Winder Wonderland Surname DNA Project: Introduction

Winder Wonderland Surname Project: Introduction

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There are many Winder et al family branches in the world, but there is much confusion about how or if they connect to each other. And there are always those famous brick walls. Much of what we "know" is only legend. This project is to help us all climb over at least a few of those walls and confirm or discredit the legends.

Originally, the actual participants for the DNA project was open to males with the Winder et al surnames only. The Y-DNA test is done on the Y chromosome, which only males have. The Y-chromosome is passed from father to son, along with the surname. Therefore, only male Winders were allowed to participate.


Now, however, tools have been developed to analyze the Family Finder test, which is available to both males and females. The Family Finder test is done on autosomal chromosomes, passed on by both parents, their parents, their parents, and so on up the line. Therefore, we now allow anyone who has Winder ancestry of any sort to join the project.

To join the project, click on the "join" tab above. PLEASE MAKE SURE the project administrators HAVE YOUR PEDIGREE AS FAR BACK AS POSSIBLE so that we can add that knowledge to what we already have in the database. We do not post information about living individuals on the website, but we do need to know where you fit in.

We get more and better results by offering "scholarships" to help defray the costs of testing to potential participants. There are two ways to participate in the scholarship program:

  1. To donate to the project without a specific person in mind, simply click on the "contribute" tab above. For brevity's sake, the project is known simply as Winder. Even the smallest donation will help.
  2. To pay for a particular person, click on the "Join The Project" link to the left and fill in the blanks. Note that you can fill your own credit card information in the appropriate blanks. Again, PLEASE MAKE SURE the project administrators HAVE THE PEDIGREE FOR THIS PERSON AS FAR BACK AS POSSIBLE.

If you need scholarship aid, or have any other questions, please email any administrator.

Note that the DNA test consists of two buccal swabs, and the kit is delivered to you through the mail. No travel, no blood! See How To Take A Family Tree DNA Test for a tour of the procedure.

Convinced? Then click here to join the project and receive a discount on your test.

If you have / want further information, please contact the project administrators

Note: The administrators of this project are volunteer genealogists and are not paid by Family Tree DNA.

Finally: Please do not copy any of this material without our permission. We have quoted fellow researchers liberally, with their permission, and only they have the right to publish their material. For more about copyrights, see Copyright Discussion.