1919, married July 25, 1935 to Burl Armstrong.
1-2-6-3-5-4 Elmer Floyd born February 11, 1921, died July 1977, unmarried.
1-2-6-3-5-5 Mildred Arlene born May 25, 1923, married May 1947 to Stanley Munoz.
1-2-6-3-5-6 Ruby Verno born March 24, 1927, married April 11, 1946 to Tommy Roden.

1-2-6-3-6 Claburn Newton born October 1884 at Falls Co., Tex., married Della Baxter and died November, 1922.
1-2-6-3-7 Bessie born 1886 at Falls Co., Tex., married Dick Foster and died 1971.
1-2-6-3-8 Betty born 1888 at Falls Co,. Tex., married F.E. Price and died 1969.
1-2-6-3-9 Eva born July 1891 at Coleman, Tex., married August 1911 to Tom Smith and died 1975.
1-2-6-3-10 Minnie born May 1893 at Coleman, Tex., married Roy Station.
1-2-6-3-11 Jim Ida born April 1895 at Coleman, Texas and married Thomas Ragsdale and died September 1975.
1-2-6-3-12 Virginia born 1897 at Coleman, Tex., married Otto K. Morris.
1-2-6-3-13 Isabel born March 1900 at Coleman, Tex., married A.W. Vernon and died March 1976.

1-2-6-4 Thomas W. born February 16, 1858 in Lavaca Co., Tex., he died February 23, 1873. Thomas was a fiddle player, a talent that was passed down through the Brashears family. He was very popular in the community at all the parties. He was asked to play at one in particular, and got caught in a rainstorm coming home. He caught pneumonia and died.

1-2-6-5 Molly Ann was born in Morales, Jackson Co., Tex., on September 15, 1863. She died in Bell Co., July 28, 1907. She married twice, her first marriage was to Benjamin F. Cook. Their children:
1-2-6-5-1 Cleo Patra born 1882, died November 1960 in California. She married Jim Ennis, they had thirteen or fourteen children.
1-2-6-5-2 Sadie born 1884 and married Dolph Earnheart.
1-2-6-5-3 Isabell born 1886, died 1928. Married Carlton E. "Pete" Wells. They had seven children, one Ilda married a Julian T. Thompson, their son was Henry Wm. "Hank" Thompson, the famous country singer.
1-2-6-5-4 Frank born 1888, married Ada Wright. They had 6 children.

Molly Ann's second marriage was to Moses Columbus Murphy, born 1856 in Harmony Grove (Commerce) Jackson Co., Georgia. He died in February 1909 in Chilton, Bell Co., Tex., and is buried beside Molly Ann. He was the son of John Terrell Murphy and Martha (Smith) Murphy. Their children:
1-2-6-5-5 Louis Terrell Murphy, born February 21, 1896 Bell Co., Tex., died June 27, 1967 in Bryan, Brazos Co., Tex., On October 13, 1923 he married Elizabeth A. Kindt, the daughter of Hermon A. and Annie A. (Manthei) Kindt.
1-2-6-5-6 Cora Dell born October 23, 1898 died February 17, 1978 and is buried in Rosebud, Falls Co., Tex. In 1915 she married Johnnie Marx.
1-2-6-5-7 Ora Mae born September 25, 1900, died December 27, 1978 in Houston, Tex. She married Joseph Z. Brewer, both are buried in Eagle Lake in Colorado Co., Tex.
1-2-6-5-8 William J. born September 2, 1902, died October 19, 1976, buried Plantersville, Grimes Co., Tex. Married Marybelle Bryant (born August 28, 1903 Navarro Co., Tex.) on November 5, 1922. She is the daughter of James A. and Mattie Moorehead Bryant of Attala Co., Miss. Their first child was Geraldine, born November 6, 1923 at Ennis, Ellis Co., Tex. She married George E. Warren (born January 27, 1919, died December 10, 1978). They have one child, John P. Warren, born September 19, 1948 in Houston, Tx. He married Cynthia J. Sandlin and their three children are Jennifer, born October 17, 1972, Carley N. born March 30, 1976, and Jeffery B. born October 2, 1978.
1-2-6-5-9 Guy died an infant.
1-2-6-5-10 Clell died an infant.

Lewis Garrett Wingfield married second, Mary Baldwin, and had one child.
1-2-6-6 Louisa born 1873 in Bell Co., Tex. Believed to have lived in Ballinger, Tex., in her later years, but nothing else is known of this lady.

1-2-7 Elizabeth "Betsy" born April 16, 1828 in Ark., married June 20, 1847 in Lafayette County, Arkansas to Abraham Graham born 1827-30. Elizabeth died March 10, 1915 in Nevada Co., Ark., and is buried Missionary Grove Cemetery at Nubbin Hill. She was ill four months, caused by a fall. Abraham Graham died 1860-70 and is buried at Doss Boughton Cemetery in Ouachita Co., Ark. Elizabeth and Abraham had six known children:
1-2-7-1 Young born 1848 in Ark., married first Mattie Butclier and second Martha E. Payne. He died 1919.
1-2-7-2 Jackson C. born 1851 in Louisiana and married 1872 to El "Dink" Fuller?? He died 1920.
1-2-7-3 Milca A. born 1854 in Tex., married J.T. Parks. She died 1928.
1-2-7-4 Julia born 1855 in La., married Mote Downes.
1-2-7-5 Smith born 1858 in La., married Sarah Melson Powers, daughter of Mary Jane Wingfield and her first husband Washington Green Orr Melson. Smith died June 1929.
1-2-7-6 Abraham Garlington born July 6, 1860 in La. He married first Christine Allen. They were divorced and he then married Eliza Stockton, daughter of Emily Ellen Wingfield and William David Stockton. He died July 1897.
1-2-8 Louisa born 1829 in Ark.
1-2-9 James born 1811 in St. Clair Co., Ill., married April 10, 1834, in Hempstead Co., Ark., to Rachel Holcomb born 1812 in Ark. Their children included, Sophia born 1835 in La., John born 1837 in La., Elizabeth born 1838 in La., W.M. born 1840 in La., Velumina born 1847 in La., and Manny born 1849 in La.

The above James should have been placed as the second child of Wm. Jr., and Sophia (Holcomb) Wingfield. When these articles were started I did not have this information on James. (Another note: we have just discovered a descendent of this James, so hopefully in the future, we can give you more about his family.)

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